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One of the most amazing things I have begun to realize is that my life is exactly what I wanted it to be.  And the other thing I have realized is to be careful what you wish for because you will get it.  So I have been thinking about my upcoming retirement which now I am going to use a word from an amazing spiritual leader I met and the word is re-firement.  I am not considering my leaving the State of California’s employment as a retirement as much as I am now going to be able to re-fire my life in the direction that I now know it was meant to be.   Let me explain, I have wanted I thought just lately but in actuality it has been my dream all along to have a life filled with adventure.  I thought that my life was dull and that what I needed was to have an adventure to really show me and others that I have lived.  And to make sure because of that adventure that I have left a mark that states to the world and to myself that I was here and I lived a life.  Interesting uh, but little did I know that my entire life has been and is still just one big adventure after another.  I not only have had an adventure I have had some amazing celebratory periods in my life; and I have also had some amazingly negative periods or as we like to call them in the spiritual world trials and tribulations.  But through it all I never really realized that my entire life has been joyful as it has been amazing as well.

So when someone thinks about an adventure they think about doing something new and different.  Something amazingly eventful so that they can look back at the pictures that they have taken and are able to say see look at these I did that.  But when you put aside the idea of adventure and look at what you have accomplished in your life just from the trials, the errors, the celebrations and the accomplishments; you begin to realize that those themselves are the true adventures of your life.  When I think about when my husband and I bought our first home we were so young and so excited.  And when circumstances beyond our control occurred we lost that house but not before allowing his Father, my Father-in-Law the opportunity to die in dignity with family the way he wanted to as we took the journey with him and his prostate cancer.  What an adventure that was and what a lesson of courage we witnessed as my Father-in-Law said goodbye to each of us on that amazing evening of pasta, friends and love.  Each of us was given our time to say goodbye to him and each of us were given from him just what we meant to him and to this world.  So uplifting and so inspirational was that period in our lives.

I remember falling madly in love with my husband and then realizing after 18 years of marriage that we had somehow fallen out of love with each other.  The idea of an evening together found us each on our perspective corners of the couch watching television, not speaking to each other and not talking about the enormous elephant in the room at the time.  But as with all things and with each event in your life there is a lesson to learn, and sometimes that lesson is one that is hard to admit to yourself that you, yes you are the reason behind the void that you are feeling with each other. You don’t listen to each other, you don’t talk with each other and as things are going along you don’t care if this is even going to change.  But then something does change and something does make you open up your heart and your mind to see that you still love each other and you still care for each other.  And if you would just listen to each other and talk to each other instead of talking at each other you just might be able to make this thing called a relationship really work for both of you after all.  Yes, I am so glad we had experienced that pain in our relationship because what came out of that pain has been many more wedding anniversaries (going on the 31st one now) and a clear understanding that we truly do love each other and it is because of this love that we are willing to fight to keep this marriage together and alive for both of us to be happy together.

Yes, I thought in the beginning of my life that what I wanted was an adventure, but actually what I received was a joyful explanation of what life truly is.  Life is blissfully wonderful when you finally realize that the love of God allows you to love yourself and others with the patience that joy brings up to the surface.  As I always say to others when they ask why do bad things happen to good people or why has this happened to such and such they were or they are such good people.  And my answer to that is and will forever be exactly what God has always told us.  Rain falls on the just and the unjust, there is never any difference made to who should be rewarded and who should be punished, but alas it is what we learn and how we grow from the rain that does fall on us which brings us the most joy in our lives.

Let today be the day that you see life and all of its ugly and beautiful parts, all of the just and the unjust that is happening today in the world, as an opportunity for each one of us to grow and to find out from whatever circumstance it is that there can be joy in the morning.  There can be joy in the afternoon and yes there can be joy in the evening for we are all here to learn from the rain that falls, just as we are all here to learn from the celebratory balloons that fall as well.  May today be the day that you find within yourself the growth that your soul so needs and requires from you as we go forward together in this walk of life, and so it is.  Amen and amen


“I want to blow my own Mind, I want to blow my own Mind”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; when I was in meditation today I heard the phrase “I want to blow my own mind.”  I want to see myself on fire with a passion and a dedication of a new me coming into existence, yes.  I want to see this new me make more strides and take more chances than the old me.  Because sometimes the old me would be hesitant, and sometimes the old me would be doubtful and sometimes lets be real the old me would be scared and I am so tired of being scared period.

So yes I want to be on fire and see that shining light that emanates out of me that shines out into the world that this woman, this amazing and blessed servant of the Heavenly Spirit’s, is ready to be of even greater service and she is ready to blow some minds today and the first mind she wants to start with is her own.  I want to speak out into the world that it is okay to be you, it’s okay and it is so appreciated when you shine your light of God’s out into this world that needs your light so desperately.

And it is okay to take a chance, to take that leap of faith to see what it would feel like to make that move.  To show yourself and the world that this is the time for you to walk hand-in-hand with Spirit and make that jump into that new experience or experiences that will stretch you and make you truly manifest into what you have always seen in your mind but were not sure, or courageous enough to pursue.

But by taking that leap you will grow into that manifestation that the Heavenly Spirit and you know you were meant to be.  I want you to shine out into this world that yes you are an amazing, and truly divine expression of what God has meant you to be; and yes, it is okay to be that truly amazing, and truly divine expression that God has meant you to be for the entire world to see.

Live your life and feel the amazing freedom you can receive by believing that about yourself and letting that new and transformed you out into this world, so that you can be who you were meant to be.  So I say to you today, I say to you today my dear Blessed Ones, as you watch other people live their lives and live their lives boldly and freely I want you to do that.  I want you to feel the power of what it feels like to live your life fully free and fully on fire and fully blow your own mind.  Let your mind see what it feels like to see you in action in your element, feeling loved and feeling amazing and feeling strong and feeling like who you truly are.

Yes, I want you to show your true self out into the world so that we can all see it, and then, maybe then you will forever realize how amazing you truly are.  For you have hid yourself for far too long and now there is no more cover available to use.  You must show us, as you must show yourself; you are magnificent, you are a Queen or a King in your own right and you are amazing and you are loved by God for who you are.  Love yourself for who you are as well, love yourself for who you are as well, and so it is. Amen and amen


“When it just comes down to it; it’s just You and Me together”

When it just comes down to it, it is just you and me together, against it all, against the world, united. When it just comes down to it, it’s just you and me together.

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; Lord I just realized something today, something I had not realized before. When it comes down to it, when it comes down to how crazy this world is; how amazingly unsatisfied people are who have so much, when it comes down to it.  The only thing that’s important in my life, the only thing that brings me such happiness is the fact that we have each other, He and I.

My Hero, my Beloved, He loves me, He loves me, and I love him so very much. And 88 years from now I will still love him; He will still be my Hero; He will always be the man I love.  He brings such happiness to my life, He allows me to be myself; He allows me to go for my dreams.  He allows me to fight when I want to fight, and he allows me to cry when I need to cry, he allows me to be myself.

So I say to you my Beloved, thank you for giving me a life that I’ve lived. I didn’t’ stand on the sidelines, I didn’t live through other people’s dreams and aspirations, I lived a life, I experienced a life, I lived a life with you.  I love you so much and I will always love you and I’m always grateful that the Heavenly Spirit found a way in this entire big World to find someone for me that will love me, and loves me; I thank you God for that, I thank you God for that, and so it is.

“Joy, Love, Positivity and Happiness; choose a word from my list to start your day”

Joy, Love, Positivity and Happiness; choose a word from my list to start your day.  Every day that I begin, every day that I step out of my bed and hit my feet to the floor I decide to choose a word from my list that will allow my day to be so monumental; that will allow my day to be so amazing, that will allow my day to be a blessing to myself and to others.

Joy, love, positivity and happiness are four very powerful words; each one brings about a feeling of transformation, a feeling of change, a feeling of evolution, a feeling of pure joy, love, positivity and happiness.  What other four words could there be that you would like to start your day with, as these words allow your day to begin on such an amazingly blessed note.

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; these words, these words have come to me today and at first I was trying to figure out how to arrange them.  Should I arrange them in the length of letters that they have?  Should I arrange them in the significance that they pose? Or should I arrange them in the way that they mean and that their significance means to me?

Because when I choose the word Joy: that means that every interaction, every second, every moment of my day is filled with such immense joyfulness.  I am so excited to share those three letters with any and every one that comes across my path.

But then there’s the word Love: love oh can there not be a better four letter word to use from your mouth every single day.  I love the weather, I love my job, I love my co-workers, I love my Spiritual family, I love my Husband, I love my home, I love my furry child Joshua, I love you, I love, I love, I love.

And then the word Positivity: oh it’s so much more happier than the other word that’s its opposite.  Yes positivity to see everything in your life going no other way but in a way that is positive, in a way that brings about positivity and in a way that brings positiveness into this environment, wherever that environment is you decide to step forward into, positivity it is a blessing.

And then the last word, the last word that rounds the list all out is Happiness: happiness, and I remember being told that happiness was not something that you can just feel all the time and I say to that notion, oh contraire.  Because from the moment that I wake up, to the moment that I fall asleep that word resonates with me.

Either it’s the happiness I feel by providing a soft drink to a homeless man who was waiting outside of Safeway yesterday.  Or it’s the happiness that I experience when I get my Monopoly game pieces and I cut them open and I put my tokens and pieces on the board, trying so hard to get that One Million dollar prize so that I can bless so many people.  Happiness and it’s something that can be shared and given and experienced and just reveled in on such an amazing daily basis.  Let me give you happiness, let me see you bring happiness from within yourself and share that with the world happiness.

So I say to you today, from my four words that I have given you which word will you choose as your mantra today?  Which word will you use as the word that will signify to all around that this is the word that I want to shine out into the world today?  This is the word that I want to be remembered for today, this is the word that I want to give you today.  Let me give you Joy, let me give you Love, let me give you Positivity, let me give you Happiness; let me give you, let me give you my four very special words, and so it is.  Amen and amen


“I Embrace the Truth that sets me Free; I see myself for who I truly am, and I see myself truly free”

Dear Heavenly Spirit, Sweet Loving Presence; I am so grateful and so thankful for this day.  Dearest Spirit even though I may not understand all that occurs through my day; I do understand this and I believe this to be true; I embrace my truth, I see myself for who I truly am, and I see myself truly free.  I embrace my truth by understanding that I am a child of yours.  I embrace my truth by fully realizing that the love that I have in my heart for this World is because I am a child of yours; and because of that truth, I embrace the love of the Heavenly Spirit.

And by embracing the love of the Heavenly Spirit, I am let out of the bondage from words of sadness, from words of confusion, and from words of despair.  I embrace my truth and I am free.  By embracing the love of the Heavenly Spirit, by embracing this love and believing that miracles are possible every single day because of the Heavenly Spirit, I release any uncertainty that I may be experiencing in my life.  I release any uncertainty that I may feel on my journey; and I allow myself to be happy, to be loved and to be free.  I embrace the truth in my life and I am free; I am free to feel, free to see, free to imagine and free to experience everything that is necessary to be a blessing to you Sweet Spirit, and to be of service to this World.

I embrace the truth, understanding that I am not here to be punished, I am not here to feel suffering, I am not here for any of that.  I am here to be loved, and I am here to receive blessings from the Heavenly Spirit, and to be of service to others by providing those blessings of my words to any and all who will receive them.  I embrace my truth and I am free, what a feeling that is to experience.  What a feeling it is to once and for all to be truly free; free of any circumstances not for my Good.  Free of any distractions, free of any old ways of thinking, free of any self-doubt, and free of any contradictions that are not for my betterment.  I embrace my truth and I am free, so I say to you today, as you go along your way.

Find your truth, find deep within yourself what it is that identifies with you so strongly what you are here to do.  Who you are here to be, and what your mission is to provide a blessing to others and to this World.  I ask you to embrace your truth; and once embraced, you will see a life filled with such joy each and every day.  Once embraced, you will see and fathom an existence so far more peaceful and happier than what you could have ever imagined.  Once embraced you will feel how amazingly refreshing it is to be free, to be free.  Embrace your truth, embrace your love for this World, and embrace your love for yourself; and see today as an opportunity to see yourself truly free.

We thank you Heavenly Spirit for these words today.  We thank you Heavenly Spirit for the love that you have instilled in our hearts this day and every day.  And as we know these words to be true; that we are magnificent expressions of yours dear Sweet Spirit, we will continue to embrace this truth, we will continue to free ourselves from our own self bondage, and we will continue to be truly free.  For this amazing blessing we say thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is.  Amen and amen

“A Gift Resides in Every Moment – March 2017”

When I first heard this phrase during a period of meditation, I thought how amazing that is to think that every moment of your existence, every moment of your life a gift resides in it.  And a gift can be so many different things to so many different people.  A gift can be a period of stillness that you’ve allowed yourself to experience that reveals to you just what your purpose was truly meant to be.

A gift could be the first awakening thought that you received when you decided that your life would be far more beneficial to this world by being a believer in the Heavenly Spirit; and, a gift could also be something you have always dreamed of in your life but thought it unattainable at this time but then it arrives and it is given to you, a gift resides in every moment.

So many people are feeling lost at this time; and during this time of spring, during this time of Lent, during this time of letting go of anything and everything that is negative in your life, and replacing it with anything and everything that will empower you is what I want you to experience.  If thoughts in your mind are giving you unpleasant feelings, then stop thinking them, and see your life as a continuous moment of good, one moment after another moment after another moment of blessings.

Positive, positive gifts reside in every moment; positive dreams reside in every moment, positive revealing’s of your life reside in every moment that’s what life is.  Many people would like to believe that we have to be on a constant watch and worry because of the negativity that is around every corner; and I tell you that I don’t believe in this thinking and I don’t believe in these thoughts, and if that makes me to some to appear to be a dreamer, well than I am a dreamer and a believer of the dream of positivity.

So I say to you today when you think about your life, and you think about what could possibly go right today, put the word everything into the equation.  What would happen, what could possibly happen because of that, and I assure you that if you were to do just that, if you were to think of just that, you would see blessings raining down on you, because that’s where the blessings come from positivity, that’s where the blessings come from positive-ness, and that’s where the blessings come from any type of opportunity that arises that allows you to seek and think higher.  Take the high road today, take the high road today, and see your life as a positive experience, as a gift that resides in every moment and it is a positive gift.

For believe me when I tell you, God wants to bless you, God wants you to be happy, and God wants you to feel all the happiness you can handle in your life; do this for yourself, do this for your family, do this for your world, and so it is.  Amen and amen

“Lord please help me to have a positive Lenten Season”

Good day Blessed Ones; as we continue on through this Lenten Season, which is the day of Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday, I find myself not understanding why there is so much hatred in the world, especially during this time. I mean I understand that we have a new President in the White House who understands the Lenten Season as much as he understands Saint Patrick’s Day, but I am also experiencing this from my neighbors as well, let me explain.

About a week ago a young girl/lady came to our door trying to sell us magazines as a fundraiser or maybe a job that she had. And as my Beloved spoke to her at the door he let her know that we were not interested because Lord knows we already have so many magazines but it was for a good cause so he almost decided to participate but then realized most of the magazines she was selling we are already receiving.  So he bid her good luck and on her way she went.  But as I was noticing the different messages on my neighborhood blog that I am a part of “” I came across a message from a woman that stated that she felt the young girl/woman, and she had to put an emphasis on this that she was “African American” that she was suspicious and she felt concerned for her family and her home.

Really, a young girl/woman selling magazines is a threat to your home and your wellbeing because she is an African American young girl she had to be up to something and you know that something had to be no good. I was so offended by this but then instead of sending a message through I proceeded to just monitor the situation to see how far it was going to go.  And I didn’t have to wait too long before other neighbors started to sound even more paranoid than the first woman stating that yes she came to my home as well and the company that she is working for they take your money but don’t really send out the magazines, etc.

Okay, so finally I decided to state that I was offended and I reported the original lady and her post as discriminatory, racist and whatever other thing that was derogatory. Then I was asked did I want to send the originator a private message, well I hadn’t thought about that but then I decided that I should so that I could explain to her why I did what I did.  Well I stated that there are many children that come to our doors in this new neighborhood and without mentioning race or ethnicity I stated that when I deal with people I usually don’t look at color first and then other things last.  But that since we are in a diverse neighborhood I would if I were her be cognizant of what she is saying and how she is saying it because it is and feels very racist.

So as the kids like to say she clapped back and stated that when her home and her family are being threatened she doesn’t care what anyone thinks she will mention age, sex, race, and whatever else she needs to to identify the individual or individuals and she was sorry that I felt offended because that was not her intent but that is how she felt. So after receiving this message I decided to go into prayer about the issue I felt that there had to be some way of explaining to this woman and to all that feel threatened by our children of color just for existing in this world.

So I have decided to say this to all that will listen and to all that won’t. I and many like me are not here to make you feel threatened or uncomfortable or uneasy by our sheer existence on this planet.  But please understand that you and those like you do make me and mine uneasy and very uncomfortable when you decide to use something as simple and as beautiful as a child or young adult trying to make a little cash by being employed by a company that sells magazines subscriptions door to door.  If you don’t want to live around people of color be they whatever ethnic group they are then don’t and believe me there are a lot of locations in this city that are as lily white as they go so please live there and allow the rest of us who love the diversity of color, of sexual orientation, and all other forms of diversity the opportunity to enjoy them in peace.

I did respond back to the lady after she responded to me and to be honest I wasn’t as Lenten accepting with my comments as I should have been forgive me Father, but I have decided to do this in my new neighborhood. I want all of the people who feel that they have the “W” privilege to live somewhere that is all lily white for them in the middle of a diverse neighborhood that maybe this is not the place for you and believe me when I tell you we don’t want you here anyway.  So the next time you see a pink or green or maybe even a yellow Easter Bunny as a decoration on someone’s lawn or maybe even as a decoration on their windows think about how beautiful those colors all look together, and that is how many of us see the world as a beautiful multi-colored palette of beauty that shines out into the world how amazing it is that we are all in this together to love one another, to enjoy and celebrate our differences and to see each and every day as an opportunity to shine that amazing light out into the world.

May you find ways to continue your Lenten Season with positivity and love and all good things; for that is what Jesus died for on the cross and that is what many of us are dying for each and every day, God bless you all.




“I want to thank you God”

I want to thank you God, I want to thank you God, I want to thank you God for all that you have done in my life, I want to thank you God.  There was a time in my life when I felt everything everything was going the wrong way.  My job was not fulfilling me or satisfying me, my home life was in turmoil and my entire psyche about myself was that I wasn’t going to be anything more than what I was seeing at that moment in the mirror.  But then God something happened, something illuminated me, something transformed me, something made me realize that what I was seeing in the mirror.  The person that I was looking at in my reflection, the person that was looking back at me had a long way to go and that person had a long successful graceful life to be a part of and that person is now the new me.

When I tell my story to individuals I don’t tell my story that I had been molested or that I had been living in poverty or that I had to overcome an addiction because that was not my story.  But my story was that I had to overcome something even just as distraught as that I had to overcome the feeling that I wasn’t good enough, the feeling that I wasn’t talented enough, the feeling that I wasn’t worthy enough to be given all this love that I am now receiving from the Heavenly Spirit that is what I had to overcome.  And when I looked at that reflection of a person who has been changed by the words and love of God, I saw the most amazing reflection reflected back to me.

Sometimes it is not others that cause us our turmoil most; no, most of the time it is ourselves.  Because we don’t believe that we are even capable of being all that God has seen and sees us to be.  We don’t believe, we don’t believe the foretelling of our future that God has something planned for us and our destiny is even more grand than we had ever imagined.  But what we will believe, we’ll believe what others say about us, we’ll believe what others feel about us; and we’ll believe what others claim to fame about us.  But we won’t believe what God has for us, so I have to say to you today as I look at myself in the mirror today, as I look at the amazing child of God’s that I am today, I say it is only because of the grace of God that I see myself for who I truly am.

It is only because of the grace of God that I see myself as the magnificent expression of God’s that I am.  It is only because of my faith; the spirituality that I breathe in my lungs every day that shares with me that I am more than I had ever dreamed I could be, I am more than God even said I would be.  I am God’s expression on this Earth, yes; and I thank you my Heavenly Father for bringing to my reflection an amazing sight of you.  I thank you my Heavenly Father for telling me that: “yes even when times are hard you are my child and you will still be blessed.  I will give you everything you need; I will provide for you everything you need.  And I will always be there for you, I will always be there for you and I will always love you because you are my child.”

I will remember those words for the rest of my life.  When times look hard to me I rely on my faith.  When troubles are brewing I look to my God and I say thank you God and my brother Jesus Christ for giving me all that I need to be all that I can be.  So when your day begins on a sour note, know that the best lemonade you can ever make is out of those sour lemons.  Know that the best day you can ever have is the day when you triumph over tribulations, know that God is there for you at all times.  He asks that you just open up your eyes, open up your heart, and extend your ears to hear His still quiet voice.  God will take you through it; God will bring you through it to the other side.  God will provide for you what you have wanted all your life.  I thank you my Father for bringing out of me what I had problems of bringing out of myself, I thank you my Father for showing me that I Am, I Am, I Am, I Am, and so it is.  Amen and amen, thank you my Father.

“What will be written in your pages of Excellence? What will be written about you?”

What will be written in your pages of Excellence?  What will be written about you?  Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; Lord, yesterday as I began my day preparing myself for the funeral of a dear friends son, I began to realize that we all have a story that is to be written and the story that is to be written can be something that is so amazing and filled with such visions of grandeur, filled with such opportunities of blessings, filled with such illumination written in our pages of Excellence.

What will be written in your pages of Excellence?  Will it be written that you took the opportunity; you took the leap of faith to see what God would do in your life?  You took that time to be who you were destined to be.  Or will those pages of Excellence show a life not lived to its full potential because of the fear of relying on your faith, and the fear of relying on what God has told you is yours to do and to have.  What will be written in your pages of Excellence?

Today feels different than it has felt in a while, the words that came to me were different than I have received previously they have never been so distinct but then so illuminating to bring forth from me an answer.  To bring forth from me a resolve, to bring forth from me a promise, a dedication, a true true meaning.  What will be written in your pages of Excellence?  What will be written about you?  What will be said about your journey?  What will be gleaned from your observations?  What will be received from your proclamations?  What will be what will be written in your pages of Excellence?

Well I am here to say today that I intend to see written in my pages of Excellence that I continue to rely on my faith that has been instilled in me deep within my heart.  That I continue to see my journey, my spiritual story being written as it was unfolded to me from the Most High.  That I took that leap of faith and rested relying upon the loving light of the Holy Spirit and so grateful was I, so grateful am I, so illuminating is it; what will be written in your pages of Excellence?

The pages that will say to the World as you have said to yourself; I Am, I Am, I Am.  I thank you Father for this amazing revelation this morning.  I thank you Father for speaking to me, giving me an opportunity to speak for myself, and I thank you Father for today is not like any other day, I feel different today, I feel moved today, I feel that I have received something today, I feel I need to share today, I feel your loving arms around me today.  Thank you Father for your embracement, thank you Father for your love in my life, thank you Father, and so it is, Amen and amen.

“No weapons formed against me will prosper”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; I thank you God for your love in my life. I thank you Father for your unconditional protection over my soul, I thank you God because I know that no weapons formed against me will prosper.  And Lord I realize that what we see may seem dismal, I realize that the air that we breathe feels a little more harder to swallow, but I tell you my Father there is no weapon that is formed against me will prosper because that is not going to happen.

I see Lord that we need to rely on our faith, we need to hold ourselves down, we need to center ourselves and ground ourselves in the unconditional love of God this day, this day, this day, which is the most important day in my life is the day when I have realized that I am and will forever be a child of God’s.

And because of that declaration, because of that proclamation I will never ever ever feel threatened, I will never ever feel fear, I will never ever feel that I am less than, that I am reduced to be disenfranchised, to be disempowered because of the love of God that has given me in my soul. Do you hear me, do you understand that as a child of God’s you are protected, do you realize that all of the Spirit of the Heavenly Spirit is in you at this time because today is the day for you to realize for you to bring into your consciousness.

For you to see within your own sight that I am an amazing child of the Heavenly Spirit’s I am an amazing child of God’s, I am and will forever be blessed. So nothing you do, nothing you say, nothing that you have ever brought into my existence will stop me from being who and what God sees me to be.  Because when my Father puts his thumbprint on it, when my Father puts his amazing stamp of approval on it it’s all good and it’s all God and it’s all successful.

Yes, the Heavenly Spirit tells me today you are my child and you will fear nothing and no one because I control what happens in your life, I control what happens in your existence, I control what happens in your world, I am all you need to ever ever fear. And when I say fear I mean I am who you will ever ever need because I am your Father.  Unconditionally I love you and unconditionally I will protect you from all that comes and forms and tries to bring into existence anything that will disturb the peace that I have given you.

So today Blessed Ones, today my Father says to us as he says to all of you in your own minds, there is nothing for you to fear, there is nothing for you to ever ever be afraid of, there is nothing that this man or any man or any person on this Earth, can do to you because I have your protection, the prayers of protection, the protection of my love over you will counter act and cross out any obstacle that comes into your path.

So today see for yourself a life filled with the love of God, with the love of self, with the love of all that is good and pure in this world and see that, see that, see that as your existence, see that as your life, see that as your future, see that as what you should be focusing on because I tell you that I am focusing on the good that God is going to bring into my life, I am focusing on all that is mine to have and I am focusing on the blessings that are getting ready to shower into my existence. I thank you Heavenly Father for giving me today, an opportunity to see that yes I am still a child of God’s and yes my prosperity and my abundance comes from You and man will never ever take from me anything that my Father gives to me, and so it is, Amen and amen.