Monthly Archives: April 2017

“When it just comes down to it; it’s just You and Me together”

When it just comes down to it, it is just you and me together, against it all, against the world, united. When it just comes down to it, it’s just you and me together.

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; Lord I just realized something today, something I had not realized before. When it comes down to it, when it comes down to how crazy this world is; how amazingly unsatisfied people are who have so much, when it comes down to it.  The only thing that’s important in my life, the only thing that brings me such happiness is the fact that we have each other, He and I.

My Hero, my Beloved, He loves me, He loves me, and I love him so very much. And 88 years from now I will still love him; He will still be my Hero; He will always be the man I love.  He brings such happiness to my life, He allows me to be myself; He allows me to go for my dreams.  He allows me to fight when I want to fight, and he allows me to cry when I need to cry, he allows me to be myself.

So I say to you my Beloved, thank you for giving me a life that I’ve lived. I didn’t’ stand on the sidelines, I didn’t live through other people’s dreams and aspirations, I lived a life, I experienced a life, I lived a life with you.  I love you so much and I will always love you and I’m always grateful that the Heavenly Spirit found a way in this entire big World to find someone for me that will love me, and loves me; I thank you God for that, I thank you God for that, and so it is.


“Joy, Love, Positivity and Happiness; choose a word from my list to start your day”

Joy, Love, Positivity and Happiness; choose a word from my list to start your day.  Every day that I begin, every day that I step out of my bed and hit my feet to the floor I decide to choose a word from my list that will allow my day to be so monumental; that will allow my day to be so amazing, that will allow my day to be a blessing to myself and to others.

Joy, love, positivity and happiness are four very powerful words; each one brings about a feeling of transformation, a feeling of change, a feeling of evolution, a feeling of pure joy, love, positivity and happiness.  What other four words could there be that you would like to start your day with, as these words allow your day to begin on such an amazingly blessed note.

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; these words, these words have come to me today and at first I was trying to figure out how to arrange them.  Should I arrange them in the length of letters that they have?  Should I arrange them in the significance that they pose? Or should I arrange them in the way that they mean and that their significance means to me?

Because when I choose the word Joy: that means that every interaction, every second, every moment of my day is filled with such immense joyfulness.  I am so excited to share those three letters with any and every one that comes across my path.

But then there’s the word Love: love oh can there not be a better four letter word to use from your mouth every single day.  I love the weather, I love my job, I love my co-workers, I love my Spiritual family, I love my Husband, I love my home, I love my furry child Joshua, I love you, I love, I love, I love.

And then the word Positivity: oh it’s so much more happier than the other word that’s its opposite.  Yes positivity to see everything in your life going no other way but in a way that is positive, in a way that brings about positivity and in a way that brings positiveness into this environment, wherever that environment is you decide to step forward into, positivity it is a blessing.

And then the last word, the last word that rounds the list all out is Happiness: happiness, and I remember being told that happiness was not something that you can just feel all the time and I say to that notion, oh contraire.  Because from the moment that I wake up, to the moment that I fall asleep that word resonates with me.

Either it’s the happiness I feel by providing a soft drink to a homeless man who was waiting outside of Safeway yesterday.  Or it’s the happiness that I experience when I get my Monopoly game pieces and I cut them open and I put my tokens and pieces on the board, trying so hard to get that One Million dollar prize so that I can bless so many people.  Happiness and it’s something that can be shared and given and experienced and just reveled in on such an amazing daily basis.  Let me give you happiness, let me see you bring happiness from within yourself and share that with the world happiness.

So I say to you today, from my four words that I have given you which word will you choose as your mantra today?  Which word will you use as the word that will signify to all around that this is the word that I want to shine out into the world today?  This is the word that I want to be remembered for today, this is the word that I want to give you today.  Let me give you Joy, let me give you Love, let me give you Positivity, let me give you Happiness; let me give you, let me give you my four very special words, and so it is.  Amen and amen