“No weapons formed against me will prosper”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; I thank you God for your love in my life. I thank you Father for your unconditional protection over my soul, I thank you God because I know that no weapons formed against me will prosper.  And Lord I realize that what we see may seem dismal, I realize that the air that we breathe feels a little more harder to swallow, but I tell you my Father there is no weapon that is formed against me will prosper because that is not going to happen.

I see Lord that we need to rely on our faith, we need to hold ourselves down, we need to center ourselves and ground ourselves in the unconditional love of God this day, this day, this day, which is the most important day in my life is the day when I have realized that I am and will forever be a child of God’s.

And because of that declaration, because of that proclamation I will never ever ever feel threatened, I will never ever feel fear, I will never ever feel that I am less than, that I am reduced to be disenfranchised, to be disempowered because of the love of God that has given me in my soul. Do you hear me, do you understand that as a child of God’s you are protected, do you realize that all of the Spirit of the Heavenly Spirit is in you at this time because today is the day for you to realize for you to bring into your consciousness.

For you to see within your own sight that I am an amazing child of the Heavenly Spirit’s I am an amazing child of God’s, I am and will forever be blessed. So nothing you do, nothing you say, nothing that you have ever brought into my existence will stop me from being who and what God sees me to be.  Because when my Father puts his thumbprint on it, when my Father puts his amazing stamp of approval on it it’s all good and it’s all God and it’s all successful.

Yes, the Heavenly Spirit tells me today you are my child and you will fear nothing and no one because I control what happens in your life, I control what happens in your existence, I control what happens in your world, I am all you need to ever ever fear. And when I say fear I mean I am who you will ever ever need because I am your Father.  Unconditionally I love you and unconditionally I will protect you from all that comes and forms and tries to bring into existence anything that will disturb the peace that I have given you.

So today Blessed Ones, today my Father says to us as he says to all of you in your own minds, there is nothing for you to fear, there is nothing for you to ever ever be afraid of, there is nothing that this man or any man or any person on this Earth, can do to you because I have your protection, the prayers of protection, the protection of my love over you will counter act and cross out any obstacle that comes into your path.

So today see for yourself a life filled with the love of God, with the love of self, with the love of all that is good and pure in this world and see that, see that, see that as your existence, see that as your life, see that as your future, see that as what you should be focusing on because I tell you that I am focusing on the good that God is going to bring into my life, I am focusing on all that is mine to have and I am focusing on the blessings that are getting ready to shower into my existence. I thank you Heavenly Father for giving me today, an opportunity to see that yes I am still a child of God’s and yes my prosperity and my abundance comes from You and man will never ever take from me anything that my Father gives to me, and so it is, Amen and amen.



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