Monthly Archives: August 2016

“Freed Me, A Freed Me”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; Lord I thank you for bringing into my mind today the words freed me.  First I thought you were saying to me free me, free me, but I am already free.  So then I realized what was being said to me was the words, were the words freed me, freed me.  So I looked deeper into what those words meant and I realized that I am so excited, I’m so excited because I am so excitable about this life that I am envisioning, that I am seeing, that I am looking to be manifested, it is a freed me.

And for many individuals the word free can mean so many things.  Free from dis-ease and health concerns and freed from any type of monetary system that isn’t abundant and prosperous.  Freed to be able to walk where I want to walk, to see what I want to see, to buy what I want to buy, to feel how I want to feel, and to love who I want to love that is what we all want.  That is what we all want, freedom, to be freed.

A freed me; a me who stands on the edge of a new day, a new opportunity, a new obstacle that may be put in my path is no longer even a challenge or a concern to me because I am freed.  I am a freed me, the only thing that shackles me down is my mind, what I allow myself to feel, what I allow myself to bring into my own existence allows me to feel freedom or to feel slavery.  And slavery is not a word that is just something that’s done to something else we can become slaves our own selves because of our minds.

Free your mind, allow your mind to open up to new and interesting horizons, broaden your scope see what is out there.  Because believe when I tell you it’s more than just what you see on your block or your neighborhood, or your city.  To be free to be freed to allow yourself to experience something that is so different but to open yourself up to an opportunity that allows your mind to see what else can be transformed from thoughts that are different and new and exciting, yes freedom, a freed me.  A me that allows myself to open myself up to something that is so amazing that I was, I was so unsure why I never allowed myself to know this before.

In order to be free, in order to be a freed me, in order to feel freedom I need to understand that I am so amazing in my own right.  You are so amazing in your own right, in your own psyche in your own mind; you are the Captain of your industry.  You are the Captain of your ship that sails along the horizon of just good enough or the horizon of I am magnificent and I am going through a journey that is miraculous which will allow me to feel even more freedom, freed me, a freed me.  A me that is open to new experiences that sees something around the bend that looks interesting to explore, someone whose willing to take a chance, take a leap, take an extended journey on something that’s unknown and unfamiliar.  Let me feel this freedom, let me become a freed me, let me share what I learned from being free with others.

For we have allowed the shackles of our mind to hold us for so long.  Never again will we feel lack, never again will we feel limitation, never again will we feel caught up because we are free, our mind is free.  Our minds are free, our minds have freed us, have freed us.  So I say to you today even though you may feel that your freedom is limited, you may feel that your circumstance dictates your future, but I share with you today that with an open mind and a consciousness that is so heightened, that is so available to see that love and all that is here and all that is waiting to be given to you will continue to bring to you freedom, a freed you, as it has brought me freedom, and a freed me.

May you find for yourself today a mind that is open, may you find for yourself today a mind that is free, may you find for yourself today a life that you have always saw for yourself but now with the freedom, with a freed mind you have opened yourself up to an amazing journey, an amazing opportunity, an amazing walk of freedom.  Be a freed me, free your mind, free yourself, feel the freedom, and so it is, Amen and amen