Monthly Archives: May 2016

“I Remember When”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; I remember when, I remember when it used to be important to be right but now it’s important to be heard.  I remember when it used to be all life mattered but now it’s only the ones that look like me whoever that me may be.  I remember when, I remember when I used to feel that I could soar the sky until someone tried to tell me that my territory was just as far as the front of my doorway and my driveway was the end of that territory.  I remember when, I remember when it was so amazingly wonderful to see yourself and to see others shining their light out into this amazing amazing world but now it’s just okay for certain people to shine their light.

And what has happened, what has changed, what has occurred, what has perpetuated this singular vision of thought that has arose in the Universe at this time.  Well believe me when I tell you I don’t feel everyone thinks this way, I don’t feel all the world feels so singularly self-absorbed that it is not necessary for them to be able to be right and heard at the same time.  That it is necessary for them to see that their lives and all our lives matter at the same time.  And it is so important to understand that your territory extends further than your eye can see and any dream can take you.

Don’t let someone take away your dreams, don’t let someone anyone anything take away your aspirations and don’t allow anyone to tell you what you can and cannot be in this life.  For believe me when I tell you I remember when I used to just wake up to get through the day and now I look forward to every waking hour, every waking minute and every waking moment so that I can see what is around the corner, what is exciting, what is new, what is foretold to me to be a new path on my Spiritual Journey.

Yes, sometimes when I remember when I often think that things are better than they’ve ever been before, because I remember when I was afraid and I remember when I would settle and I remember when I would allow but I don‘t feel that way anymore. No, what I feel right now is an amazing feeling of so much self-confidence, so much self-determination and so much self-revealing which allows me to see that anything and everything that I see in my life, that I feel is possible for me is in fact possible.

Because I remember when the young girl became a young woman and she thought her life was dictated by others and now that young woman has become a mature woman and realizes that her life has always been dictated by herself.  May you find within yourself the strength, and determination and the perseverance to remember when; but to see today as the opportunity to shine your light, to see today as the opportunity to be even better than it was then, to see today as an opportunity to be all that you can be because that is your birthright, that is your destiny, that is what God sees for you, do you see this for yourself?

Because we can all remember when; but what I’m concerned about is right now.  I thank you Heavenly Father for providing me with the guidance and the determination to know that I am and will forever be the most amazing magnificent expression that you have made me to be, just as we all are.  So there is no need for me to remember when, for all I need to do is remember how, remember now, remember the future, because the future will remember me, and so it is. Amen and amen,


“The Blessing of Right Now”

Receiving the blessing of right now, the blessing of right now; isn’t it amazing when you feel, when you feel your life is becoming something different when you realize that the thinking that you had previously is not the same thinking you have now.  When you realize that the uncertainty of the future is something that is exciting and appealing but it’s also a little riddled with anxiety because you’re not sure but you know it’s going to be but it’s not cast in stone that everything will turn out the way you had thought it would.

Yes, but there is always the blessing of right now.  The blessing of this exact moment, the blessing of what it feels like to see yourself truly and thoroughly given the opportunity to enjoy life for all that it is.  The blessing of right now; I will never forget how it felt to finally be able to accomplish a goal on my bucket list.  To be able to look at my list of lifetime goals, of lifetime achievements, of opportunities that I wanted to see manifested and then to be able to check that box next to that thing that had been fulfilled.  Yes, the blessing of right now.

What a blessing it is to know that right now, right at this exact specific exact moment of your life all is well.  All is well the manifestation of all good that you have wanted to see appear in your life is now truly a blessing.  The lesson that you were on the road to learning has now been completed and it too has turned into a blessing; yes, the blessing of right now.  The receiving of right now, the enduring elevating accommodating revealing period called right now, oh what a blessing it is to finally see your life as something that is turning into something that is going to be truly amazing for the World.

You are making a difference; you are making a change into the fabric of time that will allow you to see good being done because you were instrumental in its development, because you were instrumental in its development.  Yes, the blessing of right now, so there are no more things to worry about, there are no more things to be concerned about, there are no more things to be put in your what if column on the paper because everything has moved toward it is done, and it is good column at this time.

Yes, the blessings of right now; the blessing of right now allows you to see the good that you had wanted to see in your life being given to you, being provided for you, being addressed to you, the blessing of right now.  Today is the day that you have waited for all your life to finally see the good that you have planted, the seeds that are now being sown, the reaping that is now becoming the rapture of all good that you have been looking forward to receiving, yes the blessing of right now.

Be today an opportunity to truly see that blessing for your own self, with your own eyes, with your own mind, with your open heart see that blessing of right now showering into your life the most greatest gifts you could ever imagine.  The blessing of right now, the receiving of all good, the lifting of all unhappiness in all things that are not needed or necessary because you are finally stepping into your blessing of right now.  Enjoy today with all the good that it has in store for you, enjoy your day, enjoy your blessing, enjoy the right now, and so it is.  Amen and amen