“Another Day”

Another day, another day to receive the love of the Heavenly Spirit; another day, another day to realize that everything in my life is coming up rosy, because everything I see is a blessing and for this I am extremely grateful, for this I am loved.  Another day, another day to make something better than it was yesterday, another day to tell all of the dear ones that I love them and another day to share with my family my feelings of embracement as they continue to allow me to feel their embracement of love as well.

Another day, another day to see that a miracle is just waiting around the corner to occur in my life.  Another day, another day to be amazed at the wonders and the manifestations of miracles that happen to us every single day; yes I look forward to this new day, yes I am excited about this new day.  Because I have been given another day, another opportunity another extremely accessible period to make something more out of what it is.

To bring a blessing to somewhere that needs to be blessed, to shine a light into something that needs to be shielded from the darkness, to find a way to say thank you God to someone today for they are being blessed by the love of the Heavenly Spirit and the Heavenly Spirit is blessing us all by giving us another day.

See for yourself the presence of the All Mighty in your life; see for yourself the things that you have to be grateful for because they are being given to you another day.  But see for yourself, see for yourself that even though you may have felt it wasn’t possible, even though it may have seemed like there was no way out of this way, even so but look what occurred another day.  Another day to be blessed, another day to be a blessing, and another day to shine your light out which will allow you to bless someone else, another day.

Use today, use this extremely extravagant magnificent day as an opportunity to shine out into this World love, for truly I tell you another day allows me to shine a loving light out to you and I look so forward to receiving that loving light back from you in return, another day, and so it is.  Amen and amen


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