Monthly Archives: April 2016

“Enjoy Peace today”

A feeling of peace, a feeling of peace; one the most revealing and fulfilling things I like to do every morning before I start my day is to experience a period of extreme peace.  I clear my mind from any and all thoughts and I just rest in the stillness of the peaceful moment.  Enjoying and understanding what it feels like to just allow your mind to be in a void of just peacefulness, oh it’s one of the most special things I can ever give myself every single day.

I watch my husband get up in the morning and prepare himself for his job and I get up with him and allow him to tell me what needs to be done, that needs to be taken care of, what needs to be attention brought to for my day and then when I kiss him goodbye and as I wave goodbye as he drives the car down the driveway and begins to proceed down the street.  And right after I touch that button on the garage door and I go into the house and I lay back down for what sometimes can feel like an eternity but actually it’s just 30 minutes.

And in those 30 minutes in that brief period of time that is when I feel peaceful.  I clear my mind of all thoughts and things and I allow myself to just breathe deeply breathing in deeply the feeling of just relaxation, the feeling of calmness and the feeling of experiencing peace beyond my own understanding.  Yes, every day I give myself those 30 minutes of just pure unadulterated, unimagined or unimaginable peace.  Oh once that has occurred once that feeling of pure relaxation has occurred than it is possible for me to get up and start my day.

Because I’ve already spent time in the silence, I have already spent time embracing the Heavenly Spirit’s love in my life, I have already given myself that period of peace that I so deserve and need to start my day.  I look forward to this every single day this is my time that I clear my mind and I allow and it is given and what an amazing feeling it is.  To feel such peace, such love, such infinite amazing blessings of good; yes, I allow and I feel and I give myself permission to receive this gift, this amazing gift.

I wish for you today an amazing day filled with little pockets of time where you too can experience peacefulness.  Little pockets of time within your day be it 15 minutes or be it a half an hour but use that time to just relax your mind; to rest yourself, to sit still and to feel the embracement of what the presence feels like in your life.  The presence of all good, the Heavenly Spirits love, the feeling of such encouragement which allows you to feel your day unfolding in a way that believes and belongs to the betterment of your blessings.  Yes, enjoy some peace today, yes, enjoy a period of just pure peacefulness, yes, enjoy the peace today, and so it is, Amen and amen.


“Forgive me for I am a magnificent work in progress; forgive me for I am a magnificent work in progress”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; when I think of forgiveness, when I think of forgiving, when I think of being forgiven for I am a magnificent work in progress and I will make errors, I will make mistakes, I will make miss-steps, I will transgress, forgive me.  For I am a magnificent work in progress not just a work in progress, not just a person that is moving along this path of Spirituality that I seem to feel that I can’t even be forgiven myself no, forgive me for I am learning as well.

Forgiveness is one of the most amazing sweetest feelings you can have in your toolbox of all good things.  Forgiveness allows you see yourself as someone who is able to allow someone to be given something that is the prize jewel of any crown that they wear.  To forgive someone, to forgive yourself, oh the thought of being forgiven, the thought of knowing that because I have miss-stepped, I have mistaken, I have misunderstood but I can be forgiven.

Yes, forgiveness is the sweetest sweetest taste of God’s good you can ever receive.  Forgive me for I have transgressed, forgive me for I have miss-spoke, forgive me for I am a magnificent expression trying to find my way.  Forgive me, I have forgiven you; isn’t there something that you feel in your heart that you just can’t seem to forgive yourself for.  But I have forgiven you saith the Lord, I have forgiven you saith the Heavenly Spirit, l I have forgiven you so in that instance you must forgive others, forgive me for I am a magnificent  expression trying to find my way.

Forgive me for I am a child of God’s looking to be better every day, forgive me for I know in my heart that what I did I did not mean to do.  I like to say sometimes we are not in our right mind because if we were in our right mind sometimes we would not make the decisions, and the choices, and the miss-steps that we have made, but because we are a spiritual being experiencing a spiritual experience governed by spiritual laws we can be forgiven.

Forgive me as I have forgiven you; forgive me as I have felt the forgiveness of your love inspire my heart to forgive as well.  Forgive me and allow me to see within my own life how the sweet taste of forgiveness has affected those around me.  I have forgiven my Mother for being strict with me, I have forgiven my Father who was a heavy handed disciplinarian and I have forgiven myself who sometimes strayed off the path.  But Lord because of that sweet taste of forgiveness, because of that sweet feeling of forgiveness, because of that sweet appeal that forgiveness gives us all.

I can try again, I can live anew, I can see myself being given another chance.  Forgive me for I am a magnificent expression and I am a magnificent work in progress.  Forgive me, forgive me, and so it is, Amen and amen

“An affirmative prayer for you”

I am a repeatable magnificent expression of God’s presence on this planet.  You are a repeatable magnificent expression of God’s presence on this planet.  We all are a repeatable magnificent expression of God’s presence on this planet.

I thank you Heavenly Father for allowing me to be an instrument in your goodness that you share with this world.  I thank you God for letting me see myself as a powerful magnificent tool in the toolbox of the Heavenly Spirit’s.  And I thank you God for the blessings, for the unknown and known, for the unexpected and expected blessings that you have showered into my existence and have showered into my life.

I am so grateful for all the good that you have given me, I am so grateful for all the lessons that I have learned and I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have been able to share with others.

It is because of the love of you and the love of all of your expressions magnified into my existence showing me that we can together share this love of God with the world, we can together share this love of all good with each other, we can together share God’s words and express into this world what it feels like to be a child of God’s, and what it feels like to be loved by the Heavenly Spirit.

So I thank you God for all the good that you bring into my life.  And I thank you God for all that I experience because it is all You, it is all You my Father, it is all You, It is all You, and so it is, Amen and amen.

“Constant Student”

Be a constant student, be a constant student; today I realized that life is about learning lessons, about following hunches, about realizing dreams and manifestations.  But also it’s about being a constant student, being open to new things and new ideas, keeping yourself teachable.  Being able to be moldable, being able to be sculpted if that’s what you see is needed in your life.  But being open allowing yourself to experience a new thought, a new idea, a new conclusion to an obvious constant problem.  Seeing yourself as a constant student, a constant learner, a consistent achiever of new and exciting ways to maneuver in your life; a student.

I find so interesting that every day gets better; every day becomes more important because every day is a new opportunity to learn something amazing to learn something that is needed to learn something that is so necessary and wanted for my soul.  To see something differently with a new eye, a constant habitual consistent student always willing to learn always willing to be open to the idea of something new.

But also being open to the idea of something new from within, changing myself, looking at what worked before maybe it doesn’t work for me now.   Seeing myself as someone who is learning something different everyday but now it seems like it is learning something different every hour and enjoying the journey that I am learning from.

I thank you Heavenly Father for this amazing opportunity to see myself in a new light, as  a new ideal and in a different way but also being able to experience and experiment with new thoughts.  I want to be everything that I can be but I want to be that person with an open mind as well, and someone who sees love as so much the reason more so than the ending of the result.

Love is the reason, love is the beginning, love is the middle and the love is the end of the entire equation.  Thank you God for letting me love myself, thank you God for letting me see that sometimes when you love yourself you open yourself up to some of the most amazing miracles to come into your life, and thank you God for showing me once again how amazingly wonderful this life is, how grateful and blessed I am to be in it, and how thankful and grateful I am for you in my life.  Thank you God, thank you God and thank you God, and so it is, Amen and amen

“Another Day”

Another day, another day to receive the love of the Heavenly Spirit; another day, another day to realize that everything in my life is coming up rosy, because everything I see is a blessing and for this I am extremely grateful, for this I am loved.  Another day, another day to make something better than it was yesterday, another day to tell all of the dear ones that I love them and another day to share with my family my feelings of embracement as they continue to allow me to feel their embracement of love as well.

Another day, another day to see that a miracle is just waiting around the corner to occur in my life.  Another day, another day to be amazed at the wonders and the manifestations of miracles that happen to us every single day; yes I look forward to this new day, yes I am excited about this new day.  Because I have been given another day, another opportunity another extremely accessible period to make something more out of what it is.

To bring a blessing to somewhere that needs to be blessed, to shine a light into something that needs to be shielded from the darkness, to find a way to say thank you God to someone today for they are being blessed by the love of the Heavenly Spirit and the Heavenly Spirit is blessing us all by giving us another day.

See for yourself the presence of the All Mighty in your life; see for yourself the things that you have to be grateful for because they are being given to you another day.  But see for yourself, see for yourself that even though you may have felt it wasn’t possible, even though it may have seemed like there was no way out of this way, even so but look what occurred another day.  Another day to be blessed, another day to be a blessing, and another day to shine your light out which will allow you to bless someone else, another day.

Use today, use this extremely extravagant magnificent day as an opportunity to shine out into this World love, for truly I tell you another day allows me to shine a loving light out to you and I look so forward to receiving that loving light back from you in return, another day, and so it is.  Amen and amen