“You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands, you shall be blessed and it shall be well with you” Psalms 128:2

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; I thank you God for once again giving me a day where I feel so strengthened by the word of you.  I take my Bible and I open it up to a particular scripture and I find such peace and such calmness and such enlightenment from your words.  I want to share something with you today my Father, when my days were hard and my nights were cold and I didn’t have anyone by me, I would sleep with my Bible I would hold your words, your book in my arms and I would embrace the Bible because I felt that by embracing the Bible, I was embracing you in my life.

I was embracing the love of God in my life; I was embracing God’s words in my existence. Yes when I would sit here and I would try to find a way out of no way I would grab my Bible and my Bible would provide for me what I needed as it always has provided for me what I needed to find peace and solace in my life.  The word of God, the words of God, the words of law.  I enjoy reading the Bible, I find great pleasure in reading the parables, the beatitudes, the words of the Gospel and it is at those times when I feel most endeared by the love of God because I am receiving from God what I need to give me the time that is set aside just for the two of us what is needed in my life.

My hands have labored my fruit.  My hands have written have logged have chronicled, have categorized have put together so many writings, so many words have been placed one by one, side by side, line by line to express my feelings that I receive and the words that I receive from the Heavenly Spirit.  This has been an amazing time, when you find time within yourself to unlock to let open the door to a gift that God has given you and you allow yourself to be swept away in the rhythm of what that gift allows you to feel for others and it also allows you to feel for yourself it is truly a blessing, it is a blessing.

Let the Heavenly Father know that his words, his love, his words speaking through me, have allowed me to understand his words speaking to me, which have allowed me to speak his words to others, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.  So once again we let go and we let God guide our lives, we let go and we let God handle our situations and we let go and we let God plan the future; for man is only able to do what he can do but it is God, it is the Heavenly Spirit, it is faith, it is the faith of a mustard seed that allows us to see our blessings coming to pass.  Be that blessing a new home, be that blessing a new car, be that blessing a new job that affords you what you need to take care of your family, be that blessing all these things.

For it is because of the grace and the love of God that all these things come because we see all these things as already being given to us.  Thank you God for the blessings you bestow upon your children, thank you God for the blessings that you provide to me  every day, and thank you God for allowing me to see by letting go and letting God control and make way and find a way for me in my life; my life, my health, my wealth it all comes back to me triple fold because of the love I have for you, so saith the Lord, so saith the Lord, so saith the Lord, and so it is, Amen and amen, thank you God for the blessings


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