“I am one with God, healed, whole and healthy”

I am one with God healed, whole and healthy.  Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; I have found myself amazingly well, amazingly well.  I came back from my trip my Father and I am not who I was before.  And isn’t that what a Spiritual trip is supposed to provide for you in your life.  An awakening of something within you that was so dormant or something that was so close to being revealed that it needed just a little bit of a push to shine out into the world just what you were meant to be.

I speak about my trip going to the Parliament of the World’s Religions so much information was downloaded into my mind and so much data was received in such a short period of time. I felt overwhelmed with this feeling of intentions of good that I wanted to see and I will see manifested in the world.  The idea that it is not necessary to be tolerated as much as it is necessary to be embraced and loved by all.  I found myself looking for an answer that only you could provide me with, I went there with the intention and the determination to receive what I needed in my life so that I could know where my path was to go forward.

I learned and saw so many things, I experienced so many blessings and I realized that my path, my goal, my destiny is intertwined with you my Father.  Oh the years can’t go by fast enough so that I can begin my new life; but my new life has already begun.  I had been telling myself that when I retire that is when I will begin my ministry that is when I will begin the new walk of my life into the servitude of serving God as an ordained minister.

But I feel I can still serve God and I can still walk toward that light of reasoning by doing what I am doing now.  Sharing the words of the Heavenly Father with all that I love and all that see His love in their life is a ministry that I have already.  And though I may not be ordained and I may not wear a collar or I may not wear the stole or hold the staff of a minister, I minister to individuals every single day.  I am a voice in the army of the Lord’s; I am a servant in the world of bringing about peace and love to this human race that we call humanity.   And because of that my Father, I am healed, healthy and whole, because I am a child of yours.

I laid in bed this morning and I was thinking about how I could relay to others just what this experience meant to me, just what this experience brought out of me, just what this experience that I had foretold to me and all I keep feeling is a peacefulness in my life.  Where there was doubt there is no longer, where there was uncertainty there is no longer.  And I feel that I am still so open, ah still so receptive to receive what is needed to be given to me.  I love a new word that I’m using quite often intention.  It is my intention, I intend to do this with my life, I intend to be this for the Lord, I intend to see within my lifetime peace in this world, that is my intention.  And as I sat together with those 9,500, let’s just say 10,000 people who had that same intention as well, it was the most breathtaking experience I have ever had in my life.

My husband and I are in the process of buying our very first brand new home that brings an amazing, an amazing accomplishment into my life.  And this is not my first home but this is the home that I say was bought from the Spirituality and the love of God in my life; I cannot wait to have my sisters and my brother, my Prayer Chaplain family to come and bless every room in my house.  I look forward to that energy; my life has become anew and as I bring a close to some things in my life as being on the Board of Trustees with my church is coming to a close.  As being a servant to the State of California is coming to a close; but what is awakening and opening in my life is my service to the Lord and I believe it is more important than any other service I have ever done.

So I say today to the Heavenly Spirit, I say today to the God within myself that has allowed me to see what God has done in my life.  God I am healthy, whole and complete because you provide that for me.  And I am healthy, whole and complete because I see finally what my life is meant to be, and I am healthy, whole and complete because I will devote my life from this day forward in every and any capacity that I can to be a servant to the Lord, and to use that ministry that I have within myself to shine the light of love, peace, faith, joy, hope, forgiveness and all good things out into the world.

For as a child of God I must and I may continue to see his works, the good works, all the good works of the Lord in my life.  I thank you Heavenly Father for the blessings you have provided me and my family for, I thank you Heavenly Father for the blessings you have allowed me and my family to see in our existence, and I thank you Heavenly Father for it took a trip halfway across this great state of the USA to show me what I knew all along within myself and as I say it again, when I looked for something to give me what I needed I found that what I needed was something that I already had.  And I looked for that person to be and I was already that person that stared back at me in the mirror.  I thank you God for all you have given me, I thank you God for the illumination you have provided me with and I thank you God for the role that I will be able to play in this magnificent ministry and I say thank you God for all of that, and so it is, Amen and amen.


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