“The Healing Power of Prayer”

Dear Loving Presence, Sweet Divine Being; the healing power of prayer affords not only the prayer but the prayed for, the prayed for to receive the benefits of what prayer is destined to give.  As I pray for others I actually am praying also for myself.  Mirroring the issues and challenges and circumstances that are appearing in front of me to pray for others I am experiencing many of those same experiences within my own being.  That is why when I pray for others prayer is for them as well as it is for myself.  We all benefit from the beautiful-ness of prayer.

I find myself praying more today than I have prayed in many times of my life, and it’s not because I’m praying for something that is bothering me and I need a resolution no.  And it’s not because I am praying more because there is so much woe and despair in this world no that is not the reason either.  I find myself praying constantly and consistently because that is a state of mind that I enjoy being in.

To pray for others to keep in constant prayer the idea that all will be well because all is God that requires a continuous steady stream of 24-hours of prayer at all times.  I enjoy praying, I enjoy being in prayer, I enjoy praying with others, I enjoy praying for others, I enjoy praying.  And I don’t think it is something that has just come upon me, I think I have prayed always even as a little child, and my favorite prayer was always the Lord’s Prayer.  The Lord’s Prayer was and is my favorite prayer.  But then sometimes a prayer is as I found out from a sister in my woman’s group I attend “Coffee and Conversation”, sometimes the prayer can be “help me”, or sometimes the prayer can be “thank you, thank you, thank you.”

And I like to see myself praying affirmatively; always praying that it is already being given to me.  Because that is the way the Heavenly Father hears my prayers.  The Heavenly Father, the God’s presence within myself, hears my prayers stating it is already yours my child, it is already yours my sister, it is already yours my love, it is already yours.  I pray as if it is already mine because it is mine to receive.  I pray like it has already been given to me because it has already been given to me, and I pray as if I am to receive it because I have already received it.  No it may not be in this inkling of time, I may not see it manifested at this exact moment, but my prayer has been answered I must understand that and I must remember that.

I must always understand that whatever prayer I have prayed that it has been heard and it will come to pass.  In what spirit do you pray in the name of, the spirit of already knowing that what you have prayed for is yours to receive?  Or is it the spirit of begging for what you want because you see no other way?  That is how we have always prayed.  Lord please help me to get through this.  Instead of seeing for ourselves that the Heavenly Father is already providing us with the assistance that we need to get through any obstacle, challenge, or circumstance, we just need to open up our minds and believe and have faith that what we are actually seeing is not the reality that the Heavenly Father has for us to receive.

I want to see the reality that is given to me from the Heavenly Spirit; I want to walk in the reality that is given to me from the great I Am.  I am not interested in the reality that man is showing me because man’s reality is not my reality.  Yes, I pray, I listen, I hear my spirit, the Heavenly Spirit telling me, allowing me, bringing out from me what is needed to manifest the dreams, the prayers, the goals, the aspirations, and the challenges that will become blessings, I see those coming to pass.  That’s why I’m in constant prayer; praying constantly allows me to always be grateful for all that I am given, always being grateful for all that I receive, always being grateful for this life that I lead, always being grateful.

Yes, prayer has been one of the most amazing things in my life; I thank you Heavenly Spirit for this opportunity to share with others my feeling, my true true feeling on prayer.  Thank you my Father, for this amazing time that I am experiencing in my life, this time of knowing that my life has been so amazingly beautiful since I have been touched and re-awakened to your consciousness within my life.  Oh prayer is such a gift, so I ask of you today to use prayer in such a way so that you can see for yourself and others the good that is coming into your life.  I ask of you today to see for yourself what it feels like to want it all to be such a blessing, I ask of you today to remember the greatest prayer we can ever ever give, the loudest prayer that comes from our heart that can ever be heard, is the prayer that says thank you, thank you, thank you I am so grateful, I am so grateful, I am so grateful, and so it is, Amen and amen, God bless you all


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