“You will find rest for your souls; you will find rest for your souls” Matthew 11:29

Let’s prepare ourselves for meditation, let’s take a deep breath in and we let that out.  And we take another relaxing cleansing breath in of Spirit, and we release we release from ourselves all the cares all the worries all the doubts.  We breathe in, breathing in relaxation, relaxation, and we let out letting out letting out frustration, letting out pressure, letting out stress, letting it all out.  If you feel comfortable to close your eyes, please feel free to do so as we sit down and rest our arms on our knees and our hands are in an upright cupped position ready to receive the good relaxation period that we are here to receive.

We have planted our feet firmly on the ground, on the floor, on the carpet, on the ground beneath us and by doing that we take another deep breath in and we let that out.  Centering ourselves in this period, grounding ourselves in this relaxation that we are achieving at this time.  And as we open our minds eye our eye of faith, our eye of all that is to foretell all that is needed we see for ourselves an amazing, an amazing platform.  We are standing on a stage in front of a large vase audience, we are center stage as we look out upon the individuals who are watching us eagerly awaiting what will they say today, what will be the word that they will bring out of themselves today that will allow us to hear something relaxing, that will allow us to feel something relaxing, which will allow us to be so far relaxed.

And as the individual stands, as you stand in front of them all and the words that come out of your mouth are I am relaxed, I am in a relaxing mode, I am experiencing relaxation; I am relaxed in the love of the Heavenly Spirit.  You say these words again, I am relaxed, I am experiencing relaxation, I am relaxed due to the experience of relaxing my mind.  And as the mind becomes relaxed and as the body becomes relaxed we begin to think about the long road, the long road ahead of us.  The long road to freedom, the long road to relaxation, the long road to the goal, the long road to our destiny, the long road.

And with all long roads and journeys the walk is long and it is sometimes necessary to experience the bumps and the scraps along the way.  We continue on this long road this road to our destiny, the road that is foretold to us as we stand upon the stage of life.  The stage of life and what is flashed in front of our eyes are periods of things that began slowly but quickly they escalated into the good that we needed in our lives.  The first job we received, the first bank account we established, the diploma we received as we walked across the stage of the first accomplishment we received in our education.  And then we walked again across the stage of life as we found within ourselves another goal that needed to be manifested; we continued to move forward, we continued to move ahead, we continued to be all that we could be.

As we relaxed along this road as we took our time and traveled this road that led to the life that we have right now, the stage of life, the stage of all knowing, the stage of understanding, the stage of our destiny.  Continuing to walk, continuing to go forward, continuing to see for ourselves the journey has just begun.  The journey of taking one foot in front of the other, the journey of achieving one goal after the other, the journey of seeing for ourselves manifested all the good that we know is ours to receive on the stage, on the stage of life.  The stage of all good things, the stage of remembering and receiving and renewing and relaxing in the knowing that we have accomplished something again; and as we go into the silence of this moment, as we pick up the thought of what is to happen next, the thought that comes into our minds is this is a tour of your life.  This is a tour of your life, this is a tour of your beginning, this is a tour of your middle, this is a tour toward your destiny of your life, and as you receive your kudos and your praises for your destiny is very bright, your destiny is very bright.  As we remember these things as we go into the silence……


Your destiny is very bright and as you go forward on the stage of life to foretell the rest of your story to share the rest of your amazing journey to relieve yourself of any doubt that there was any question that your story was going to be magnificent.  You have realized your life was so worth telling the world about, you have realized that your journey was so worth the steps involved to make it to the other side, you began to realize that due to relaxation, due to relaxing within your own self allowed you to provide a relaxing tone to the rest of us, we thank you for relaxing, we thank you for reliving, we thank you for openly sharing, we thank you for the blessing that is you, and so it is.  Amen and amen


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