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“Inner Peace, Inner Peace”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; I cannot say that I am about love, that I am about joy, that I am about faith, that I am about forgiveness, that I am about all good things without first realizing for myself that I must have inner peace.  I must constantly dwell on the positiveness of any situation so that I can continue to keep the frequency of my consciousness at a point where it brings me joy just to open my eyes every single day.  I must speak and live what I believe and what that is; is that I believe that this world can be different.  I believe that there is still a possibility for us to change ourselves and by changing ourselves we can change our surroundings, we can change our behavior, we can change our ingrained attitudes and values and mores and norms.

But I cannot speak these things, I cannot state these feelings, I cannot live these affirmations if I do not within myself seek inner peace.  I had to let go of some things I had to release and declare to myself that I would not bring myself to an existence that allows me to dwell on things that have happened to me or have happened for me or have happened through me that were not positive.  I cannot bring that into my psyche and allow myself to seek inner peace that is not possible.  So I wake up in the morning and I say to myself I release out into the atmosphere anything and everything that does not serve me, that is not here for my betterment, that is not going to bring about a Godly and God-like experience of kindness and love in my life.

And by doing that I allow myself to realize that I am actually living what I am speaking, and I am actually living what I am feeling, and I am actually living what I want to see in this world, inner peace.  Yesterday my husband and I had an opportunity to use these tools and I’m going to tell you that we in this world are experiencing things that are just monumentally different than what we want to experience in our lives; and even though someone comes into your existence and brings with them the baggage of their past, the baggage of their own feelings which are feelings that are not of yours and are not positive.  I still have to dig deep within myself, I still must find it within myself to feel some inner peace so that I can look at that experience whatever it is and say I wish you well, I see God in you and I still feel you can come back around and be an expression of the magnificent God that we are.

That we have, that we each have within ourselves.  The God presence that we shine out into this world should be something that is magnificent, should be something that is positive, should be something that brings us up not brings us down.  Not lowers us to the deepest depths that we can be so that we can call ourselves human beings.  No inner peace realizing that I walk in faith, and realizing that who I am I project out and realizing that by doing that I must shine an example out into this world of the example that I want to see in this world an example of the world that I want to live in.  And the example of the world that I want us all to be a part of, inner peace allows me to still have the hope that this is possible, to still have the hope that this will manifest and to still have the hope that we together can bring about a difference.

A wall, a wave, a storm of positivity out into this world I seek it first within myself so that I can bring it out into the world.  I release anything that is not needed in my life that is not necessary that will not bring about peace into my world, I release it.  And by releasing it out into the atmosphere I release it from myself. And even though there may be times when I may fall down and I may get on my knees and I will say Lord what more can I do.  Those are the times when I must reach deep within my own heart  that I must reach deep within my own soul, that I must reach deep within my own being and say I see love and because of that love I will bring about a positive experience from what I am experiencing right now.

So I say to you today, use today as an opportunity to dig deep within yourself to reflect on your own life, and see within yourself things that can be taken out of your inner existence that are not serving you but will bring about an area a space an opening in your heart that will shine positivity into you, that you can then shine out into this world.  Use today as an opportunity to remember that inner peace to feel that strongly within yourself all good things, to feel within yourself the joy that you want to see exhibited out in this world find it first within yourself.  And I can guarantee you that it will take, it will change your life by changing the way you feel from the inside which allows you change the way you see the outside.

Use today as an opportunity to open up your heart and shine out the inner peace that you feel, that you are experiencing, that you are learning that you are manifesting in your life and shine that out into a space into a world into this existence that needs it so desperately.  Believe me when I tell you we have to find a way together, and together we can find a way if we begin within, and I will do my part, please work with me and do your part as well.  So that the part that we do together can shine out into this world a new beginning, a new hope, a new joy, a new feeling of peace and an amazing revelation of love, let’s do our part together, let’s work together to bring about inner and outer peace and so it is; Amen and amen, and thank you God for the opportunity to shine your love out into this world, Amen and amen


“What can I do, what can I do my Father, what can I do”

It amazes me, it astounds me, it just shocks me to all get out when people don’t respond back to you.  When people don’t return phone calls, when people don’t return e-mails, when people don’t return an rsvp, when people don’t try in any way that they can with any medium that they feel comfortable with and communicate back to you; hey I received your call, hey I received your text, hey I received your email, hey I received your tweet, hey I received your motion, your ideal, your message, that you needed me to respond to and I am responding back to you.

How hard is that, how hard is that to let someone know that yes I acknowledge you, and by you acknowledging me and because of that acknowledgement, I respond back to you when you respond to me.  I will never forget one of the ugliest periods of my life is when I was experiencing this problem with an individual who wouldn’t return my calls, they wouldn’t return my texts, they wouldn’t return my emails, they wouldn’t return anything.  How rude is that, how ugly is that?  How un-God like is that when someone would feel that no I am not going to respond to you because you are meaningless to me; and, how many times have each of us made someone else feel like that?

You know If you call me, I will call you back.  I may not call you back that day, but I am going to call you back and, I’m going to say hey I respect you, I acknowledge you, I love you you are a child of Gods and yes I will respond back to you.  If you send me an email requesting information from me I am going to get back to you, I like to say at least within 24 hours if not sooner.  How disrespectful is it that someone can’t even return an email, can’t even acknowledge a postcard, can’t even respond to a letter, can’t even open up a text.  I mean I don’t understand and what more can I do Lord?  You know when I say what can I do, how can I communicate to these individuals who refuse to communicate back with me, that I love them and I see them as children of God’s and because of that that sheer indication itself I respond back to them.

I don’t care what you think of me, I don’t care why you feel what you do about me.  If you receive something from me can you not respond back to me that you received it?  Can you not respond back to me that you acknowledge me as a human being as well?  What harm does that do, I just don’t understand it?  So as I am trying to figure it out and as I pray about it.  I am in deep prayer about what can I do, what can I do to shine out into the world my love and sensitivity and my sense of humanity, my sense of caring, my sense of compassion when I can’t even get someone to return a phone call, return a text, return an email so that I can even tell them hey I love you.  How ugly and hurtful is that?

You know I am amazed that as a child of God’s I have been awaked to so many numerous behaviors by other people, and in the beginning I kind of really didn’t get it.  You know I didn’t get it, I didn’t think that there was something wrong or someone was mean or something was miss done or that there was a misdeed I just didn’t get it.  But then I started to feel, I started to realize that by not acknowledging me you are making it seem like I didn’t exist.  And in the eyes of the Heavenly Father, we all exist; we all are playing a role in this story that we have called life.  And to think that someone would find themselves above and beyond the fact of even responding to someone, who told you you were that person?  Who allowed you to feel that you are so much more superior than I, and because of that you don’t even have to respond to me? How ugly is that, so I try not to think about those types of things.  I still call individuals, I still text individuals, I still email individuals, I still tweet individuals, I still Instagram individuals and hopefully those individuals will respond back to me.

But isn’t that what we all want?  When someone acts out, when someone shows out, when someone shows out into the world that they feel so insignificant, isn’t that because they do feel that way, because we don’t acknowledge each other, we don’t acknowledge each other.  So the only way for me to get an acknowledgement or the only way for me to get a rise out of you, or the only way for me to get noticed by you is for me to act out.  Isn’t there some other way I can show you who I am so that you can see who I am without me having to act out in such a way that is so ugly, and is so pitiful and is so negative that I have to feel that to get your attention that is what I have to do?

How sad is that?  How un-imaginable is that?  So I say to you today I will acknowledge the man who is homeless on the corner and say good morning to him, just as I’m going to say good morning to the corporate CEO that I see at Starbucks in the morning as well.   I want to acknowledge any and every one, we all matter, we all exists we all are here; and I don’t want to just acknowledge you when you have done something wrong, when you have said something that was out of place, when you’ve been disrespectful.  I want to acknowledge you when I see you shining your light out into this magnificent world and I want to acknowledge you when I see you showing others compassion, and I want to acknowledge you when I see you showing others humility because then I allow myself to see you too as a human being.

So to the question of what can I do, I will acknowledge you for who you are as a child of God’s.  I will acknowledge you for what significance that you play in this world that we have and that’s a major part.  And I will acknowledge you for the beauty that you shine out into this world be it whatever it is.  Don’t we all want to be acknowledged?  Don’t we all want to be thought of as someone and somebody?  Use today, use today as an opportunity to shine your light out so that you can touch someone else and let them know that they matter to you just because they exist.  When someone calls you return the phone call, when someone text’s you, return the text.  When someone emails you return the email, and when someone leaves you a loving and meaningful email or voicemail, or an acknowledgement in any way, be it a card or a letter return it in likewise.  Let’s find a way to show each other we matter to each other which is also a way of showing each other that we matter to ourselves.  I see for myself as I see for the world today we need to change some things, and I’m going to start changing things starting with myself.  And as I ask myself what can I do, the answer that comes back to me is acknowledgement.  Acknowledge me as I acknowledge you, acknowledge me as I acknowledge you, acknowledge me as I acknowledge you, and so it is, Amen and amen


“Love and Peace are the answer to the Equation”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; Lord we need to find a way to show to everyone on this planet that love and peace are the answer to the equation.  We need to find a way to stop these wars, to stop this anger, to stop these feelings of inadequacy that people feel when they must take up arms and hurt someone else who has no, who has no inclination toward them what so ever.

The Promising Nine, Lord, the Promising Nine; the nine people that lost their lives, the nine people whose lives were taken from them, the Promising Nine.  Why Lord, why did it happen my Father, why was it allowed, why did it permeate why, why, Lord, why?  The Promising Nine, nine souls so filled with love, so filled with love, why Lord?  Why were they struck down, why were they struck down my Father?.  The Promising Nine, nine souls, nine individuals who had nothing but peace and love in their hearts, peace and love in their existence, peace and love on their minds.  And where they were my Father, where they were, in the house of the Lord, they were in your house, they were in your home Lord, they were struck down in your house.

Are we not safe anywhere my Father?  Are we not safe anywhere from the misunderstandings of those who are deviant, despicable and destroyers of all that is good, are we not safe?  What can we do my Father, what can we do to be safe, what can we do?  We must educate those that are not in their right minds and those who are in their right mind, that love and peace are the answer to any equation, of what can I do?  What can I possibly do to make this world a better place?   What can I do, what step can I take, what move can I make, what movement can I achieve for love and peace?  Be that the only conversation you have today, be that the only conversation that comes from your words; that comes from your mouth are words of peace and love, love and peace.  Be those the words that you share with the world today.  Love and peace are the answers to the equation, love and peace are the answers to the equation.

Oh my Father I grow weary, wondering what what more Lord?  What more can be done?  What more can this world take Lord?  We can’t take much more negativity, we can’t take much more destruction, we can’t take much more devastation, we can’t take much more, Lord we can’t take much more.  And when I say that Lord, when I feel that Lord, when I assume that Lord; then in my mind comes the words there is more love than hate.  There is more love than hate that can be expressed upon this world; there is more love than hate that can be given to an individual. There is more love than hate that can survive any testimony.  There is more love than hate, there is more love than hate, there is more love than hate.  And as we shine that love out, as we shine that love of self out, as we shine that love of you out, as we shine that love of brother and sisterhood out, as we shine that love out, we will destroy the hate that is there.  We will destroy the hate that is there, we will destroy the hate that is out there, so that it will never raise its ugly head again.

We will get rid of that hate and replace it with love, replace it with hope, replace it with faith, replace it with joy, replace it with all the good things that are needed so that this world will be a better place.  We’ve got to turn back around and find within ourselves what we want to send out into this world.  Oh Lord I feel it’s possible, oh Lord I feel it’s necessary, oh Lord I feel it’s needed.  Oh Lord let it start today, let it start today my Father, let it start today, and so it is, Amen and amen

“Thank you God for my Beloved”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; thank you God for giving me the man of my dreams.  Thank you God for giving me the man of my life, thank you my Father for giving me the man who has touched my heart, who has touched my soul.   Every day I experience something even more magical in this relationship that I am in with my Beloved.  The time that we spend together and the love that we share for each other, sometimes it feels like we are on an island by ourselves and it is so amazing; to wake up in the morning and to see someone you care for, to see someone who brings such light into your life, and to love someone so deeply.

Thank you God for allowing us to find each other in this huge big blue world, thank you Heavenly Father for showing us that we were to be what we were meant to be for each other.  And thank you my Father for showing us that it is never too late, nor should you be in a rush to find the person that was meant to be in your life.  For you were meant to receive the happiness that is here to be given to you, so take the time to find the one.  Let the Heavenly Father lead you to the one, let the Heavenly Spirit shine your light out so that the one can find you; and when that happens, when the two of you find each other it is like you are on your own island alone together.

You work together, you plan together, you plant the seed of all hopefulness together; and by planting that seed with that amazing light that you shine out together.  Even though you are able to also shine your light separately, but together you are what God has meant the blessing of the two of you to be.  You are a guiding shining light of love that beams out into this world.  I thank you my Heavenly Father for allowing me to find the soul mate that I was looking for.  I thank you Heavenly Father for allowing me to see what love truly looks like when it is given to you unconditionally.

And I thank you my Father, for once again providing the way for me to see so clearly, your love in my life manifested into the love that I am given from my Beloved.  Thank you my Father for your love, thank you my Father for my Beloved, thank you my Father and so it is, Amen and amen

”Inspired I soar beyond all limitations; Inspired by the Heavenly Spirit, I soar beyond all limitations”

Dear Heavenly Father; Sweet Loving Presence, I am inspired by you my Father; I am inspired by the love of you in my life.  I am inspired, and because of that inspiration I soar above all limitations.  I feel within myself that I can do anything, I can be anything, I can go anywhere, I can become what I have truly been here to be fulfilled to become. I am a work of yours my Father, and because of that I can be molded, I can be shaped; I can be changed into something that will be meaningful and needed in this lifetime, thank you Jesus.

I am inspired and the inspiration of you allows me to soar beyond limitations.  Allows me to see things that were maybe not necessary, maybe not possible but now they are because I am a dreamer, I am a believer, and I use my faith to lead the way as I soar beyond any limitations.   As I look deep within myself for the God presence that I shine out allows me to see that anything is possible in this world, anything is available to me, everything is open; and for every door I have a key that opens as well.

Your inspiration, your inspiration, your inspiration in my life has allowed me to see myself even further than I would have ever imagined.  To take one step in front of the other and not know how far those steps, that walk will go because you are walking by faith.  You are putting it in the hands of the one who says yes it is possible, yes it can happen; yes believe in me and all your worries will be set free.  I am inspired by the love of you in my life, I am moved by your presence in my being, and I am illuminated by your amazing grace in my soul.

Thank you my Father, for allowing me to dream dreams that were not even possible before.  Thank you my Father for allowing me to feel feelings that I had never even knew were in my existence.  Thank you my Father for showing me that anything and everything is possible just by saying it is so.  By having the thought, by thinking that realization, by seeing that achieved in my life, by being inspired by the inspiration of the Heavenly Spirit.

I have no limitations, I have no barriers, I have no bars, I am free, and nothing binds me.  I see your truth setting me free and I am inspired by that inspiration, I am moved by that movement, I am set free by that freedom, I am allowed by that allowance, I am inspired.  And because of this inspiration, because of this amazing feeling, because of this amazing knowing, because of this amazing ideal, I feel, I feel, I feel, that anything is possible, and everything is available and each idea is monumentally set to pass.

Thank you God for that blessing, thank you God for that knowing and thank you God for that amazing benefit you have provided for in my life and so it is, Amen and amen, thank you my Father

“I just, I just”

I just, I just.  So the words that are rolling around, swirling around, twirling around, in my mind today are the words, I just.  And first I thought those two words were needing to have another word attached to them like I just want, I just need, I just have, I just found, I just realized, I just imagined, I just understood, I just saw.  But then I thought no it’s not three words it’s just two words, I just.  I just finished feeling feelings that were not necessary.  I just realized that I am all that I am intending to be, and I just found that the Heavenly Spirit loves me as much as he loves all of us; I just.

I just understood that there will be bad days but there will be many days that will be blossoming with the love and the beauty of this life.  And I just found out that even though I sometimes find myself lost, I’m not lost I am just miraculously fallen off the path, but I just found my way back and now I am new again, I just.   I just imagine that when I open my eyes every morning what I will see will be the beauty of this world, the beauty of myself, the beauty of love that I can share with others, I just realized that.

And when I think of all the things that can be attached to those two words I just.  Then I realize how amazing my life can truly be.  Because I can always attach something negative to I just.  I just exploded, I just impeded, I just frustrated, I just hated, I just needed to say something that wasn’t needed to be said.  No I choose to take those two words and add to them things that are positive, things that are reflections of how I feel today and how I intend to feel tomorrow and what I see the future to be.  Because I just opened my eyes and I just opened my heart, and I just realized the love of me that I can share with others, I just.

Find today as an opportunity that you can use those two words and add to those two words something that is positive that will bring about a better movement in your existence.  Take those two words and add to them something that brings joy to your heart because it feels so good to be happy all the time.  I just found joy, I just needed to share that with you, I just felt that a hug was necessary for you today, and I just fell in love with you as I have fallen in love with myself.  Yes use today to add to those two words something that is going to miraculously change your life.  Something that is going to spontaneously express out to the world just what it is that you want to shine out, and something amazingly maneuvered that will bring about some peace and joy to this place.

Because I just realized that I can’t open up my eyes another day, without telling you how much you mean to me.  I just found out that today was a special day to share with the two of us, or the three of us, or the hundreds of us.  And I just want to be there when that light that you shine out into the world shines so brightly that we all see it, and we all feel the love of the Heavenly Father through your words, through your actions, through your being, I just, I just, I just.  I look forward to I just with you; and for these things, for these amazing two words, for these amazing reflections of love, light and all good things, we say thank you Father, I just found myself.  Thank you Heavenly Spirit I just realized that I am loved by you.  And thank you my Holy Father for I just found what I was looking for and when I turned around it was me in the mirror that I saw, thank you my Father, I just realized you were there and have been there all along, God bless you all, for I just and so it is, Amen and amen.

“Seek in yourself first the forgiveness you seek from others”

Seek in yourself first the forgiveness you seek from others.  I will never forget the opportunity that I had to forgive someone who I thought needed that forgiveness but in fact it was myself.  I relied on the Heavenly Spirit and I was in deep prayer as I requested the strength to forgive this individual and as I began to forgive them I felt forgiveness come upon me.  Seek yourself first the forgiveness you want to give to others.

I realized that I needed to be forgiven, I realized I needed to be absolved of what I had felt was something that I had done.  And by forgiving myself, by allowing myself to have the freedom of that forgiveness I was able to then provide that forgiveness to the one that I felt needed it more so than I.  But isn’t that always the case, we seek to forgive others not realizing that we ourselves need forgiveness.  We ourselves need to find it deep within our hearts to forgive ourselves for whatever it is.

A small transgression, a thought that was discerning, a word spoken that was hurtful, an action taken that left a bruise on the soul of the individual it was directed toward.  Seek yourself forgiveness and then realize by forgiving yourself you are able to extend that branch, that loving arm, that loving arm, that hand to someone else in forgiveness who needs it as well.  I need to forgive myself before I can forgive others; and many times there are numerous things that I can be forgiven for.  I need to not dwell on what those things are but I need to realize that once they are forgiven they are needed to be put to the side not to be picked back up again.  They need to be forgiven and forgotten as best we can.

I know it is hard to forgive and to forget, sometimes the pain of the act that happened was so painful, was so detrimental, was such a casting dark light into our heart, but we need to forgive.  For by not forgiving we are disallowing ourselves to receive the blessings that we deserve; forgiveness is for me first.  So I say to you today, I forgive you Gerrie Walker, I forgive you Geraldine Walker, I forgive you the child of God’s that you are.  And by forgiving you, by forgiving you I am able to forgive others who ever they may be.  May today be the day that you allow forgiveness into your heart?  May today be the day that forgiveness is allowed to stir up within you numerous things that can be brought to light that will be able to be put away?  Because they have been forgiven and forgotten in the past where they belong.

Let the loving hand of forgiveness, provide for you the loving feeling of understanding that we are all on our own path.  We are all trying to find our own way, and we are all a piece of work in progress; and even though I may not hurt others, sometimes I hurt myself and because of that I must forgive myself.  I must forgive myself for the things that I have done, and I must forgive myself for the things that I will do.  But in all of that forgiveness I must realize that as a child of the great I AM, I am already forgiven by the Father, and as he holds no grudges against me, I should hold no grudges against myself.

Use today as a way to forgive yourself, use today as a way to show forgiveness in your heart for yourself. Use today as a way to say to the Heavenly Spirit, I am forgiving myself, I have forgiven myself, I have forgotten what needed to be forgiven because it is in the past, and I walk today only in the future and in the present.  Thank you God for that sweet taste of forgiveness, thank you Heavenly Father for that sweet blessing that forgiveness embraces me with; and thank you Father for it is because of the love of you in my life that I am able to experience something as monumental as the gift of forgiveness to myself.

And for these things, for these amazing blessings, for these amazing knowing’s, for these amazing teachings that I have been taught today; we say thank you God for the blessings that you bring into my life.  Thank you Heavenly Father for the forgiveness that you allow me to receive in my soul and thank you the sweet I AM that you are that allows me to see so clearly your love in my life, thank you my Father for the demonstration, thank you my Father for the love, thank you my Father for forgiveness, and so it is, Amen and amen.