“Teach me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul” Psalm 143:8

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence, oh my Father I am so grateful, so grateful, so thankful for the things that you have let me release out of my life.  And so grateful for the things you have allowed me to capture within my moments grasp, within my moments touch, within my moments of needing love in my life.  So I put myself out there Lord, I decided to let go of somethings and let you God show me your majesty.

I have begun to research and find new ways and new avenues to transmit my gifts out into the world, and I have found that as I continue to go forward, as I continue to stretch, as I continue to learn, as I continue to be anxious with this new ideal of what it means to be a servant of the Lord. I just find myself so excited, so excited with these new revelations, these new opportunities, these new inclinations.

Oh it is so amazing, where did these thoughts, where did these dreams, where did these desires come from?  I don’t remember having them before, I don’t remember being able to research exactly what I was looking for before, because I didn’t know what I was looking for.  But now everything seems to be coming into place, I take one step which allows me to take another step which allows me to go forward into a whole new realm, a whole new world.

I have to understand and I have to learn so that I can maneuver myself around and to share my gifts with the world, share my gifts with the world.  I am experiencing epiphany’s every day, every day I learn something new, everyday there is a aha moment, everyday there is something new to experience, and I am trying to say to myself where did all this come from?  I had no idea I had all these thoughts, I had all these dreams, I had all these desires, I want all of this to go forward into fruition.

I now understand what it feels like to love someone and to be loved back so so unconditionally, so strongly, so amazingly, and to know that you are loved.  Oh thank you God so much for these blessings, thank you for these opportunities that are coming my way, for to you I give all the glory, to you my Father.  Oh what a blessing, every day is like Christmas, every day is Christmas, every day is a blessing, every day is a joy, every day is amazing, and so it is.  Thank you my Father.


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