“Thank you for the learning, thank you for the lessons, thank you for me”

Dear Heavenly Father, sweet Loving Presence, I want to thank you for the learning, I want to thank you for the lessons, and I want to thank you for me.  This year has just begun and we are in the fifth month of this year of 2015, and during this time I have learned so many things.  I have learned so many lessons, I have taught myself and I have been taught by so many teachers.  And I still come back to the one thing that resonates with me more than anything, that I am so grateful to be who I am.

When I look at myself and I look at everything that I have gone through just in this short period of time, I realize that everything that comes into my existence is there to provide me with something to learn, something to realize, something to experience and something to better me by the experience. I’ve learned to be patient, I’ve learned to empower myself as well as empowering others, and I’ve learned to have humility, to be humble when all around me seems to be so boastful.  I’ve learned to be understanding when things around me don’t make sense but to understand that they will come to light and from them I will learn something again.

Wow, I realize that in two weeks I will have reached another birthday, I will have turned another page, I will have reached another milestone in my life and even though it may not be the most amazing milestone age.  But to me the age of 53 means more to me than it did maybe at 50 because I have learned so much more because of my experiences, let me explain.  I learned that I don’t have to do it all, I don’t have to do it all, I don’t have to be the one to make it all happen, I can be a part of a team that works together that strives forward together to make things happen.

I don’t have to know all the answers, darn it I don’t even have to know any of them.  But what I need to know is that the fact that I seek the truth in the message, that what the answer means to me allows me to realize that the message that I receive is something that is for my benefit and maybe it can benefit others thank you God.  I’ve learned that I can be empowered, I can be empowered by the words and the magnificent ideas and the experiences of others, but I can also empower myself and others by sharing with them what it felt like to stumble and to fall but to get back up.  What it felt like to be successful and to strive forward and to think that you were going in the right direction only to find out that that direction was not for you at all.

Oh thank you my Father for the lessons, thank you for the learning that I have received thus far and thank you for allowing me to be me.  And to stand in front of everyone and saying to them who I am, saying to them who I am, I am so excited to be this person today.  I am so excited to realize that everything in my life is going just the way it was intended to be. Oh sometimes the lessons that we learn can be so monumental and sometimes they can touch the core of your being, but they can also be so sweet as they allow you to see just how sweet your life truly is.

So I say to you today as you go along your way, as you realize that every door that opens for you, is a door that may be something that is necessary, it could also be something that is needed, but most importantly it is something that you have looked for in the past, but now the door has opened to the future.  And as you walk through the door, and as you see the new bright shining day, you realize that it was all, it was all part of the journey.  The learning that you received, the lessons that you gained, and the reality that you were just what you were always meant to be that bright shining star of the Heavenly Fathers; that beacon of light that shines out to others who need that in their lives as well.  And the love, the love that you have realized for yourself, the love that you have seen in your own heart for others, and the love that you gladly accept from those around you, oh it’s so sweet, it’s so needed, it’s so blessed and so appreciated.

Thank you, thank you Heavenly Father for all you do, that allows us to do all that we can, which means that we can be all that we were meant to be.  Which allows this world to be a new place, a new beginning and a new opportunity to be better, to be more than we were before, to be a shining example out to the world that this place, this exact place that I stand at, this exact place that you stand at, this exact place that we all stand at, is a place that will be better, is a place that will be loving, is a place that will be empowered with the essence of us in the, in the entire picture.  Thank you Father for showing me who I am, and thank you, thank you, all of you, you beautiful beings for allowing yourself to see yourself for the amazing magnificent expressions that you are, and so it is, amen and amen, thank you Father.


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