“Pause, Breathe, Feel”

Pause, breathe, feel; pause, breathe, feel.  Wow what an amazing weekend, what an amazing weekend, what an amazing life.  This weekend I didn’t have much time to pause and to breathe and to feel, but I had much time to be inspired by others.  Friday was a day of just my husband and I being together and enjoying each other was just amazing. Talking and eating a good meal and spending time with each other as we got ready for the next day.

And then Saturday, oh my gosh Saturday I began my day with a coffee and conversation women’s group that was completely what I had been needing in my life.  The words of encouragement and inspiration that I received inspired me, and the love and the encouragement and empowerment that was shared with all the ladies of the group on that morning was something I will never forget and it touched me completely and monumentally.

And then Sunday, oh my God Sunday, we celebrated five years of our Pastor and the First Lady’s time with us and we also celebrated the Pastor’s birthday.  Oh it was a day filled with much pomp and circumstance but it was also an opportunity to learn something there as well.  So many people love them and so many people love the Spiritual Community, it was truly a blessing that we all received that day from the music that was given to us.  To the singers that sang to us, to the words and messages that were relayed to the Minister and the First Lady, it was such a beautiful day of appreciation, celebration and love.

And then after that a good friend of mine, she and I went to a one-hour World Peace meditation period.  Oh now that’s where I learned about pausing and breathing and feeling; mind, body and Spirit connected that was amazing as well.  As I sat there in the midst of it must have been over 30 people and we all meditated and called upon the resources of our own selves to allow us to feel peace around the globe, it was quite stunning and magnificent.  Wow, World Peace, I can only imagine how it will feel when that day comes when everything and everyone will realize that they are here and they are connected to each other, and the peace that they feel within, and the peace that they exude without, and the peace that is around the globe is enough to change our world, as we change ourselves, as we change our existence.

Pause, breathe, feel; so what I’ve learned from all of these activities that I ran through, that I was rushing through when I finally got to the last activity then I realized.  In order to feel something in your life, in order to really truly center yourself, to ground yourself down to a feeling of pure peace you have to pause.  You have to take a moment, you have to take a moment to just sit in the stillness of what you are experiencing and then breathe, breathe deeply the serenity that comes with you finally finding your way and then you feel. You feel all the love and all the true expressions of hope and peace that are sent out from so many others; we are connected, we are fulfilling a dream each and every one of us.

We are fulfilling a dream that is called our life, and by doing that we must take time to pause, breathe, and feel.  I want to experience everyday as if it is something new and different.  I don’t want to rush through anything that tells me that it happened, but I don’t even remember the significance because it’s a blur.  I want to feel it all, and if that means that I need to slow down from time to time so that I can smell the roses, well than I need to do just that.  Because there is nothing as beautiful as an amazing Gemini rose from within the garden of good friends, as it is to look at beauty, and to give it the time that it requires to be seen, to be examined, to be totally revealed to itself.

Yes pause, breathe and feel, take today as an opportunity with all the busyness that we have to deal with, that we must complete, and that we must handle in our lives and just pause for a moment.  Pause for a moment, take a deep breath in and just feel the contentment of the moment, so that you can feel the significance of that moment in your life.  You will never have that moment again, but the moment after this one, will be so much clearer in your mind, because you took the time to totally embrace what you are experiencing.

Pause, breathe, feel, oh how wonderful it is to enjoy life but to feel it as you are enjoying it as well.  So I say to you today, as I am excited to see what today will bring, and as I am excited to feel what today will generate, and as I am excited to breathe in all the goodness that is waiting to be given to me.  I say to you today pause for a moment, breathe in the joyous air that is there for you, and feel the love and the connection that you have with others.  For you will not have this moment again, but the moment after this particular moment will be sweet, it will be the sweet-in-between that will allow you to begin the next moment of your life, so saith the Heavenly Spirit, so saith the Heavenly Spirit, and so it is, Amen and amen.


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