“The Release is in the Breath”

The release is in the breath, the release of whatever it is, whatever you are struggling with, whatever you are dealing with, whatever you are realizing in your life, the release is in the breath.

Sweet Heavenly Father, I thank you for this opportunity to be able to share with you today my pains and aches, and my aches and pains as I continue to grow older on this spectrum of the age plane.  And as I continue to inch one day closer to another birthday, I realize that anything that I experience, anything that is troubling, anything that causes me alarm, anything that causes me pain, the first thing I do is I take a deep breath in, and I let that out and it is with the release of the breath that I feel a comfort of sameness, a comfort of relaxation, a comfort of un-tiredness.  It is the release of the breath that I feel much better.

Breathing in all the good, breathing in all the calmness, breathing in all the love, breathing in all the beauty of the Heavenly Spirit and holding that breath, holding that breath in my lungs, and then expanding, expelling, exhaling that breath out, that long deep cleansing breath, I release whatever it is in the breath.  I release whatever is troubling me, I release whatever is concerning me, I release whatever is mitigating on my mind, I release whatever it is with the breath.

And as I calm myself down from whatever pain, or whatever ache, or whatever issue that I am experiencing I realize that the tranquility of the releasing of the breath allows me to feel so much better.  Allows me to find whatever pain it was tolerable, allows me to see for myself a healing that is needed.  I take in a deep cleansing breath of the Heavenly Spirit, a deep breath of all that is good and pure, and a deep breath of contentment, of  joy and less pain and what I breathe in allows me to breathe out, to exhale out, to expel out of my body anything that is not needed, anything that is not necessary, anything that is not for my betterment, be it whatever it is released in the breath.

Allow me today to find a way to continue to feel the love of you my Heavenly Father without the pain and the aches and pains of the body.  Allow me today to feel the love of the Heavenly Spirit, the pure thought of all that is good without any remnants of the pain I experienced in the upper portion of my back this morning.  Yes allow me to find within myself the healing that I need so that I can provide to the world the best me possible, pain free, stress free, free of anything that would inhibit the message that I want to hear from the Heavenly Spirit, it all releases in the breath.

As I take in the breath of all that is good, the air of all that is pure, the air of all that is a blessing, and I release into the atmosphere anything that is not needed.  I once again see myself being loved by the Heavenly Spirit for I am his child, for I am a child of his and I feel such relief by expressing to my Father what ails me, what is needed, what is necessary for my betterment.  I thank you the Heavenly Spirit for once again allowing me to feel this in my body, I thank you the Heavenly Spirit allowing me to feel your love in my body, and I thank you all for allowing you to be on this journey of the breath with me.  The journey of the breath, oh how amazing it is to just breathe in and to exhale out over and over again, thank you God for the release that I receive with the breath, thank you God for this amazing day that once again allows me to see what is new and exciting on the horizon, and thank you Heavenly Spirit for I feel pain free, for I feel painless, for I feel full of all that is needed now to carry on my day, it all begins with the release of the breath, and so it is, Amen and amen


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