“A Prayer for Prosperity”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; abundance, overflowing overwhelming prosperity.  I see these words abundance, overflowing overwhelming prosperity, and I thank you my Heavenly Father for the Prayer of Prosperity that you have given me.  The prayer that enables me to see abundance in my life, the prayer that shows to me the overflowing abundance, the overflowing bounty of all that is to be given to me, the overwhelming thoughts of prosperity, the overwhelming thoughts of prosperous activities in my life, the thankfulness for the horn of plenty that has come into my existence.

I see this time Lord, as a time of great abundance, a time of great prosperity, a time of great overflowing overwhelming love, abundance, all good things being given to me.  For this feeling of love my Father, for this amazing feeling of prosperity, for this amazing feeling of all that is given to me allows me to give to others, and by giving to others, I complete and continue the cycle of abundance.  What is given to me I share and give to others, what is given to others, they share and give to others, and then the cycle is continued, and so on and so on and so on.

I thank you Heavenly Father, for this prosperity that you have showered into my life.  I thank you my Father for this abundance that you have proceeded to send to me ahead of time.  It takes the mindset of a prosperously healthy individual to see in their own mind that their prosperity, their abundance, their overflow, their overwhelming horn of cornucopia is coming their way.  See this prayer as an opportunity for you to open up your mind and to see for yourself that God is showering; the Heavenly Spirit is showering into your life all that is needed so that you may be a blessing, and a blessing to others.

The Prayer of Prosperity, the idea of abundance, the horn of cornucopia of blessings showering down on you, because you yourself are a blessing to this world.  I wish for you, I wish for you always the blessings of monetary energy, the blessings of love and prosperity, the blessings of all that is good to come to you, for you are so deserving of all that is here for you to have.  You are so deserving for all that is here for you to maintain in your life, you are so worthy of all the goodness that you desire, and for these things, for these amazing blessings, for these amazing thoughts of prosperity, we say thank you God, thank you God, thank you God, thank you God, and so it is, amen and amen.


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