“Can you ever, can you ever be”

So I find myself my Father wondering can you ever be too strong with your words.  Can you ever be too passionate with your conviction?  Can you ever be too emotional with your resolve?  Can you ever?  When I ask myself that question, I find myself in a quandary of trying to temper the enthusiasm and the passion that I have but then also trying to be authentic, and clear and true to the message that I receive.  Can you ever be too authentic?  Can you ever share too much of yourself?  Can you ever expose too many of your flaws?  Can you ever truly be too real for others to see?

When you decide to share a part of yourself, is it a part of yourself that is going through something that will benefit others?  Or is it a part of yourself that just needs to be expressed because you have no other way of dealing with the situation at hand?  Can you ever be?  Can you ever be truly yourself, inside and out, front and back, with yourself and with others, and speak your truth no matter how hard that truth may be?  Can you ever be?

I find that when I look at who I am, and by seeing who I am, I find myself saying are you being too hard on yourself?  Are you allowing yourself to be spanked over zealously by your own tongue?  Do you find yourself being true to yourself by stating to yourself I need you to move, I need you to get off of the sidelines, I need you to cross that finish line?  If that resonates with anyone than the purpose of the words that were relayed were successful.

I use my words and I receive my words for inspiration, to inspire myself and to inspire others but what I also see is that words put together can be so strong, can express so completely more of yourself than any other thing that you can ever do.  I use my words, I use my faith, I use everything that is at my disposal to express myself to others, and if the expression that you received was amazingly too much for you to handle, than please forgive me.  But if the message that you received resonated with you because you saw yourself needing to be kicked, needing to be prodded, needing to be shown that the time is now, and now is the time to move.  Then I succeeded with the words that I put together that allowed me to share that with you.

I don’t want to be a writer that writes something that is pretty, that is safe and that is easy to digest.  I want to be a writer that can express emotion, that can express feelings, that can express doubt, that can express misery, that can express happiness, that can express enthusiasm, that can express it all.  And by expressing it all something you expressed will touch someone differently than you had imagined, but what is really part of the journey is that they were touched by your expression at all.

Let’s use today as an opportunity to touch someone, to let someone see deeply within you, that who you are and who you were meant to be and who you see yourself to be, are sometimes not the same person.  But sometimes you are allowed a glimpse of what that future holds for you, and if you feel strongly about that glimpse, if you feel strongly about that future, and if you feel strongly about that person that you want to be, let those words that you have read spark into you something that brings to the forefront the energy that you need to move forward in that direction; and, than I am glad my words expressed to you something that had been needed to be said for so long and now it is finally said and done.

I thank you Heavenly Spirit for all that I receive, and all that I learn, and all that I feel, and all that I am exposed to, which allows me to be a better person for myself and for others.  And I thank you for the spoken word, the written word, and the words that allow feelings to be transmitted, to be relayed, to be expressed, and to be imposed upon others so that they can digest those words into something that allows them to receive a nurturing nudge, an inspiring pause, an inspirational note, that allows them to go forward, and if that is what happens, then my work is done.

And I say thank you God for the opportunity to express to others just how it feels to have a feeling that you want to share with the world.  And in all ways, and in all things, and in all feelings I say to you, thank you God for the blessings that are given to us all, thank you God for the words that are allowed to be expressed, and thank you God for the opportunity to take something that could have been just kept to one’s self, but by sharing it, it allowed others to receive something that they could use as a nugget themselves, and isn’t that what it is all about to be a part of humanity, which is to share your journey with others as we all walk the path together toward enlightenment, and so it is,  Amen and amen.


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