“Be the Change”

Be the change, be the change that you want to see in this world.  Be the change, be the change that you want to see manifested in all of its glory, be the change.  See yourself as the change, see yourself as the amazing change agent, and see the change that you want to see manifest begin with you.  See that for yourself, see that for your mind, see that for your heart, see that for your soul as well, see the changes that you want to manifest as parts of you that are being shared with the world, with each other, and with your life’s journey, see that for yourself.

There is never a right time for change, there is never the right time for change to come, but what we are seeing for ourselves and for this world, is that we feel the time is now, the time is now for real change to occur.  Real change to manifest, for real change to be recognized as something that is needed, something that is necessary and something that will benefit all of us, we need change now to occur, we need change now to manifest, and we need change now to be what it was always meant to be which is for the reason that we as human beings can continue to live together in harmony.

We as spiritual beings are here to represent love to each other, and we as human beings are here to see set in motion the truth that we are all God’s children and because of that when one suffers, we all suffer.  When one is neglected from receiving the blessings of all that is here to be shared, we all suffer; and when one is not given the respect, the love, the understanding and the compassion that we should have for one another, we all suffer; for we are all connected and because of this connection, because of this closeness, and because of this truth that we all feel, we must change, we must embrace the change that is coming and we must move forward and onward to see that change manifest in this world.

And for these amazing feelings that we share, for these amazing ideas that we want to see manifested, for these amazing affirmations, we say thank you God for the change that is coming, we say thank you God for the blessings that will come with the change, and we say thank you God for all that is possible is first possible by us as the change agents making one change at a time, and so it is.  God bless you all


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