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“Faith is the medicine for my soul; my faith is the medicine for my soul”

Dear Heavenly Father, sweet Loving Presence, whenever something ails me, whenever something feels so deep down that it has hurt me, something that may have touched and rocked my very being.  I use the only medicine that I can grab for quick enough to get to a space of prayer, to pray and to be in deep meditation about what has occurred and I ask you my Father to provide me with the medicine that will help and change my life; my faith is the medicine for my soul.

My faith allows me to see very clearly that everything that has been given to me, everything that is needed in my life, and everything that will come to me, will be given to me through my love of the Heavenly Spirit, my faith is the medicine for my soul.  It has been a long time since I have felt comfortable enough to totally believe that everything that comes into my life comes into my life because of you.  There was a time when I thought that only good came into my life from you, but now I know I must experience it all as we have said before.  For a life is truly not a life until you have experienced it all fully, freely and openly, so my faith is what I use as I travel through the different ebbs and flows of my life.

My faith is what I rely on which gives me the solace to know that everything, everything will be all right, once I get to the other side of whatever this thing is that I am dealing with at the moment.  Be it the trials and tribulations of a challenge, or the celebratory enthusiasm of a blessing, I use my faith as the medicine that rejuvenates and revitalizes my soul, and allows me to see myself for who I truly am; never distracted, never derailed, never taken off course.  No, my faith allows me to continue right on the path, the path toward my spiritual enlightenment, and the path toward my spiritual salvation; yes, faith is the medicine for my soul.

And I thank you God that I found the right prescription, because it had been numerous times when I thought that other people could give me that enlightenment.  When all along all I needed was to look deep inside myself, and to call on you, and in the stillness and in the quietness of the day, I was given the right prescription to be written on my behalf.  I thank you my Father for allowing me to see that everything I need is never far from me, and I thank you my Father for letting me see how important and how relevant it is that I look at myself as the amazing magnificent expression of yours, and that I never lose hope, never lose my self-esteem, never lose my mental direction, never forget my way, or lose my step for everything that I need comes with my faith, everything that I rely on comes with my faith, and everything that is necessary comes to me from my faith.

Oh my faith is the medicine that is nurturing and needed for my soul. How long has it been when I did not know this was the prescription that was needed, how long had it been when I had not realized that all that I needed was just so close at hand, but now that I see the medicine that is needed, now that I see the prescription that is needed, now that I see the help that is on the way, that is always there, that has been there always all my life, I say again my faith is the medicine for my soul.

I thank you God for the medicine that is helping to cure me of any aliment that I may have.  I thank you God for the medicine that allows me to see myself so much clearer, allows me to walk my path so much straighter, and I thank you God for all that you have done for me, for I am never alone nor am I ever forsaken for all I need to do is to call on you, and I will be given what is needed for what ails me, given what is needed that will revive me, and given what is needed that will continually make my life a blessing, and so it is. Amen and amen


“I give Praise”

I give praise, I give praise.  I thank you Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence for the day that you have allowed me to begin with.  The participation once again on the Gratitude phone call, the gratefulness of the opportunity to share with numerous others my blessings, the things I am thankful for, the things that I love in my life, and the things that I am so appreciative for.  It is truly in praise and it is in gratefulness that I say these things.

Dear Heavenly Father I realize that I am and you are who are the two most important people in my life.  I am important to myself because I see myself changing,  I see myself re-arranging, I see myself advancing, I see myself soaring, I see myself finally satisfied with the road that I am on, with the expectation that I am looking forward to receiving, and for the love that is engulfing and embracing me in my life.  I am so thankful God for you, for your son the Way Shower Jesus Christ, who is showing me daily how to be a person with love, with compassion, with understanding, and shining that out into the World for all to see how it is possible to live your life with dignity, with respect and with love.

Oh God this has been such an amazing year and it is only the 28th day of January, the 28th day and I have learned so much within this little period of time that I am looking forward to, and excited about what else is there to learn.  My goodness every day something is understood and manifested, something is brought to clarity and cleared, something is revealed and shown, something is given and received.

I thank you God for allowing me to see for myself how amazingly grateful I am and should be for all that is given to me in my life.  And I thank you God for allowing me to give praise, allowing me to say thank you, allowing me to feel appreciation, allowing me to see satisfaction, when you decide to lead your life with the earnest resolve that everything that is happening and everything that is reflected in your life is because of the Heavenly Spirit and you are grateful.

Yes, I thank you my Father for all that is here, all that is on its way, and all that has materialized it is a blessing, and I am grateful for that; and as I begin my day with feelings of gratefulness, with thoughts and verbalization’s of praise, the only thing that can say it even more clearer than how I have said it already is to say, thank you God, thank you God, thank you God, and so it is, Amen and amen

“The Three Self’s”

The three self’s, the three self’s.  So whenever I feel confused, or whenever I feel unsure, or whenever I feel disconnected from the true meaning of who I am, I rely on remembering the three self’s, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love.  Whenever I have one of those days when I don’t want to believe who I truly am; I don’t want to see myself as a writer, I don’t want to see myself as a public speaker, I don’t want to see myself as a Spiritual Inspirationalist, I want to see myself as what man says I am.  When I do that I knock down the Queen of who I truly am.  When I do that I’m not seeing myself with the self-esteem that I should.  I’m not seeing myself with the self confidence that should be brimming and going forward of me, and I do not see myself loving myself with the self-love that is so necessary in my being.

Yes, whenever I feel doubtful, whenever I feel unsure, whenever I feel not quite right about who and what I am.  I write down on a piece of paper my three self’s.  Self-esteem, my self-esteem allows me to see myself for who I truly am, and that is a magnificent, amazing beautiful expression of the Heavenly Father’s.  My self-confidence, my self-confidence allows me to straighten up my back, to stand tall and to be counted as the amazing person that I am and then my self-love, my self-love allows me to look at myself in the mirror and to see everything, and then to say to myself after viewing it all, that it is all God, and it is all good, and I am the goodness that is here to make a difference.

Self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love are the three self’s that I use whenever there is any doubt in my mind of who I am.  Whenever there is any doubt in my heart to what my true mission is, and whenever there is any doubt in my mind of who I want the world to see.  Because the person that I want the world to see is the same person that I want myself to see they are not opposites.  I do not want to show the world a face of strong pure faith in God’s child and show myself the scared, the scared child that is in the corner not sure if it is possible to come out from the darkness; no I pull within myself, I rein within myself, I bestow within myself the three self’s.

The three self’s, self-esteem, self-confidence and self- love allow me to see myself for who I truly truly am; and just at that exact moment and for however long that is I see myself achieving, soaring and seeking out what is mine to do, and what is mine to have.  No more will I allow myself to see myself any other way, and when I do see myself any other way, I will remember as I pull the piece of paper out of my pocket that has inscribed on it my three self’s.  Here is your prescription to allow you to get through the day, your three self’s are what make you the strong Queen and King that you are.

Your three self’s, shine those three self’s out brightly, shine the love of the Heavenly Spirit from you brightly.  Let the world see that because of your strong love for the Heavenly Father you continue to pull from your own bag of tricks your three self’s when they are needed, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love.  Never forget you have your own tools at your disposal, your own tools that you have within yourself to bring yourself up, to pull yourself up out of the deepest despair, to shine your light out from the darkest of nights, to send out into the world from your deep love within, who you are shine your light, shine the light of the Heavenly Spirit out into this world and let them see you, and let yourself see yourself.  Let yourself see yourself strongly, see yourself beautifully, see yourself magnificently, shining your light out into the world.

For you are that individual with the self-esteem that is needed to climb that mountain, and you are that individual with the self-love that will shine out to all that come near you, and you are that person with that self-confidence that is needed to say to yourself today and forever more I am who I say I am, and I am magnificent, I am amazing, and I am a gift from God to myself and to this world; self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love are the only three self’s that I need to get me through my day.

Be them the only three self’s that you yourself need, for when you see yourself in this way, when you see yourself in this light, when you see yourself on this path, when you see yourself down this journey, you will see yourself for who you truly are, and that is a child of God’s and because He sees you for what you are, and He loves you for that, see yourself as that magnificently bright shining element as well and love yourself, love yourself, love all your self’s and so it is, Amen and amen, God bless you all

“Be the Change”

Be the change, be the change that you want to see in this world.  Be the change, be the change that you want to see manifested in all of its glory, be the change.  See yourself as the change, see yourself as the amazing change agent, and see the change that you want to see manifest begin with you.  See that for yourself, see that for your mind, see that for your heart, see that for your soul as well, see the changes that you want to manifest as parts of you that are being shared with the world, with each other, and with your life’s journey, see that for yourself.

There is never a right time for change, there is never the right time for change to come, but what we are seeing for ourselves and for this world, is that we feel the time is now, the time is now for real change to occur.  Real change to manifest, for real change to be recognized as something that is needed, something that is necessary and something that will benefit all of us, we need change now to occur, we need change now to manifest, and we need change now to be what it was always meant to be which is for the reason that we as human beings can continue to live together in harmony.

We as spiritual beings are here to represent love to each other, and we as human beings are here to see set in motion the truth that we are all God’s children and because of that when one suffers, we all suffer.  When one is neglected from receiving the blessings of all that is here to be shared, we all suffer; and when one is not given the respect, the love, the understanding and the compassion that we should have for one another, we all suffer; for we are all connected and because of this connection, because of this closeness, and because of this truth that we all feel, we must change, we must embrace the change that is coming and we must move forward and onward to see that change manifest in this world.

And for these amazing feelings that we share, for these amazing ideas that we want to see manifested, for these amazing affirmations, we say thank you God for the change that is coming, we say thank you God for the blessings that will come with the change, and we say thank you God for all that is possible is first possible by us as the change agents making one change at a time, and so it is.  God bless you all

“Wisdom and Prosperity”

So one of the things that I battled with last year was the amazing and overwhelming feeling called “self-doubt”; oh yes we all suffer from something.  But what I realized and what I work on myself each and every day is who am I really?  Who am I really?  Am I that woman who sees herself as someone who is so fragile that an individual’s words or actions could take me to that faraway place called you are not who you think you are, and you are not what you think you are as well?

But low and behold, when I went to my Sunday service I found two new names to add to my feeling good chest of drawers, and they are “wisdom and prosperity.”  I am no longer going to use other words or listen to my own self talk which begins to give me negative impressions if that is what my day will begin or even end with.  I am and will always be wise and prosperous; I am and will always be full of love and free to receive the blessings that only I and my Heavenly Father can see for me; and, never should I ever feel that I am or that I have ever been unworthy to receive what the Father sees for me is mine to have or to be.

I am wise and prosperous; even when I see others receive their blessings, and I am still waiting for my blessings to come to me.  It is not that they are not coming, it is that they are coming in the time and in the benevolent way that my Father sees me to receive the good that he has for me.  Yes, I am worthy of all that is mine to receive, and I am also worthy and so grateful for what is mine to have will be mine to receive so saith the Lord.  Never again should I feel that I do not hold within my own self the gift that the Heavenly Father has so amazingly given me to share with the World.

Never again should I see that the good that I have asked for in my life to be given to me, should not be given because I feel maybe it is too soon or maybe it is not the right time to receive that good in my life.  No, the Lord our God gives us what we need when we need it, he gives us what we need when he sees it is that time that we should receive it, and the Lord our God gives us what we need when he feels that there is no other way to show us his love than to show us his love by giving us our blessings now.

Thank you God for showing me that yes, I am true to see myself as someone who is wise, and thank you God for showing me that yes, it is not always what others say or think of me that I should be worried about, if I should be worried about anything at all.  It is that I should stand tall and see myself for who God sees me to be and that is the magnificent expression of his that he has made.  And I should never ever forget that my Father knows what is best for me, that my Father knows from where I have come, and that my Father knows that what I am to this World, is what he has always wanted me to be and that is his child, his bright light that shines out brightly into this World, and his reflection of good that he sees in me and that I should see in myself always and in all ways.

May you remember for yourself that you are so much more than what people say you are.  You are so much more than what your job says you are, and you are so much more than what you even realize yourself to be; because the Heavenly Father sees you as so much more, and for that you are blessed, for that you are a blessing, and for that you are so worthy, and so it is. God bless you all,