“Everything that I do begins with love”

Dear Father/ Mother God everything that I do, everything that I do begins with love. Dear Heavenly Father, sweet Loving Presence, I am in love. I am in love with my life, I am in love with my Beloved, and I am in love with you. And because of that love everything that I do, every word, every touch, every action, every memory, every thought begins from love. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is I thank you. I thank you Heavenly Father for just making it another day that I can rejuvenate myself in and feel the love of you the Heavenly Spirit in my life.

Every day, every day is a new opportunity to either love someone, to either show someone love, or to be an expression of love out into this World every day. Every action, every thought, every occurrence, every movement begins with love. I was thinking the other day how very fortunate that I am that even though I have a heart wide open to receive, and to pour out of me love to any and every one. I’m also fortunate that I have a mind that sees any and every one as a loving being as well.

A loving soul, a loving soul that wants to love me back, or has never truly understood love for themselves but is now open to trying to decipher what love is to them. What a beautiful opportunity to help someone to see that their life is full and it is full of love. When they thought their life was full, but full of despair. We are living in an amazing time, we are in such an amazing time in our lives, and we do a dis-service to ourselves if we sit and think that our lives are not loving; nor do they provide love to us or to the World, and that’s just not the case.

I choose to dwell on the positivity of love, I choose to dwell on the positivity of love and how it affects me in my life and how it allows me to express myself in the lives of others. I am not here to be weighed down with the doom and gloom of this or that, no I am here to shine my light out, and to allow my light to touch the light of other individuals and with that connection we are able to share; we are able to spare each other the torment of not understanding what true love is all about. True love, true love from your soul means that you love everyone, you do not dislike anyone, you do not hate anyone, you love everyone. And to love each other is what this World’s mission is truly all about.

You can dwell on the negativity of any situation if you choose, but what beautifulness can be found in that? What amazing gift of love can be found in that, nothing? Take your actions, take your thoughts, take your dreams, take you deepest desires and wrap them in love, wrap them in loving another, and wrap them in providing love to others. I thank you God for this amazing feeling that I am experiencing at this time. I thank you God for showing me that I cannot be about love if I do not constantly see love as the only way, the only way, thank you God for the enlightenment; and, thank you once again for the opportunity to see what love is all about, love, love, love, such a beautiful word, such a beautiful feeling, such a beautiful existence, and so it is, Amen and amen, God bless you all


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