“My 20 Affirmations to Myself”

Good day Blessed Ones;

So one day I had an amazing lunch with a good friend and she shared with me something that I had never ever thought about, about myself, and that is that sometimes we meaning me are looking for validation from others on what our self-worth is and what our self-value is. Does that sound like something that you may have been wrestling with or something that you may have thought about from time to time?

Let me give you an example, when I was growing up I was always wanting my parents to give me praise for the good grades I got, or for the ways that I would go over and beyond in my extra-curricular activities outside of the home, but they never said anything. So because of that I would continue to pour more and more of myself out into something or some activity so that they could see their daughter going over, above and beyond, so that she could be seen, so that she could be appreciated, or so that she could be given that “way to go Baby”, that she so desperately wanted to hear from her parents.

But what is so amazing is that even though those days are gone, and my parents have both passed away, bless their hearts; I am still looking for that acknowledgement, that kudo to be told, “way to go Gerrie”, or that “I am proud of you Gerrie”. And what I realized from my lunch with my girlfriend is that I even sometimes seek that acknowledgment and or validation from others in my life that mean the World to me. That could be my Boss, or my Husband or to be honest my Spiritual Leader. So what I wanted to share with you is this. I really never ever needed those individuals or even my parents to be as proud of me as much as I needed to be proud of and loving to myself. I don’t need to be validated by others, but in fact to see for myself that I am a magnificent expression in my own right and in my own way. So when those times come that I feel that I am looking to others to show, or to tell me that I am all that and a bag of chips, I pull out my piece of paper or I turn to my wall that has a copy of my piece of paper and I say these 20 affirmations to myself:

I am a fantastic lover of the written word
I am a great inspirational and spiritual writer and spoken word artist
I am a lover of God and all his/her works and miracles
I am a good wife
I am a faithful and loving servant to the Lord
I am a good person
I am spiritual and inspirational
I am enough and I am filled with love for all people
I do not need anyone else’s approval of the gifts that I have and shine out into the World
I am a great writer
I am a magnificent public speaker
I am strong and truthful to myself and to others
I believe in me and my mission that God sees for me
I do not need any one’s validation that I am a phenomenal person with gifts
I am a child of God’s and that is who I am concerned about being truthful too
I am grateful and appreciative for all the gifts and blessings that God gives me
I am good in my own right
I am positive and enlightening in my own self
I am enough and I love myself for whom and what I am
I see myself receiving the loving arms of Spirit and being told that I am good, I am great, and that I am a child of the Great I AM

So today, as you go along your way, and as you find yourself sometimes more often than not second guessing who you are, second guessing what your worth is, and listening to others about what you can’t do, and wanting so badly to be validated by someone other than the Heavenly Spirit that sees you as that shining star that you are. Take a moment and write out your 20 affirmations to yourself, and believe me when I tell you that once you do that, once you see for yourself just how amazingly magnificent you truly are, to not only yourself but to this World, you will never ever need someone else to validate your self-worth, because your 20 affirmations will always be there to remind you of who you are. And for this I am grateful, for this I am thankful, and for this I am able to be blessed, and so it is. God bless you all


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