“Inspire U”

Inspire U, Inspire U, let me inspire you. Let me share with you a dream that I have that will inspire you to dream for yourself as well. I’ll tell you a story about a little girl who all she wanted was to be loved, to be liked, to be appreciated. And what she received from the love of the Heavenly Spirit was not only to be loved, was not only to be liked, not only to be appreciated, she was also inspired; inspired to change her life from what it had been to what it could possibly evolve to be.

She went from someone who felt that they were not worthy, to someone who sees themselves as worthy as anybody could ever be. As a child of God’s, she is worthy, she is appreciative, and she is magnificent, as she shines her light out into the World for the World to see that yes at anytime in your life you can be inspired, at any time in your life you can be changed, and at any time in your life you can be transformed by the love of God in your life.

This little girl began to realize that life was just not something that you think about causally, life is something that is made into a masterpiece, into a Van Gogh of the tapestry of all that is good, and all that you can see is possible with your mind open to the possibilities of seeing yourself as so. Inspiring you to see yourself differently, to see your life changed, to see your imagination grown out into the World and because of that you are inspired. You are revealed to be something more than you could have ever dreamed for yourself; you have been transmuted into a being, into a loving expression of all that is here that can be given to you to change your life, to make you even more than you thought you could ever be for yourself

Yes, inspire U; as the story continued she developed businesses, universities, and colleges to train people to inspire themselves, to see within themselves the opportunity to live a life more powerful, more sustainable, more appreciative; because they were living their purpose and they were being inspired to see themselves as the beings that they were meant to be. Inspire U, and as the story continued she inspired others, she inspired herself, she inspired the World, she inspired the planet to see that with the love of God, with the love of self, and with the love of wanting to give something back, wanting to be of service to others, wanting to see her life, to see his life, to see their life be changed because of the change that they found upon themselves they were inspired.

Inspire U; the University of Inspiration that could change your life, and the only curriculum that you have to understand and to remember is that God wants you to be all that you can be, God wants you to see for yourself an inspired you so that you can and may inspire the world, God sees for you what you don’t see for yourself at this time, but it is coming for you, it is arriving at your door, open the door and receive the inspiration that you need to be the inspiration that the World needs, inspire u, inspire u, inspire yourself, inspire yourself, inspire u, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all


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