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“We are Family”

We are Family, we are family, I remember when I was thinking about these words and I’ve been dealing with my family, and dealing with my Spiritual family, and my extended family, and my family. I began to realize how important that word really was or how important that word really is to me, family. I think I have said before that I was adopted and by being adopted I always felt that I was loved, and I always knew that my Mother and Father, the only Mother and Father I ever knew loved me, but now that their gone, and I’m grown and I’m on my own and I’m by myself here, I don’t have much family here in California.

And of course I have from time to time wondered about my birth Mother, wondered about what she looked like, what she smelled like, what she talked like. I’ve always wondered but in all those wonders, and in all those thoughts, and in all those feelings I still always had my extended family. My friends who embraced me as the brothers and sisters that they are and they showed me the love that a brother and sister would show a family member, family. And then there is my Spiritual family, the Spiritual family that I go to and I spend a lot of my time with that have now become my additional extended family, family.

And then it’s my Mother’s side of the family, and my Father’s side of the family, are the ones that I am not as close to as I would like to be but they are too my family. The word family has so many meanings and holds so many contexts, and means so much to so many people. But when you are all alone, when you are all alone in a place by yourself sometimes it’s hard to realize how much family you really have, family.

But you are never really all alone are you, even though you may feel all alone you are never really all alone because God is always there with you; and He is and will always be my family, my source of inspiration, my Spirit that I rely on to comfort me when I am by myself without my physical family. My Heavenly Father is the family that I have always had when it was dark and dim and not full of light, but He was always there to provide me with what I needed to understand that you are not alone, you always have family there with you. You are always part of a family, and you are always loved by the family that sees you, the family that hears you, the family that wants you to be a part of their lives, you are always there, and you will always have family.

Yes, it feels so wonderful to know that even though I have a Husband here and children in Colorado, and I have a girlfriend who is on her way back from Atlanta. I have a lot of family, a lot of people that I can call when I want to share my joys, and there’s also that family that I call when I just want to share my pain, my family. Thank God for my family, thank God for my family, thank God for my friends, thank God for the amazing people that are my friends, that are my extended family that show me how much they care for me, that are always willing to pick up the phone and say, “I was just thinking about you today how are you doing?”

Or, “you know I haven’t seen you in a while,I want to come by and just spend some time with you is that alright?” Or, my favorite is, “I was thinking about going to lunch today but I think I want to take someone with me, and I would like to take you with me do you want to come?” Yes, I want to come, yes I am so appreciative for my family, be they just my Husband, be they just my children and my Husband, or be they my Spiritual family or be they my extended family, I am very thankful for all of you that I am able to call my family. And as we become even closer to one another, and as we see the beginning of Fall coming and the closeness that Fall brings into the air of family, we realize that those dinners that are going to be coming up for Thanksgiving, and those dinners that will be coming up for Christmas and those celebratory periods that we will share for New Years; and all the people I want to see around me are my family.

Each and every one of you are my family, I thank you for being my family, I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your families, and I thank you for allowing a little girl who was adopted all those many years ago, and finds herself many times on an island by herself, but she realizes that she is not by herself because she has you, her family, her La Familia, her family, I thank you, I thank you, I thank you my family, and so it is.


“What have you got?”

Dear Father God, sweet Loving Presence; I thank you Father for this life that I have and I thank you for this beautiful day. I thank you Father for the tranquility that is in my home, and I thank you for the peace that is coming over my Husband’s heart as well. I thank you Lord for all these things and for all these things I am grateful and I am appreciative. And dear Lord I just want to thank you for how you can take what was dark and make it light, how you take what was intolerable and make it acceptable, and how you take what has been miserable and make it a blessing,

You change lives, you change lives my Father; you change lives from the dismal existence that they were, to something magnificent and amazing that it is able to become, you change lives. When I think of the saying do you have milk or got milk? I think about and love this saying “got Jesus”, have you got Jesus? Have you got Jesus in your heart, have you got the love of God in your mind? Have you got the love of God in your existence? Got religion, got spiritualism, got an awakening, what have you got that you can share with the World to let them know that you are a true believer of an existence that is taken care of and guided by the Heavenly Spirit.

What have you got that will show the World that you are just as amazing as you have always been, but because of the Heavenly Spirit in your life you are shining out even brighter than normal, what have you got? What have you got that brings a song to you heart, that brings a stillness to your being, that brings an illuminated light in your eyes when you shine them out to the World, and let us all see how happy, how at peace, and how content you are because you’ve got, you’ve got what was needed, you’ve got what was necessary, and you’ve got what has made your life worthwhile.

I truly and sincerely am blessed for I have a life that is filled with more ups than downs, more good than bad, and more blessings than more counter-productive dreams and issues. I’ve got God by my side, I’ve got Jesus in my heart, and I’ve got the Heavenly Spirit rolling with me, what have you got? What have you got that you need so desperately in your life? What have you got that was necessary for your life to be the testimony that it is today? What have you got, that shines your light, and allows you to see your light in this World? What have you got, that gives you what you need, that allows you to be what you can be, and what allows you to feel the love that you so need, what have you got?

We thank you God for the blessings of giving us what we needed, we thank you God for the illumination that comes with the blessings, and we thank you God for all you do in the seen and the unseen that allows us to be grateful and to give praise, we say for these things, thank you God, thank you God, thank you God, and so it is, Amen and amen, God bless you all

“Faith is not about having all the answers; it’s about being willing to ask the questions”

Good day Blessed Ones,

I love this passage that I found from a website I was visiting regarding the interpretations of the scriptures of the Bible. We all have from time to time come across a scripture that once we heard it or even read it, it just didn’t make sense to us. Or it was one of those times when we were even told that it didn’t matter if it made sense or not it was the law or the Lord’s words and that was that. But what I have noticed is that sometimes my faith is so strong that it allows me to ask questions, to have a burning desire if you will to understand and to make sense out of what I was told or what I read.

I realize and I know for sure that the Heavenly Spirit is always there to be of service to me as I make my way along this spiritual path; but I also realize that if I do not ask questions, and if I do not try to understand what does this or that scripture really mean to me, and mean to my fellow Brothers and Sisters in faith that I would be doing myself and others a dis-service.

We are living in an amazing time, and I truly feel that the words of Christ, and the words of God, mean different things to you at different times of your journey. But the one thing that will always mean to me the same, is that my Heavenly Father loves me, and He will always love me that is a given, and no matter how much I may love myself, or no matter how much others may or may not love me this one is for sure, the Heavenly Father will always love me for I am a child of His.

So as I live my life with faith, as I read my Bible, and as I continue to ask questions of what it all means to me, and what it all means to so many of us. I can rest assured that the Heavenly Father will allow me to ask questions, and the Heavenly Father will allow me to seek answers, that will allow me to grow in my faith and in my love of all that is good in this World.

I wish for you today, a day that allows you to feel comfortable to ask questions regarding your faith, regarding God, and regarding your understanding of the Bible, for there is nothing wrong with seeking knowledge, and there is nothing wrong in asking a question that will bring even greater illumination into your life, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

“See Me”

Mother/Father God; see me, see me, see me. Dear Heavenly Spirit, sweet Loving Presence I want to be seen. Do you see me? Do you see me my Father; do you see me doing your works that you have asked? Do you see me? Do you feel the love that I have in my heart for this World, for this place, for myself, do you see me? Do you see me my Father, do you see me as I go along my way to make a statement, to make a difference, to make a right from a wrong, do you see me? Do you see me?

All my life I have wanted to be seen, I have wanted to be seen in the crowd, I have wanted to be seen in the masses. I have wanted to be seen do you see me? Do you feel the love that I have in my heart? Do you see the actions that I do, that I impose, that I seek to spread through this World do you see me? We all want to be seen, we all want to be seen by the Father, we all want to be seen in this World, we all want to be seen. Every person wants to feel that what they do contributes, what they have is an attribute, what they bring forward is something that is a contribution, do you see me?

When you look in your heart-space, when you realize your dreams, when you see for yourself what your destiny is do you see me, as the Father says to us? When times are troubling, or when times are hard, do you see me there with you? Do you see me there providing you with the strength that you need? Do you see me? The question is one that can be asked of both of us. Yes I see you, yes I feel you, yes I realize that you are always there. When I couldn’t figure out which way to go was it left or was it right. When I wasn’t sure of what my destiny was I asked you for guidance, and you showed me. Can you see me my Father asked me? Can you see me; can you see me working in your life? Can you see me changing, molding, reshaping your path, can you see me?

And my answer to you my Father is yes, I see you. I see you in my day every day. I see you, I see you in my good times and my bad, I see you. And I feel your love guiding me I see you; I see you, and thank you God for seeing me. So all I’ve wanted, so all I need, so all I can comprehend is that you see me for who I truly am, you see me for what I give to this World, you see me for what is available, what is necessary, what is needed to be relayed, you see me. I thank you God for seeing me, I thank you God for allowing me to be seen, and I thank you my Father for showing me that even in the midst of millions of people on this Earth, you see me; you see the light that I shine out brightly because you see your child, you see your child beaming out the gift that you have given her, you see me. Thank you God for seeing me, thank you God for showing me my gift, thank you God for letting me see you, thank you God, and so it is, and so it is, Amen and amen.

“Feeling all the love of the Heavenly Spirit”

Feeling all the love of the Heavenly Spirit; feeling all the love of the Heavenly Spirit. Dear Heavenly Father, sweet Loving Presence, as I breathe in, I feel all the love of the you my Father. Each breath, each inhalation allows me to feel how much love you have for me, how much love you have for me, how much love you have for me.

I feel calm when I sit down or I lay down and I breathe in, just breathing in all the air, all the essence of you, all of the presence of you in my life. I take a deep breath in and I just revel in the way it makes my body feel, the way it allows me to be calm, to be stress free, to be focused on just sharing this time and spending this moment with you. I take a deep breath in and I just relax every area that has tension, every area of my body that may have felt conflicted or twisted or tightened up is now loosened and relaxed and being rejuvenated to feel calm again, to feel peaceful again, to feel responsive to receiving love again.

I look into my heart and I find that I have always loved others, but the fact that I have not always loved myself, is what I find to be so needed in my life. Needing love, wanting love, feeling love, experiencing love, it’s all intertwined together. This feeling of relaxation as I breathe in, and exhale out allows me to focus on my part of the day. Breathing in your essence allows me to calm myself and allows me to see that today will be a dynamic day, because you and I will work together to make that so.

You and I will work together to make that so and by making that so, we are loving the time that we share together. I will never forget the first time I felt so much love in my life, I was but a child of Spirit but I was a grown woman in stature, the fact that I could feel you, the fact that I could sense your presence in my existence, allowed me to realize that there was always someone there readying for the opportunity of just wanting to give me love. Just wanting to love me, just wanting to show me what love is, just wanting me to finally love myself, and for this feeling, for these feelings that I feel from you, I say, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is, Amen and amen

“In Prayer I speak to God, in Meditation I listen for God’s words to me”

In prayer I speak to God, in meditation I listen for God’s words to me. In prayer I speak to God, I tell my Heavenly Father what I need, and what is necessary, and what is appearing and fore-showing in my life, and the feelings that I have during those periods of deep reflection that we spend together. But in meditation as I rest and still my mind, and rest and still my body, waiting for the small voice of you to speak to me that is when the true full circle of this experience is realized.

Prayer, meditation, and then enjoying the experience that has been presented to me, enjoying the information that has been relayed to me, and enjoying the transmittal of information that I relay to you my Father. I love prayer, I provide prayer, I receive prayer, and I live my life always prayerful, full of giving and receiving prayer from others and unto others. And in meditation, I find a period of stillness a time when my mind can just clear itself from all of the day’s activities but still allow me the comforting hum of what is to come.

The words and the wisdom that are relayed to me, allow me to feel comfortable and to feel congruent within myself. Yes, there is for me a circle that surrounds me at all times and it involves prayer and then meditation, and then prayer and meditation without action are not successful. As I ask the Heavenly Father or the Heavenly Spirit or God or Goddess, for this or that to be transpired, to be shone to me in my life, and then I rest in meditation to relinquish myself to hear the response to my request and then from that response, I use my feet, my hands and my mind to then proceed into action that will bring those things forward. Prayer, meditation and action; I am so grateful and so thankful to the Heavenly Spirit, for allowing me to continue to feel, and to continue to seek additional information, and I am a seeker, I know that now. I am a seeker of knowledge of the way, the journey, the way to the Source. In the beginning I didn’t know exactly what that meant. I find myself constantly asking questions, constantly wanting to know, constantly wanting to dig deeper to pull back to see what is there to be seen.

But, by going into prayer and meditation, and by using what I have learned from those great periods of time that I have during my day, I am able to see what action needs, and what action I need to go forward. Yes, as a seeker, as an individual seeking on a quest of knowledge, there’s information that I need to know, and that I must know and the only way to receive that information is to keep seeking, to keep digging, to keep going forward, to keep opening and actualizing, and feeling and seeing, and understanding and deciphering, what is really, what is really my purpose, what is really my mission, what is really my vocation to go forward, a seeker.

The word sounds so mysterious but then it sounds so real, and so close to my heart. I am looking for something that is looking for me; and, as I seek the knowledge that I need to continue on this spiritual journey of my life, that will go on probably forever. I find it so interesting to know that by allowing myself the peace and serenity of prayer, and the restfulness and the vulnerability and the surrender of meditation allows me to continue to seek, it allows me to continue to look forward, to continue to strive toward, to continue to see something that I had not seen before. To see something that I had not seen before, now that is a juicy nugget, a juicy nugget to see something that I had not seen before but to understand and to realize that is needed in my life for whatever reason.

So I say to you today, as you go along your way, spend your time today and spend some time today in prayer, in deep reflective prayer and then combine that with a time of meditation, so that you can hear the answers to your prayers, and then take that information and use the action of your feet, of your hands and your mind to go forward, and by allowing yourself to do that, you are yourself a seeker, a looker for knowledge, a disciple of trying to find what’s around the bend, that is around the way, that will be around your heart. Open up yourself to receive, and you will see for yourself how amazingly beautiful it all is, may the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit wrap you in love and embrace you in all that is good, and all that is pure of heart, so that you may continue to see for yourself a journey that is full of Spirit, full of love, and giving you just what you need, so that you may be full yourself, and so it is, Amen and amen.

“I can’t change the Past”

I can’t change the past, I can’t change what I did last month, I can’t change what I did last week, and I definitely can’t change anything that I did last year, the past is the past, and I can’t change the past. I find it so interesting that people are still upset about what happened in the past, because the past was yesterday, and no matter how hard I try to change what happened yesterday, by wrapping it in a different color wrapping paper and putting a prettier bow on it than was put on it the day before it is still the past.

I don’t want to live in the past, I want to take the lessons that I’ve learned from the past, and bring them to my future and make my present even more magnificent and illuminating, I can’t live in the past. What happened yesterday, what happened last week, what happened last month, what happened last year, what happened five years ago, I have no control over and I cannot change that time period? But what I can do and what I intend to do and what is my full birthright to do is that I am going to change my future.

By taking the lessons that I’ve learned from the past, by taking the lessons that I’ve learned from yesterday, taking the lessons and mistakes that I’ve made and realizing that my future will be so much brighter, because I will not make those mistakes again hopefully, and if I do then it is the past, I cannot change the past. And to be honest with you, I have learned so much from my past that I don’t want to change my past anyway. I’ve learned that sometimes I was a bull in the china store, and sometimes I was just full boar, full blown, and sometimes it was appropriate and at other times it may not have been.

But what I’ve learned and who I am now is so amazing, so illuminating, so revealing, so fantastic; and I love me for the me that I am today, because of the me that I had to grow through from yesterday. Yes, the past is the past and I will never change what happened in the past, but what I can do today is change my future, by changing my present, by changing my reactions to what happens to me today. Yes, I will never change the past, but I am going to have so much fun, I’m going to have such a ball with changing my future. I am going to be such an amazing magnificent expression that will be expressed out into the world by showing a future that is even more fantastic than my past could have ever been.

Yes, the future, the present, today is what I look forward to making an imprint upon, is what I look forward to making a change to, is what I look forward to making an expression with. Take it upon yourself today as you re-evaluate yourself, as you reveal your true self to yourself, and realize that yesterday, last week, last year, five years ago are gone and those periods of time will never be brought to the present again. But what will be brought to the present, is what you do today at this exact moment how you decide to reveal yourself, how you decide to express yourself, how you decide to impress yourself upon the World will show the World who you are today, and then maybe when you look back on your past from this day on, you will see your past in a different light.

You will see your past as the past that you wanted it to be, because you realized that your future, your present, and today, were what were worth your while. Enjoy your life, enjoy your presence, enjoy being present and being awakened to the new you today. For believe me when I tell you, life is not about worrying about what happened before, as much as it is reveling in what is happening right now. I implore you to be all you can be today, be everything you can be tomorrow, and be magnificently expressed into the World in the years to come, because we all look forward to your expression, we all look forward to you expressing to us the amazingly magnificent expression that you are, and for all these things, for all these things, we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God and thank you God, and so it is, Amen and amen

“All Roads lead to You”

All roads lead to you, all roads lead to you. Dear Heavenly Father, sweet Loving Presence, all roads of my life lead and have led me to you. All roads of my life have led me to you and they have shown me that because of you in my life, my life has been monumental because all the roads all the twists all the turns all the dark places all of the crocked areas, all of the unsured-ness will lead me to you, and then it would be made clear, and then the roads will be made straight, and the light would come into the dark places, and the view would be unobstructed, all roads lead to you.

Each road, each pebble, each stone, each walk and each step leads me to you. All the roads of my life have somehow intersected me to you. From the beginning of time, from the beginning of my time, I have felt a connection, a connection that I was unsure of, a connection that I was not prepared for, a connection that I didn’t know was necessary. But there was a connection, many times I would pray, and I would wait for your still voice to allow me the comfort to know that the decision that I was making, the road that I was taking, that the journey that I was falling toward was one that would allow me to be saved. But all roads lead to you, the road of happiness leads me to you, the road of satisfaction leads me to you, the road of uncertainty leads me to you, the road of confusion leads me to you, all roads lead me to you, and as I reach my destination to you everything becomes clearer.

Everything becomes awakened, everything becomes clarified, and the clarity of you allows me to see, what I needed to see, that all roads lead to you. For as a child of yours I have found that I have no longer needed the compass, I no longer needed the map, I no longer needed these tools for my journey because my journey, my internal compass leads me to you, my internal navigation system leads me to you. The route that I need to take, the miles that I need to drive, the steps that I need to walk, they all lead me to you; and once I am with you, once I have come back to you, once I become more in-tune with you, than I realize that I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to do, and feeling the way I am supposed to feel, all roads lead to you.

Lord, I thank you for the internal guiding system that allows me to once again find my way back to you. I thank you for the allowance of time and space that become still as I find my way back to you; and, as I look over my shoulder to the past existence that I had, that was not one that provided me with joy, but one that provided me with questions, now the answers can be relayed to me from you, because of the everlasting, ever changing, ever encompassing love of you has led me to you; and for that I am so grateful, for that I am so thankful, for that I am so incredibly joyful, because I await you as I stand on the road to you, to us, and to this world, for all roads lead me to you; and for that we say thank you God, thank you God, thank you God and so it is. Amen and amen

“I will never have this moment again”

I will never have this moment again; I will never have this moment again. Dear Sweet Loving Presence, dear Heavenly Father all I keep hearing in my mind today is don’t change yourself, stay the way you are, don’t change yourself. We are always made to feel that we should change for this or that. We should change our appearance to receive a job, we should change our behavior so that someone could love us, we must change. We must change, change; but the words are don’t change, don’t change yourself from who you are, don’t change yourself, unless you yourself are willing to see the change manifested.

All we have is this moment right here, right now, and this moment will never be the same again. I have decided that I will not change myself for anyone, but I will make improvements if that is needed from the Heavenly Spirit. No, I will not change myself for anyone, but I will look to my Father to tell me, to show me, to let me see for myself if there needs to be improvement. Stay who you are, stay who you are; stay true to your truth, stay true to yourself, stay true to your faith, stay true to you, be who you are. I will never forget when I decided that I needed to conform to change myself, so that I would be more acceptable for a promotion, or for an improvement in my life.

So I wore the clothes that were required to wear, and I wore my hair the way it was required to be or what was told to me that was expected to be and nothing happened, because I was living a life that wasn’t me, and I was projecting out into the World someone that wasn’t me, and I was unhappy because I wasn’t being myself. So what I do now is I lead my life, I lead myself in the direction that I say what needs to be; I am who I am, I am what I am, and I am proud of what I represent to myself and to the World.

Stay the way you are, stand tall for what you project yourself to be, and remember that you will never have this moment ever again. So for this moment, this exact moment in time, show out into the World the amazingly magnificent person that you are. Show out into the World that even though I may not be what you envision me to be I am still amazing, because I have decided, and I have excepted, and I have realized, that I am amazing for myself, and to be honest that is, that is the battle to win.

When you finally realize that you are, who you were meant to be at this exact moment, and at every moment after this you have won the battle. The battle of self-doubt, the battle of contradiction, the battle of not being enough, you have won the battle. Be yourself, stand tall and respect who you are, stand tall and reflect the love of God out from you into the World and be proud of this exact moment. For you will never get this moment back again; but if this moment means so much to you, than it will mean so much to the rest of us as well. This exact moment that you stand tall, is a moment that you will see the presence of God within you, and so it is, and so it is, and so it is, Amen and amen.

“Put on the whole armor of God”

Today I feel full of joy and love for the Heavenly Spirit, and it is because of this feeling that I am embraced with the whole armor of God on my body. I feel like the Heavenly Spirit is protecting me, he is allowing me to feel such peace and such love in my life at this time. I wander aimlessly in my mind for a reason of why this is happening, why I am feeling such freedom and such joy of spirit. And the only reason that I can ascertain, the only reason that I can even assume is that the entire body of armor of God is on me at this time.

Yes I am experiencing this amazing feeling of love and protection and pure joy is because I have decided that each and every day of my life will be filled with feelings of love and peace to be expressed out of myself and into this World for the entire World to see. I am stating to the Universe that I am peace, I am peaceful, and I am the way to the peace that I desire at this time. Say this with me and see how it makes you feel, I am peace, I am peaceful, and I am the way to the peace that I desire at this time.

I put on the whole armor of God to allow myself to continue to feel this peace, to continue to feel this love, to continue to feel this joy, and by doing this, by doing this thing I am able to continue to share that feeling, I am able to share that experience, I am able to share that dream, that vision with the World, that this feeling will allow you to feel that peace that you are searching for. That peace that you are looking for in your life, that peace that we all want to see expressed and impressed out into the World for all peoples.

So as I sit myself down to share this with you today, I am hoping that the idea that I have relayed will be something that you will share with others. That it will be an idea that you can expose to your part of this big blue World, and it can be a part of what you might have been searching for yourself to be protected, to be covered, to be allowed the peace of the World, because you have allowed yourself to receive the whole armor of God on you, and because of that you are free to be yourself, you are free to be loved, and you are free to be saved, free to be blessed, free to be, and so it is, Amen and amen