“I choose to live by Faith”

Dear Sweet Loving Presence, I am living my life by faith because I see no other way to live my life. Dear Heavenly Spirit, all my life I have tried to make things happen, and when I do they always seem to be just mirages of the miracles that you can and have made for me. They are just facsimiles of the good that if I had just waited, and just took a step back, and allowed you to make those choices for me in your divine time, all would be good and all would be better than what I had received.

I choose now to live my life by faith, I choose now to put my concerns, my dreams, my aspirations, and all my desires into your hands; and I rest assured that with your guiding hand, and my determination we now will see my life, and your works in my life showing out and standing out, for the miracles that they are, and the miracles that I have always wanted to feel in my life.

I see your hand my Father guiding me, and allowing me to see the blessings that I had only wished and dreamed about to see. That are now being foretold to me in form and action, and the visions that I had, were in no way as crystal and as shiny, as they are in what has actually transformed in my life. Yes, Lord by allowing my life to be run on faith, and the love of you in my life, in my heart, in my soul, I am seeing manifestations of good that I could have only wished for from a far to actually happen in my life. And I feel the love of you moving these things, these dreams, these aspirations, these illuminated dreams, that I would have only thought were impossible to come to pass, and Lord they are forming, they are becoming reality, they are becoming my future, and they are amazing.

I choose to see my life not as what it is now, but as what you will, and are allowing it to be, and that is what I am excited about, that is what I am full out in praise about. My Father that is what I am seeing, and from my mind’s eye to your foretelling of these dreams, things are coming together, things are coming to be realized, things are showing up in my life, and I am feeling the mighty hand of you my Father and it is good, it is good, it is good. I thank you Father for the love that you have instilled in my heart, I thank you Father for the love that you have continually and consistently shown me in my walk with you, and I thank you Father for what was just a vision, and an inkling of a future that I had only dreamed about for myself, has now become a reality that is being lived out by me, and for this I say praise be to God, for You deserve all the glory, and all the praise, and so it is. Amen and amen


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