“The Blessings Keep Pouring In”

The blessings keep pouring in, the blessings keep pouring in. Dear Heavenly Father first let me say thank you God for the blessings that you have poured into my life, for the blessings that you have poured into my consciousness, and for the blessings you have poured into my spirit. Dear Heavenly Father yesterday two amazing things happened; well lets be real this entire weekend that passed and this entire week have been amazing with blessings. This entire weekend that passed my Husband and I were blessed with new transportation; but why it was such a blessing was because we had been trying to figure out how to go about making this manifestation happen, and without us doing anything Lord you made a way out of no way. As usual Lord you made the blessings that were given of an even greater abundance, and even more prosperous than we could have ever hoped or dreamed for, we thank you Heavenly Spirit for that.

But another blessing came to me yesterday as well; because every day I do my best to get on the radio show that I participate in, and many times I’m either in traffic or at work and I have to steal away, or I am at an appointment and I have to step out, or I’m at Church or a Church function and I have to excuse myself. No matter where I am if it is possible I devout myself to doing at least one to two pieces a day on the radio every day if I can. And yesterday happened to be a day when it was just busy crazy at my job and I wasn’t able to do more than one piece on the radio, and I believe I was able to get on the radio quickly on Sunday, but it was Saturday that I was not able to get on the radio due to the Gumbo Ya Ya Festival that my Husband and I had participated in.

But yesterday when I got on the radio, and what was so amazing was, I said to myself that I was going to steal away and get on the radio and read a piece that speaks to me that I hope will speak to everyone else. And the piece that I spoke about was “Allow yourself to be, allow yourself to be”. And what I meant about that piece was that you can always allow yourself to be happy, you can always allow yourself to be joyful, and you can always allow yourself to be blessed, you can always allow yourself to be. So I spoke that piece yesterday, and I wrote that piece many months ago and for some reason it just resonated with me that day, and it seemed to be a piece that was just what was needed on the radio that day as well, as numerous people thanked me for the words I shared with them on “Allow yourself to Be” and many people felt that the words that I spoke were being spoken just directly to them. That is what I love about this blessing that I am able to share, that these words that are given to me by the Heavenly Spirit are given to me to share with the World. I am able to share just what is needed, for many times when my words touch one person, and then they touch another person, those words always seem to also touch me; because those words allow me to know that me and my Father are congruent, that me and my Father are as one, and that me and my Father speak as one voice, and I feel very blessed for that.

The other blessing that I experienced yesterday was a young man that had been working in my building at the office. I saw that he was all dressed up in his Sunday best, and I asked him where are you going, and he told me he had been fired from his place of employment. He explained that he was a little hurt by that because he was actually looking for another job; but now he can look for another job freely because now he has been released to spend the time necessary to be blessed again by something that will be divinely just what he needs in regards to his employment. When I look at any of us who lose a job, who lose a house, who lose a relationship, I look at those things as a challenge that presents to you an opportunity to be able to be given something far better and far greater than what you had previously. I look at those type of occurrences as something divinely you are being prepared for because something better is going to be given to you.

When I had to buy another car just this past weekend, I thought of it reluctantly because my car had been paid off, and I hadn’t had a car payment in 14 years and I loved my Mercedes Benz and it was part of me. But I also realized that there is a time to let things go, and there is a time to say goodbye to something that is no longer benefiting you, and there is a time to walk away from something that is no longer for your betterment. So when I say that the blessings keep pouring down and pouring down on you; is that no matter what you may see as something that is happening today, believe me when I tell you it is a blessing that you are being given, be it a blessing that you can see right away, or be it a blessing that you will finally realize in the next few days, or the next few months, or even the next few years, it is a blessing.

For whatever the Heavenly Spirit puts in your path to change your life, to give you something more, receive it as a blessing. The young man told me that he took his employment situation as a blessing, and I said that is the only way to look at it as. You are being blessed with an opportunity for something better and bigger in your life. It may not seem that way right now, but believe me it is that way divinely, the blessings keep pouring down, let the blessings pour down on you, and openly receive the divine blessings that are waiting to be given to you. For you are so deserving of everything that you receive, receive your blessings with open hands, with an open heart, and with your arms spread wide open to receive, to receive, and to receive, and for this and all things we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all


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