“I’ll embrace whatever happens divinely”

I’ll embrace whatever happens divinely, I’ll embrace, I’ll embrace, I’ll embrace whatever happens divinely. Whatever needs to be changed or needs to occur in my life so that an individual can be helped and can be provided shelter, I’ll embrace whatever happens divinely. If it is necessary that a family member may need to move in with us temporarily because otherwise they would be homeless, I’ll embrace whatever happens divinely.

If a choice has to be made in my life that is one that I feel uncomfortable to make, but I see the choice will allow someone else to be blessed because of my kindness, I’ll embrace whatever happens divinely. By embracing whatever happens divinely, I allow myself to walk the talk that I speak, and I allow myself to look deep within myself and try to understand why I feel the way I do about something, and by changing that thought in my mind, may be just what is needed to change my life to bring about good as well. I’ll embrace whatever happens divinely.

I have always had a problem with people living with me and my husband, and it’s not that I don’t have enough space; I just never cared for people living with us. I love my privacy, I love my space, I love my time with him, I love mine, and all my life I have felt this way. This is not the first time this has been brought to my attention when someone may have needed shelter from this or that, and I have cringed at the thought of allowing someone into my space for however long that period may be. But I have wondered why that is constantly something that comes up for me, and I have wondered why it is constantly something that I don’t embrace.

I don’t recall growing up as a child and having people live with us, so I don’t know why I feel it is a bad experience or attribute negativity toward this situation. But I do realize that during my life as a child, we never had people living with us. Now my Mother and Father may have had to help someone before I was born, or maybe when I was a very very young child, but I don’t recall, even though I did here about an incident, but I really don’t recall that occurring in my childhood.

And by me being the gregarious entertainer of people in my home, and a lover of all people; I don’t know why this issue constantly comes up for me. So today I vow that I will change that about myself. I have been very fortunate to live the life that I have, and I have been blessed. And to be fortunate and to be blessed should be something that should be shared with others. I’m not saying that I am open to someone staying with me for twenty years, but if someone has to temporarily stay with us so that they are able to bring themselves out of a situation that could lead them to homelessness, then I’ll embrace whatever it is divinely. I will embrace this opportunity to help someone, and I will embrace this opportunity to work on myself in this particular area, since it seems to be something that continually keeps coming up for me, and until I embrace this, whatever it is divinely, I will continually have issues in this area.

And as we all know, if you don’t learn the lesson that you are being taught the first time, you will have a tendency to repeat that lesson, until it is learned for and by you. So I’ll embrace whatever it is divinely; and today as I make it through my day, and as I have come to the conclusion that I have to open up my heart a little bit wider, to understand that we are all here to help one another, we are all here to be of service to one another, and whatever that service is, I’ll embrace whatever it is divinely, so that I can continue to be a blessing to others, so that I can see the light of that good continuously in my life as well; and I’ll embrace whatever it is divinely, and so it is. Amen and amen


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