“A Challenge is a Blessing waiting to be Unfolded, to Show its True Light to us All”

Dear Heavenly Father I see each obstacle, each challenge, each opportunity, for good to come into my life, and I see each lesson learned as another opportunity to be blessed with all that is to be given to me. I see all good things coming to me, and Lord I see blessings, I see blessings of good-tidings, I see love my Father and even though sometimes love can be something so huge and so magnificent, it can also be something that has been waited for and longed for and not received by many in sometime; but when it does come into our lives, it is a blessing unfolded to shine its light into our hearts.

Lord I see these challenges that I face, and I see these obstacles that are placed in my path as an opportunity to look at life differently, to look at life as a victor and not a victim, to look at life as a way to creatively change my world. To look at life as something so amazing that even something so dismal as a bad day can be turned around, and turned into something as magnificent as a beautiful shiny rainbow, with a silver lining just waiting to be unfolded and brought out into the light.

Lord I am so grateful for having a mind, that allows me to examine and re-evaluate my past views and thoughts by looking at things differently, by saying to myself everything everything is an opportunity to be shone something creatively in my life. Everything everything is an opportunity to be shone something creative in my life, everything everything is an opportunity. So take each opportunity, take each blessing, and unfold that blessing and let the light shine from that blessing on you to show you how amazingly magnificent you are.

We are never given challenges, and or obstacles in our path because we are not worthy to take the next step. No, we are given those challenges, those obstacles, those lessons to learn, because we are destined to be more and to be better, we are destined to be more, and to be better expressions of love to this world. So when something seems like there is a way out of no way, understand that you are being given this challenge, you are being given this lesson, you are being given this opportunity, because you are so worthy, you are so worthy of all that is going to be given to you.

A millionaire is not ready to be a millionaire, until his or her mindset has allowed him or her to see for themselves their worth at that level. A blessing waiting to be unfolded into your life, is a blessing that can give you all that you need, and all that you have ever wanted by just opening up your mind and seeing it as so. I am so thankful for all the lessons, for all the challenges and for all the obstacles. I am so thankful for it all, for had I not been given these things, had I not been taken down these roads, had I not been experiencing these experiences, I would not be the strong and loving expression of the magnificent Heavenly Spirit that I am.

Each obstacle, each challenge, and each opportunity, and each blessing unfolded, allowed me to see my light, and it allowed me to see what my light means to this world. See for yourself your blessings; see for yourself a life filled with blessings, and see for yourself a life filled with blessings waiting to be unfolded to you. See for yourself blessings waiting to be unfolded to you, and so it is. Amen and amen. God bless you all


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