“Live your Life Boldly”

Live your life boldly, live your life boldly, live it boldly. Dear Heavenly Father, the thoughts that I have in my mind today are constantly live your life boldly. Live your life boldly full out, full boar, full blown, live your life boldly. See your life as an adventure that continues to unfold in front of you and it is lived fully. Taking chances, taking risks, taking opportunities and making them into blessings, live your life full blown. One of the most amazing things I have witnessed is when you go to someone’s homecoming, and you hear how they lived their life boldly. How they stepped out from the crowd and changed their World, because they changed their mindset, because they saw for themselves only good things, they saw for themselves only prosperity, they saw for themselves only God’s blessings and they lived their life with that written on the back of their hands.

Live your life boldly. See your life as something that could be not only so amazingly magical for you, but could be so amazingly magical for the others that are privy to your life, and that are witnessing your life, and receiving the fruits from your life; and show them what it truly looks like to live your life boldly. To step out there on fear and still go forward because you realize that there is no option otherwise. You want to experience your life to the fullest with all of the blessings that you can receive; and sometimes to do that you have to step out of your comfort zone, you must say to yourself “I don’t know God but I’m walking on faith”, or you might say “God I trust you considerably and I’m always walking forward on faith”. Live your life boldly, live your life like if tomorrow was your last day, and yesterday was a darn good day, but today is going to be a phenomenal day because you are living your life boldly. You are feeling free to make decisions that will impact your life positively and that itself is bold. It is always easy to live your life in the shadows of someone else, it is always easy to live your life safely, to not make the big choices, to not take the big risks, to not walk the line that others have walked, but to walk the line that is familiar to you that is always easy to do.

But if you can say to yourself, “you know I see that there can be something better, if I could just take a chance on myself, and let the Heavenly Spirit use His wisdom in my life, and tell me what He wants me to do and I just follow it. No question, no concern, no debate, no argument; I just go forward and we walk this life together and live this life boldly.” One of the boldest things that I want to do in my life is to travel the World and spread my words of love, of good, of good-tidings, of faith, of hope, of positivity, of all good things and let’s not forget joy around in this World. I want to inspire others to see for themselves that “yes my life is not so different from hers, and I too can live my life boldly, and the only person stopping me from making that decision is myself.”

Live your life boldly, make it a life that when the story gets written about your life, when the story gets told how you lived your life, the story will be a story that we all will look forward to hearing because we will all see in you ourselves. How you fell but you got back up, how you tried but you didn’t succeed, and then when you did succeed, when you did accomplish that bold act, when you did go forward and it was successful, you saw for yourself the great majesty that you felt in your soul. Because you did something that was so outside of your comfort zone, that was so full blown in your life that it was almost too amazing for you to even comprehend the thought but because you did, you boldly went forward. You lived your life boldly, and you let us all see what it looked like to tell yourself “that I am going to do this and I am going to do it, because I am going to make a difference by this decision that I am going to embark upon, and because of that decision I will see changes in this World for myself and for others,” thank you God for that.

Live your life boldly. Live your life boldly and open up your heart to the possibility that you will succeed. Take that word fail out of your vocabulary, take those words un-successful out of your vocabulary, replace those words with the new words of success, a motivator of all that is good, and a re-warder to the World of all that is given to you. Give the World that bold you that we want so desperately to see. Give the World that bold you that we are looking forward to embracing, and give the World that bold you that you yourself want to see break out of that shell that you’re in, share with yourself an amazing magnificent expression of you. The amazing magnificent expression of you that God always saw and sees you to be. Live your life boldly, live your life boldly and see for yourself how it feels to know that what your doing is right but it is so scary; but once you make that decision to go forward, once you put that foot in front of the other foot, once you set your mind to “I will accomplish this no matter what, I will be bold and do it for myself and for others. I will be bold and live my life forward not backward”, that’s when, that’s when the real magic happens, and that’s when the amazing flood gates of blessings arrive to you. When you rely and you depend on seeing your life no other way but successful, plentiful, and blessed that’s when, that’s when it all comes together.

That’s when all those positive ions that have been circulating around your body connect around you and say yes, let’s give them the armor of all good, let’s give them the armor of completeness and magnificence, because that is what she is or he is. They have completed the task by allowing themselves to trust, and to move boldly through their life, and they looked forward instead of looking to the side or behind. They looked forward, instead of hoping, they assumed it would happen and it did. They moved forward and they saw themselves manifested into what was truly their destiny to be, a life lived boldly with the love of the Heavenly Spirit and the love of themselves, they saved the World, they saved the World.

See yourself doing the things you have envisioned in your mind and save this World. See yourself receiving the gifts and achieving the promises of the amazingly full blown ideas that have come into your mind, and accomplish those, be successful with that, and achieve those dreams, live your life boldly and you will see for yourself, what an amazingly magnificent gift you are to this World. Live your life boldly, live your life boldly, live your life boldly, and so it is, Amen and amen.


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