“Don’t let the Seen deflect your blessings from the Unseen”

We are going to visualize in our life today a life filled with true prosperity. And when I speak of true prosperity I am referring to our health, our wealth, our spirit, and all good things being given to us, allowing us to prosper in our lives. We look within ourselves and see that God has always been there, we look within ourselves and we realize that God’s love for us, God’s presence in our lives, God’s presence in our lives has always been there.

We ask today that we continue to receive our blessings of prosperity, and we see for ourselves nothing but that being given to us. We visualize ourselves on a airplane enjoying great luxury, and great fulfillment of blessings, of food, of surroundings, of ambiance, of love. And we figure out the reason why we are there on the airplane at this time is because we have decided that we want to soar higher, to soar into the sky and soar into the stars. We ride the airplane with the other individuals who have decided to take it upon themselves to be seekers in this new life of Hosanna the Highest.

We are taking ourselves to a new realm so that we can feel and see, how it was done previously so that we can make a difference to how it is done currently. This airplane trip will allow us to see from the sky to the ground how amazingly wonderful our life has been because we have constantly seeked the Spiritual enlightenment that was always there for us to receive. But you don’t necessarily have to take yourself physically anywhere to experience all you need to experience from the Heavenly Spirit. To experience yourself at heights that are unbelievable, can be achieved by visualizing in your mind that it is so; by seeing for yourself all the prosperity that is needed to be given to you, is able to be visualized in your mind and it will be so.

You must continue to work with this way of thinking in your life, continuing to work the good in your life, by continuing to believe in all that is good for you to receive. Yes, that airplane that flies in the sky with all the ambiance and the surroundings of the loving luxuries of your life that you foresee for yourself, is possible by first believing it in your heart space, and then receiving it in your physical space. This life that we give quite a bit of praise for is a life that was given to us, and it could have been any life, but the life we chose it to be was a life of true blessings, a life of true opportunity, and a life of all good things; take each day as a day when you can fly in the sky and see for yourself how amazing your life looks like from up there.

See yourself accomplishing everything that you needed, that was necessary that was foretold to you to happen in your life. And understand that because of the belief that you have in something higher than yourself, but also the belief that you have in something within yourself, all these things are possible. I see good in my life, I feel good in my soul, and even though the outer surroundings of my life may not show me that, I realize for myself that that is what I see, that is what I will always see, and that is what I will receive because of what I see.

Don’t let the seen deflect you from receiving your blessings from the unseen. And let me say that again, don’t let the seen deflect you from receiving your blessings from the unseen. If you continue to see good for you, good for you will continue to come to you, see it no other way; see it in your mind subconsciously no other way. By no other way possible good will be coming to you at all times, by every single thought that you have in your mind will be surrounded with the positivity that is needed to bring to you what is necessary for you to be blessed. Remember what is unseen is what moves your life and that is what allows you to be blessed, you must see it for yourself in your own mind. You must visualize this for yourself within your own mind, and by doing that it is visualized for you through the unseen, through the ever present, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Heavenly Spirit.

Realize that you have the power within yourself to continue to bring blessings into your life; blessings, good tidings, positive-ness, and love, bring them into your existence. Be those the only elements that allow you to move from point A to point B, and continue to realize that with those elements comes the responsibility to continue to see yourself and your world as what it truly is, an opportunity to be blessed, an opportunity to be loved, and an opportunity to move forward, and to continue to be loved by all that there is.

The great I AM loves you and me, the great I AM wants to provide for us what we want to see provided in our lives and the great I AM gives us the power over ourselves to achieve those blessings. God and I walk hand-in-hand together as we achieve the changes of good in my life. I thank you my Heavenly Father for allowing me to understand that all that I need is not lost. My life is still available to be blessed with all that is needed to be good, because You stand beside me, because You stand with me, and because you stand for me, and so it is, Amen and amen


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