“All is Well”

All is well, all is well. Dear Heavenly Father I want to thank you so much for another restful night of sleep. For another day of endless possibilities and for another opportunity to give someone another chance to re-evaluate a thought already established, and to make a determination that is different than what was determined previously. All is well, all is well.

This last couple of weeks has been hard for many of us. There have been many people making their transitions to be with you my Father; and just a lot of, a lot of work to be done, and now we are just waiting to receive the harvest of all the hard work that was done previously. But in my heart, I realize because of the deep strength that I receive from the Heavenly Spirit that all is well. Everything that was a concern or a possible worry has now been turned into an opportunity and a wonderful blessing. All is well.

And even though sometimes it is hard to see that as you are going through the incident or occurrence. Once it has appeared in your life, and then you have allowed yourself to experience whatever lesson was necessary, as you get to the other side of that incident or occurrence, you realize that all is well. I was finally able to get through that, I was able to truly and finally feel comfortable with the decision or decisions that I made, and I say all is well. All is well in my home life, all is well in my career and work life, all is well in my Spiritual existence, all is well.

I look forward to this being the case for quite a long time, that is my hope my Father, but I will definitely enjoy the idea of knowing that it is possible, and everything is possible if you visualize it, and see it for yourself. And as you find yourself going through a winter, going through a period of constant struggle, going through a period of bewilderment and uncertainty, realize and say to yourself, I will get to the other side of this, and on the other side of this, I will realize that all is well, because all is God.

And the wellness that you will receive, that you will reveal to yourself is the calming power that God gives us in our lives. We have a situation, we have an occurrence, and then we have peace. We are always constantly dealing with something at one level or another, but when it goes away, whatever it was, and we realize that now all is well. We are able to recoil ourselves back into that relaxed position called rest, and just take a deep breath in and let it out, and experience the wondrous moment of serenity, the calming feeling of peace, and the loving embrace of a job completed from the beginning to the end, all is well.

So I ask of you today, whatever situation you find yourself in along your way. If you are in the beginning of the occurrence, or if you have finally made it through to the other side of the occurrence; realize that in all aspects you give thanks to God, for having you experience this at all, and then you give thanks to God, for getting you through the experience if that has happened, and then you give thanks to God, for holding your hand and walking with you through this experience if that is still necessary. Because you now realize that once you get through this experience, this occurrence, this event in your life, all will be well and all will be God. May the Heavenly Father see for you always, what you see now for yourself, that all is well, all is beautiful, and all is God, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all


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