“Who are you really?”

I remember hearing the words who are you really? Who are you really? As I found myself in a situation where I was one of many who were embarking on an adventure, an opportunity, a challenge, a great adventure to do something that we had never done before; and I reached down into my self-conscious my sub-conscious, my conscious mind and I said who are you really?

Who are you really that you think, that you would be able to accomplish this magnificent feat, this magnanimous adventure? Do you think you have the where-for-all, the with-for-all, the what-for-all to go forward in this crusade that you are beginning in your life, who are you really? So I looked at myself in the mirror and I decided to really examine that face that I have seen so many times before, that I’ve looked at through the years that has changed from being the young child, to the young girl, to the young adult, to the mature woman to what I am today.

And when I looked in my eyes and I saw what they showed me that who am I not to take on this adventure, to take on this opportunity, this exciting new part of my life. So as I stood there by myself at the podium with the microphone ready for my first word to be released. I took a deep breath in and I let it out, and I centered myself with my legs slightly standing apart and I said “hello I am here to make a difference in this world, I am here to show you that what you see on the outside is nothing compared to the amazing enormous heart that is located on the inside.”

No I’m not a politician, no I’m not a military executive, and no I’m not a CEO of a long and established company; but what I am is a magnificent expression of God’s willing to shine my light out into this world and I am ready for the job of whatever it is that I need to do. And as I stood there waiting for their questions, as I stood there analyzing their eyes as they looked at me wondering what would be their response to my truly confident style and stance I counted to myself silently, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and then someone asked me, “so do you actually believe that you are qualified for this opportunity?”

And I stood there and I looked at them with the eyes of a true God fearing woman who knows that her confidence is not only just inscribed in the words that are written on the paper of her accomplishments, but her confidence is inscribed in her heart and on her soul because her Father tells her so every day. “I said I’m here to make a difference and I’m here to show you, that no I may not know everything that is necessary for this particular position, but I can guarantee you this, I will be one of the fastest learners you have ever had, I will be one of most deepest studiers that you’ve ever came across, and I will be one of the most positively expressed attitudes that you have ever experienced in your life. All you have to do is agree to give me the opportunity.”

And as I said that and I sat down and I waited for their response. They looked at me and I thought they thought to themselves, she’s amazing the fact that she would feel that with all that we have, all of the applicants that we have that have applied for this job that she is qualified, that she is ready for this challenge, this opportunity, this amazing event in her life, well I feel that we must give her the opportunity, we must allow her to show us what she has in her tool box that guarantees us to be successful in this endeavor. And as I waited for their conclusion of their quick round table discussion of my qualifications, my desirable attributes and my running tally of accomplishments, then I heard the words “can you start tomorrow?” “Is it possible for you to begin the opportunity, the challenge, the endeavor that we have set up for you tomorrow?” And I looked at them with eyes of pure gratitude, and I said a prayer at that exact moment and I responded with the words that were given to me from my Heavenly Father, “Yes I can be here tomorrow, and I’ll bring my boxes to bring into my brand new office, I thank you very much for this opportunity. And I assure you it will be an adventure that we will all bear witness to the successfulness of this opportunity, thank you.”

As I bid the interviewers goodbye, and as I walked through the doors of the large Fortune 500 Company, and got on the street and hailed the taxi that was waiting just for me, I began to realize that this is just a dream of mine, but a dream that will come to fruition because I see this very clearly in my mind. Whatever you want in your life, you visualize that undertaking first, see yourself doing it, see yourself receiving it, see yourself being given it, and it will be given to you. So I say to you today, say your prayers, say your prayers of thankfulness and gratitude for all that you have at this exact moment, say your prayers for the abundance that will be given to you tomorrow, for you have been so worthy of all that is to be given to you.

And visualize for yourself, yourself receiving what is to be given to you, see yourself sitting in that corner office, in that big high back chair, with that beautiful rosewood desk in front of you with the glass mat laid down on top of it. And underneath the glass mat are those pictures of you, as you began this journey so long ago. The pictures of you with your family as you sat around the dinner table praying and thanking God for the food that you had been given. Those pictures of you when you went to school all those evenings as you waited and waited for the bus to pick you up so that you were able to start that day all over again.

Yes look at those pictures of your life and realize how important all of those moments were that allowed you to receive this moment right now. What a magnificent feeling it is; I thank you God for the imagination and the clear creative visualization that you allow me to see in my mind for my accomplishments that will be coming to me. I thank you my Heavenly Father for all the blessings you have given me up to this point, and the blessings that you will be giving me from this point forward, and I thank you my Father for instilling in me to always remain hopeful, to always remain faithful, to always remain in true congruency with my dream, with myself, with my faith, I thank you God for that, and so it is. Amen and amen


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