“Life’s Teachable Moments”

Life’s teachable moments, life’s teachable moments. Isn’t it amazing when life can be so sweet, it can be so fulfilling, and then life can also be so sour. But when we are given a life teachable moment, that is when we see life for what it is a blessing from God. Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for allowing me to have feelings, a heart that opened up so wide to receive the love that was given to me by my furry little child Ramses Takaya Aioki Walker. Seven months ago I nursed him back to health from a sickness, I did everything I could we prayed about it, I told him that I would not give up on him because he never gave up on me.

And as of that day I saw he come back, he came back to his former self not a 100 percent like he used to be, but he was back with me and my beloved and we shared Christmas together, we shared Easter together, and I was looking forward to sharing my birthday with him. But when I came home yesterday, and as I rushed home with this sweet excitement of sharing a monumental goal of achievement in my life to become the President of the Board of Trustees at my Church my thought was mainly how was Ramses as I spoke with my husband on the phone.

How was Ramses, and he said Ramses was fine he was still outside; he had stopped coming in the house, and he still wasn’t eating that had been going on for numerous days and he was barely drinking water and as I hurried home to see him. I got in the house I dropped my purse and my other belongings and I opened the sliding glass door and I looked outside and there he was just lying there looking at me, I said to him Ramses please come in the house Mommy wants to see you. I want you to eat now, but he wouldn’t move he just laid there.

So I closed the door and we began to relax for the evening and we ate our dinner and after our evening meal and our prayers for the blessings that we have been given and our prayers for Ramses, my husband went to the sliding glass door to give him a bone hoping that the just finished pork steak bone would allow him the excitement of nourishment to get up and receive it. But what he realized, and what he saw was that Ramses had left us, Ramses had passed at 10:05p.m. We cried, and we cried, and I proceeded to say what did I do, what could I have done, what could have been done differently, but there was nothing that I could have done. There was nothing that could have been done differently I realize that now.

As I take this example in my life and use it as a teachable moment, I realize that my faith is so strong, and I am so glad because I will need it today, more than I have needed it any day of my life. Yes I will take this event that happened in my life as a teachable moment to understand that we all must pass and it’s not so much how we died, as how we lived our lives. Ramses enjoyed himself, he ate well, he was loved, he was feisty, and he was extremely large for a Chow Chow; and, the times we had together, the fun we enjoyed of each other, the protection that he provided me when I was alone in the house by myself I felt that I was loved so much by him.

I will never forget what he meant to me in my life, and the love that my husband felt for him our furry child; we both are grieving at this time. But we both realized that he was suffering, he was suffering, and God found it time to take him away. On Saturday I remember him peering in the door, the sliding screen door and looking at me after he had had a couple sips of water, and I had asked my husband can I let him come in, and he said no baby we are trying to clean up for Easter Sunday, and I remember him looking at me and I’m looking at him, and it was just love, he loved us so very much.. I will never forget my big furry child Ramses, and I will not feel sad about his life because he did enjoy himself tremendously, and in his death we will honor him with a burial, we will have a little service and we will say goodbye to our little furry child, and we will remember all the times we shared with each other.

The emergency room visit we had to make to the hospital because he hurt Emmitt’s chin, and the numerous times we tried to take him to the groomer he was just not strong enough anymore. He was telling me that day when he looked through the sliding screen door, Mommy I’m tired, Mommy I’m tired let me go. I let you go my baby, I let you go my baby, and I will always remember you, and I will always love you, and I will always be thankful to you for the teachable moments that you have given me, for the love that you allowed me to feel in my life, and for the protection that you provided me when you were the man in the house when I was alone, I will always remember you, I will always remember you, and I will always love you, thank you. Amen and amen


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