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“He is the amazing love song that plays in my heart”

He is the amazing love song that plays in my heart. That is how I see my Beloved, my Husband, my soul mate, the man that allows me to be nourished and cared for physically, mentally and emotionally in this realm. My Husband, my Beloved, my Baby Bear is what I like to call him, his sheer existence is here to be of service to not only his Lord our Heavenly Father, but to be of service to me as well. He feeds me, he nourishes my body with the food that I can only, I can never even imagine possible to prepare, to season and to cook with such loving care every day.

He is the sounding board that I use when I bounce ideas or thoughts or dreams or visionary aspirations off of. He is a friend that I am able to express my deepest feelings to as well. I love my Husband, and the love that I have for him has grown so tremendously from when we met each other in the 1980’s. I will never forget meeting him at the Old Sacramento Steamboat Navigation Club. How when I walked in the door, and he saw me coming down the stairs in the white dress that I was wearing and he was sitting at the bar. At that exact moment our eyes locked, and I like to tell people we have been together ever since that day.

That evening changed the lives of both of us, by allowing us to share with each other our memories of our lives. We talked about our families, we expressed our feelings of our values, of our morals, and our norms, and we realized by sharing with each other that we were very much alike he and I. We liked the same things, we were in love with the same issues, and we have a passion for enjoying life the same way together. As we have walked together down this amazing journey called our marriage, it has been one that has been filled with such joy, such love and such excitement.

My Beloved promised me that he would provide me with the excitement to last me a lifetime and he has been doing just that. He has allowed me to go to the mountain top and to see my love at what great heights it can be expressed, and he has taken me on the road of twists and turns where sometimes I never realized that there was even a twist or turn had arrived. He’s given me such a beautiful life and I am so blessed to have him in mine. And as we begin to come upon 28 years of marriage, you begin to realize that not only do you grow closer together, but by allowing yourselves the space to grow separately as well, you become an even more dynamic duo together.

Thank you my Beloved for allowing me this new chapter in my life which you thought you never knew I had and neither did I. By allowing me to express myself creatively you’ve allowed my heart to spring out love songs of such joy to you. Thank you my Beloved for allowing me to see what it truly looks like when someone can love you for who are and allow you to continue to be that person and even more as the years go on. Thank you my Beloved for allowing me to see just how amazing life can truly be, when you are allowed to be yourself, be a team, be a blessing and so it is. God bless you all thank you


“I didn’t need Spirits, I needed the Heavenly Spirit”

So I’m going to be transparent today; I’m going to be honest all the way today, I hope you are okay with that? I’m going to share some pain today but I’m also going to share some good at the end so it will all be wrapped up with a bow so it can leave us all with a lesson we have learned. As a Prayer Chaplain I am always helping other people, I am always providing sacred silence, sacred space, a listening tool, a heart opened to help heal. I am always listening, and I am always in a prayerful mode.

Yesterday I provided prayer for someone, and as I thought about my wonderful weekend I had and the sharing I did of that particular part of my life, I realized as I was on my way home I wasn’t up to working out, and on my way home I just didn’t feel mentally ready for that. So I called my Husband and I said hey I’m not going to work out today, and that I was going to come home and relax, why don’t we walk the little trail behind our house instead? Well my Husband had also changed his routine and since we had lost our little furry child, the house has been very quiet, there’s no sound of little thumping thumping feet and it’s just different.

So when I came home I just felt drained, I just felt Lord I’m tired I miss my dog, I just said goodbye to some friends, and I provided some prayer for someone, I just feel drained. So decided to look in our liquor cabinet and I saw something that I never ever mess with; and I took out some tequila and I decided I was going to have a couple shots, well I think I got carried away. Because I realized that when I went to bed I just felt so funny, I felt like I was 20 again and I had really over done it with some friends; I was using some spirits to heal my Spirit, bad choice, bad choice.

So I got up in the middle of the night and I felt so weird, maybe my head was about to spin I don’t know, but I got up in the middle of the night, and I said I had to wash my face, so I washed my face and I went to the bathroom and I began to pray, and I said to God I was so, I was so sad and maybe instead of taking spirits, I should have called on the Heavenly Spirit. Maybe instead of easing my pain with a spirit, I should have just called my Heavenly Father for the Spiritual Enlightenment that I needed; so I began to pray, and I prayed and I prayed all night. I said Lord I have made a mistake, never again will I veer from you, and have something else console me when it is You that I need consoling me from.

Never again will I grab for a spirit when it is the Heavenly Spirit that I need to be reinvigorated with. And never again will I think that I walk this walk alone, because I assure you he has not forsaken me, nor has he forsaken you either. So I must have prayed until I feel asleep, and I said to myself if I can just get to the other side of this thing, If I can just get through to the other side of this thing, you won’t have to worry about me with that anymore, you won’t have to worry about me grabbing that spirit anymore, because I’m going to pray to get my Spiritual fulfillment if it’s that bad ever again.

If the time that I am experiencing is that bad, I’m going to breakdown and ask for my Heavenly Father so that I can get my breakthrough. If the experience that I am experiencing is something so devastating, that I need to grab a spirit, than I’m going to grab the Heavenly Spirit to allow me to be refreshed and rejuvenated, because I know that that Spirit won’t leave any residue that I will have to deal with the next day, I know that that Spirit will allow me to feel how refreshed and how amazed I will be that I called on the Heavenly Father to help me through this time. I said Lord I need you now, because I am afraid I may have done something I didn’t need to do, and the Lord stood by me, my Heavenly Father stood next to me, and He consoled me, and He told me “fear not my child I am here with you, fear not my child I will always love you, and fear not my child, for you are still on your path that I have divinely set for you, let your fear, let your tension, let your pain out right now, I am here for you; let me heal you of this pain, let me heal you of this sorrow, let me heal you of this trial and tribulation that you are experiencing, let me heal you.”

Lord I needed to be healed, I needed your healing. As I said there is always something good, comes out of something that is a challenge, and I’m not going to say that what I was experiencing was something bad, because I needed to release what I needed to release. But I also needed to know that whenever I feel what I felt yesterday, or whenever I feel let down, let aside, pulled astray and left alone; I am not that way, for the Heavenly Father is always there, and all I need to do is ask, “Lord I need your Spirit to help me through this, Lord I need your precious loving Spirit to allow me to feel that I’m not alone in this, and Lord I need to only ask you for comfort, instead of grabbing something else to give me a temporary fix, Lord I’m grateful.”

I woke up this morning I was sane, I was full of life, and I felt thank you God I am of clear mind. Because when I was 20 years old I didn’t have this to fall back on, when I was 20 years old I didn’t have this strong faith, and love and Spiritual guidance, to fall back on if I had been led astray or if I led myself astray. But that was then and thank you God this is now. So I say all of this because some times when it seems like oh Lord the road is so long, and I feel so so tired, sometimes I feel Lord that I am here for everybody, and sometimes Lord I need someone here for me. But instead of reaching for something that will give me a temporary fix, I am going to reach for you my Father, I’m going for reach for you, and I’m going to say Lord I need prayer and not a stimulate, Lord I want confession and prayer and not a temporary fix. Lord I need you in my life to provide me with what is necessary, not temporary fulfillment; Lord I need you in my life in all times.

So when things are tough, and things are sad, and things are a trial and things are a challenge, I’m not going to reach for something else, I am going to reach for you, which is what I should always do. And by reaching for you, I am allowed to be set free from that pain, from that trial, from that challenge, and it has now become a blessing; I woke up this morning with a clear mind, a clear head, and I woke up this morning with a breakthrough. I thank you for allowing me to see that not everybody is going to deal with things the same way, but I thank You for allowing me to see, that the way to get through it is to get to You, and I’m appreciative for that. I thank You for holding me in the night, taking me to this morning, and allowing me to sleep restfully with the love of You in my heart, I will never forget who I need to talk to when times are hard, and troubles are mounting, but joy has been given to me in the morning and now I am free, I am whole, I am healed, I am reborn, I am rejuvenated; and I have realized that it takes all of me, and the love of the Heavenly Spirit to make this life the what it was meant to be, thank you God for that, thank you God, thank you God, thank you God for that, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

“The Singer and the Runner”

Good day Blessed Ones;

I am having a wonderful day, and I had a wonderful weekend as well, and if I was to tell you that I spent Saturday at two celebrations of life you probably would say to yourself well how was that wonderful, but oh to be honest it was magnificent. I took my Husband with me because I wanted him to meet these two amazing people that I had the opportunity to know. The first person was a co-worker of mine whom I had worked with at a previous unit, who was to me an amazing gift from God. I cherished our cubicle friendship that we had, and I cherished his sharing with me of his personal life, his huge spirit, and his loving demeanor, he was truly a man with a gift from God. He was a singer, a classical singer who wasn’t classically trained but he had the gifts of providing such eloquence of song from his voice that it was like he had been trained by the masters.

And then the second celebration of life I went to was for a young man; who I thought was young, but it turned out he was older than I was; but a young man who had run a 50-mile endurance race and even though that may not sound like a big idea to anyone, but what sounded like a big idea to me was that he was visually impaired. He ran marathons and he received his orange belt in karate, he was a magnificent man who just didn’t have his cape with him at all times so that he could fly and soar through the sky.

How amazing it is when you go to a function like these and you hear how people actually lived their lives. They had lives, it just wasn’t all work, and coming home and feeding the children, and getting ready for the next day and doing it all over again, they had lives. And then I looked at how all this reflected on my life, how I could see God’s presence in both of them, how I could see the love of the Heavenly Spirit shine down on both of them, and how that enabled them to share their gifts with others. Yes, when I go to my resting place with the Heavenly Spirit, I look forward to my life being exposed so that people can know about my life, that I did everything, I went everywhere, and that I tried to make this place a better place because that is why we are here.

What beauty and grace can you bring into someone else’s life, by sharing with them a piece of yours that is what I received from them on Saturday. I received the understanding that these two individuals were amazing men, who led fantastic and enjoyable lives, and even though they both probably never knew each other, but that they both shined light so brightly out into this world. I want to thank you my friend and cubicle mate for the amazing stories and the amazing life that you led that I was able to be a witness to much of it. And I want to thank you the other young man who provided a service to us in the building where we worked but he also provided an illumination to this world by showing it how bright the light you can shine out when you can’t even see a light yourself.

What a beautiful weekend I had, thank you God for allowing me to share those two individuals with my Husband, thank you God for allowing me to share these two individuals with all of you today, and thank you God for showing me that its never to late to live your life the way you want too full of energy, full of excitement, full of your purpose, full of your vision, full of life; and it is more than just going to work and coming home, it is a magnificent journey that needs to be shared with this world.

The young man who ran the marathons who was visually impaired they are setting up a foundation for him, to help other people who are visually impaired to be able to run, to be able to be in sports, to be able to be in Olympics, and to be able to live their lives to the fullest and I will continue to provide information on that once I receive that information myself. And to my cubicle family member who had the voice of the angels, and sang like there was truly a heavenly choir here on earth, his memory, his plays, his productions, his musicals, the albums that will be dedicated to him because of his gift, we will see his life as well carry on because his memory was so strong, and his memory meant so much to so many.

We see him now in Heaven singing with the Celestial choir, and providing for the Heavenly Spirit at a closer view of what he provided for us here on Earth. Thank you God for this beautiful day, thank you God for the beautiful experience that I received, and thank you God for letting me see what it truly looks like, and what it truly feels like, and what it truly is to live your life, by giving pleasure and yourself to others, and so it is. God bless you all, Amen and amen

“Life’s Teachable Moments”

Life’s teachable moments, life’s teachable moments. Isn’t it amazing when life can be so sweet, it can be so fulfilling, and then life can also be so sour. But when we are given a life teachable moment, that is when we see life for what it is a blessing from God. Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for allowing me to have feelings, a heart that opened up so wide to receive the love that was given to me by my furry little child Ramses Takaya Aioki Walker. Seven months ago I nursed him back to health from a sickness, I did everything I could we prayed about it, I told him that I would not give up on him because he never gave up on me.

And as of that day I saw he come back, he came back to his former self not a 100 percent like he used to be, but he was back with me and my beloved and we shared Christmas together, we shared Easter together, and I was looking forward to sharing my birthday with him. But when I came home yesterday, and as I rushed home with this sweet excitement of sharing a monumental goal of achievement in my life to become the President of the Board of Trustees at my Church my thought was mainly how was Ramses as I spoke with my husband on the phone.

How was Ramses, and he said Ramses was fine he was still outside; he had stopped coming in the house, and he still wasn’t eating that had been going on for numerous days and he was barely drinking water and as I hurried home to see him. I got in the house I dropped my purse and my other belongings and I opened the sliding glass door and I looked outside and there he was just lying there looking at me, I said to him Ramses please come in the house Mommy wants to see you. I want you to eat now, but he wouldn’t move he just laid there.

So I closed the door and we began to relax for the evening and we ate our dinner and after our evening meal and our prayers for the blessings that we have been given and our prayers for Ramses, my husband went to the sliding glass door to give him a bone hoping that the just finished pork steak bone would allow him the excitement of nourishment to get up and receive it. But what he realized, and what he saw was that Ramses had left us, Ramses had passed at 10:05p.m. We cried, and we cried, and I proceeded to say what did I do, what could I have done, what could have been done differently, but there was nothing that I could have done. There was nothing that could have been done differently I realize that now.

As I take this example in my life and use it as a teachable moment, I realize that my faith is so strong, and I am so glad because I will need it today, more than I have needed it any day of my life. Yes I will take this event that happened in my life as a teachable moment to understand that we all must pass and it’s not so much how we died, as how we lived our lives. Ramses enjoyed himself, he ate well, he was loved, he was feisty, and he was extremely large for a Chow Chow; and, the times we had together, the fun we enjoyed of each other, the protection that he provided me when I was alone in the house by myself I felt that I was loved so much by him.

I will never forget what he meant to me in my life, and the love that my husband felt for him our furry child; we both are grieving at this time. But we both realized that he was suffering, he was suffering, and God found it time to take him away. On Saturday I remember him peering in the door, the sliding screen door and looking at me after he had had a couple sips of water, and I had asked my husband can I let him come in, and he said no baby we are trying to clean up for Easter Sunday, and I remember him looking at me and I’m looking at him, and it was just love, he loved us so very much.. I will never forget my big furry child Ramses, and I will not feel sad about his life because he did enjoy himself tremendously, and in his death we will honor him with a burial, we will have a little service and we will say goodbye to our little furry child, and we will remember all the times we shared with each other.

The emergency room visit we had to make to the hospital because he hurt Emmitt’s chin, and the numerous times we tried to take him to the groomer he was just not strong enough anymore. He was telling me that day when he looked through the sliding screen door, Mommy I’m tired, Mommy I’m tired let me go. I let you go my baby, I let you go my baby, and I will always remember you, and I will always love you, and I will always be thankful to you for the teachable moments that you have given me, for the love that you allowed me to feel in my life, and for the protection that you provided me when you were the man in the house when I was alone, I will always remember you, I will always remember you, and I will always love you, thank you. Amen and amen

“I wish I had figured it out sooner”

I wish I had figured it out sooner, I wish I had figured it out sooner. Life is about being grateful, being appreciative for what you have, not about what can I get, how I can get it, and what is that all about. I wish I had figured it out sooner. Because by the time you have figured out what life is truly about, then life is almost over. I wish I had figured it out sooner, I wish I had figured it out sooner, how important it is to love the Heavenly Spirit. I wish I had figured it out sooner, how important it is to allow something in your life that is bigger, greater, and more attainable than anything you could buy. I wish I had known about it sooner.

I wish I had realized about myself that in my self-consciousness, in my sub consciousness, and in my mind that what I was experiencing was the love of God in my life and I didn’t even realize that was what it was. But now that I have realized what it is all about, I wish I had knew about it sooner; but, what is so amazing, what is such a blessing, and what is such an illumination, is that we are able to see it now for what it is, we are able to realize that with the love of God in your life, that is what it is all about.

You can wish that you had been touched by the Heavenly Spirit sooner, but now that you’ve been touched, now that you’ve been awakened, now that you have been illuminated to change the world, because you are changing yourself; to change the world because you are changing yourself to see it sooner, and you’ve seen it now. So what are you going to do with what you have realized, what are you going to do with, what has been revealed to you, and what are you going to do about what you’ve been given, what are you going to do with the revelation that you wish you had seen sooner.

Well I say for you today, as I will say for myself, thank you God for the revelation, thank you God for bringing into my life what I had no idea I needed, and thank you God, for I am so glad you are in my life. I wish I had seen it sooner; but you know what Lord now that I see it now, now that I see your love for me in my life, this life of mine is going to be a blessing not only to myself, but to the world at large because I see you in my life. I see you in my life, I see you working through me in my life, and I am thankful, I am appreciative, I am grateful for the love of God in my life; and I say thank you God, for the blessings, I say thank you God, for the love you have brought into my life, and I say thank you God, for all that you have given me; for I wish I had seen it sooner, but Lord I am glad I see it now.

And for this and all things, that we see from the love of God in our lives, we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is, Amen and amen, God bless you all.

“Allow yourself to be”

Good day Blessed Ones;

As I was enjoying this amazing day it dawned on me that one of the most hardest things to do in this world is allowing ourselves to be, whatever that to be is. What I mean by this is we don’t allow ourselves to be happy when happiness should be the reason for the day. And we don’t allow ourselves to be joyful when joy is what we are experiencing from within and without. By allowing ourselves to just be, to just be whatever is necessary at the time so that we can be authentic with ourselves and with others that is the true testament of living a life in your truth to yourself and to others.

I am finding that one of the most amazing experiences that I am experiencing in my life is just allowing myself to be happy, even if happiness is not what should be on the agenda at this moment but taking it upon myself to just feel that happiness within myself because that is what I want to allow myself to feel at that exact time and in every moment in my life.

There is always time in the day to be upset about this or that, and Heaven knows there is enough in this world to allow you to be upset all day long if that is what you require. But why don’t we use all of the energy that we have today and every day and allow ourselves to be happy, allow yourself to be happy, allow yourself to be joyful, and allow yourself to be filled with the love of the Heavenly Spirit in your life at this time and at this exact moment. Allow yourself to feel the embracing power of what that love feels like all around you, and allow it to radiate from within you as it also radiates outside of you.

Allow yourself to be taken care of today, allow yourself to feel what it truly feels like to have someone pamper you just because you are who you are, a magnificent expression of God’s on this Earth. Allow yourself to be provided for if that is what is needed at this time in your life. Allow yourself to be set free from all of the worry and fear that comes with not knowing what will happen if you just let go of the structure of life for one day and see how the Universe takes it upon itself to provide for you any and every thing that you need and desire.

Allow yourself to be, allow yourself to just be, and see how that feels for once without any solution, any direction, or any determination of what is right and what is wrong. Just allowing yourself to see each and every situation that arises as something that will be a new experience to you and for you; because you are now seeing this or that with brand new eyes, and those eyes are allowing you to be blessed by the Heavenly Spirit even more so because you are allowing Him to take care of it all, and you are allowing and trusting that whatever it all is, it will be just fine since it will be divinely provided for you.

I am so glad that we are allowing ourselves to just be today, so that when tomorrow comes, and when we finally see for ourselves how amazing the day before really turned out to be. And by realizing that it turned out the way it did because we allowed ourselves to trust, to have faith and to just be what we have always been meant to be; children of the Most High, with the best intentions of good and love in our lives. Try this for yourself today, try this for yourself this week, try allowing yourself to just be and see what happens to us all, and so it is. God bless you all,

“Do You Love Yourself”

Do you love yourself? Do you love yourself? When it comes to this question, let’s get away from what you look like on the outside. Let’s get away from what your hair looks like, what your eyes look like, what your body figure or stature looks like. How big your feet are or how wide your waist is; let’s get away from those things, and let’s love ourselves and let’s look at do we love ourselves for what’s within ourselves?

Do you love yourself? Do you love your values? Do you love your morals? Do you love the norms that you feel about yourself? Do you love your integrity? Do you love your truth? Do you love yourself? When I think of these questions I think about sitting in the stillness and wondering to myself “do I love myself”? Do I see myself as just another person walking along this long journey that we call a spiritual path? Or do I see myself as an individual on its own spiritual path finding its true existence and its true meaning because of the strong values, the strong norms and the strong character that I have within myself.

I can honestly say that I love myself. I love myself for the choices that I have made. I love myself for the truth that I feel in my heart, and I love myself for the patience that I have learned to acquire, for the strength that I feel in my character, and for the integrity that I have within my soul. I love myself; and to love yourself is not always an easy task. Sometimes we love ourselves, but we know sometimes we make the wrong choices for ourselves, but we have to love ourselves anyway because of it. Loving yourself for all that you are, loving yourself for all that you will ever be, and loving yourself for who you are at this exact moment, that is the true testimony of loving yourself.

At this exact space, place and time, do you love yourself? Do you feel that you could be just fine with just the love of yourself in your life? It’s not necessary for you to be loved by everyone, it’s not necessary for you to feel that you must be liked by everyone, but it is necessary that you like and love yourself, when you sit in the quiet times of the day by yourself. When I sit in the quiet times of the day by myself, I am so excited to be able to spend quality time alone with my own thoughts or better yet with no thoughts at all. With just the love, the warm glowing feeling of love in my being, I love myself; and, as I grow older and more in tune with myself, I find that I love myself even more because I just am amazed at the growth, the spectacular growth that happens in my life to myself on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Yes I love myself, I love myself from the inside out, I love myself because of my character, because of my strength, and because of my strong conviction to be authentic to not only everyone else but to myself, I love myself, I love myself. Take this day, take this moment, take this time in your life to look deep within your heart and see for yourself how amazingly beautiful you are, see for yourself just what it means to open up yourself to yourself, and to see how amazing you are. I hope you too will find it within yourself to see the beauty that you have so much from within that allows you to shine your beauty throughout this world. For you are beautiful, you are loving, and you deserve to be loved by the most important person in your life, yourself. Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all


Dear Heavenly Father I am grateful, I am thankful, and I am appreciative of my life. Yes, Lord I was just sitting here thinking, actually I was sitting here going through a meditation and then I was pulled out of my meditation to think of these four letters, H.E.L.P. Help: He enables love to progress in my life. He enables love to progress in my life. Help in my life; Lord sometimes the World wants you to feel that you’re alone, and sometimes Lord the World wants you to feel like everything is lost.

But Lord I can’t feel that way; I can’t feel that my circumstance whatever it may be will not turn out positively in my life. I cannot feel that everything that may be going wrong will continue to go wrong because that’s not what I see in my life. He enables love to progress in my life; God helps me, he enables love to progress in my life, and in my life there is love, in my life I am able to share love with others, and in my life I am able to see that life for how sweet and sometimes bitter it can be, it is a blessing regardless.

He enables love to progress in my life and because of that I am blessed. Because of the Heavenly Spirit enabling love to progress in my life I am blessed. Yes things may happen, and things may occur, and things may transpire, but love and my faith allow me to carry on. You will have days that are cold and bitter, and you will have days that are sunshiny and blessed and you will see the glory in the morning. You will see it all, that’s what life is, life is seeing it all. Not seeing what you choose to see, seeing it all, seeing what is here, seeing what is within, seeing your Spirit continue on because of the love that you have in your heart for the All Mighty, for the Heavenly Father, for the Heavenly Spirit, for something bigger and larger than yourself.

Because when you look at your life, and you see how far you have come in your progression of yourself, you realize that your so much more than your circumstance, you realize that you’re so much bigger than your situation, you realize that you are amazing, and because of that amazement, because of that magnificence you will continue to move forward.

I have a very good friend in my life, an awesome young lady who I met about 10 years ago when I was a student in college. And as an older student I found myself being taught but also teaching; we taught and learned from each other; and this past weekend when we said our goodbyes as she went back home to be with her husband and in-laws from a nice stay she had with her family in Lodi. It reminded me about how far we both had come because of the H.E.L.P. in our lives from the Heavenly Spirit.

She has matured into the magnificent and amazing beautiful young woman that she is, and I have continued to nurture and love our relationship and it has brought such beautifulness to my Spirit to know that we can be 20 years in our difference in age, but we can still have a bond that binds us to each other. And that bond is that we both see beauty in this World, we both see love in this Universe, we both have an open mind to understand that yes there may be opportunities for things to go awry but mostly there are opportunities for things to be successful. Yes my girlfriend Thirath has taught me so much about life, she’s taught me so much about myself, she’s taught me that even an old dog can learn new tricks, and even a new pup can teach an old dog a trick or two. I love my friend, I love my friend and she loves me, and even though we may come from different cultures, and different ethnicity’s, and different upbringings, and just different backgrounds, we are sisters on a journey of enlightenment together, thank you my dear for that.

He enables love to progress in my life, by having an open mind and always seeing good I am open to receive the blessings of love, kinship, and fellowship in my life from many different sources. He enables love to progress in my life; I thank you God for giving me HELP, I thank you God for showing me that HELP was needed, and I thank you God for allowing HELP to be part of my existence. For you enabled love to progress in my life and because of that love in my life I am blessed and enabled to bless and share that blessing with others.

May the Heavenly Spirit provide for you today the enlightenment, and provide for you today the HELP that you need to shine out your light into the world, the HELP that you require to show you that today is just as beautiful as it was yesterday, and tomorrow will be just as beautiful as it is today, let HELP shine in your life. Let the Heavenly Father enable love in your life, let the Heavenly Father bring your love from within, let the Heavenly Father show you how much you are loved, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all,