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“Love Yourself”

Good day Blessed Ones;

Love yourself, see for yourself a life that is filled with love, because that love first comes from within and then it is projected outward into the Universe and out into the World. See for yourself what your life would look like if you began your day with loving on you, if you began your day with treating yourself with kindness, and being gentle with yourself, because that is what you have always been for others, and that is what is expected of you in how you treat others, but this is not always expected of you to treat yourself.

Think about this for a moment, you begin your day by running for yourself a warm relaxing and soothing bubble bath, you take care in preparing the water just so that it is neither too warm, nor too cool, and as the water is ready for you to immerse yourself into it, and to feel a sense of pure and loving decadence just for you. You poured into the water that you drew for yourself the scented oils that you have had for those special occasions when you wanted to do something loving with your significant other; or you took some time for yourself in the morning before you hurriedly left your home to prepare for yourself a meal that was not only nourishing to your body, but was also appealing to your eyes, because it was prepared specially just for you today.

You are showing yourself love, you are taking time out of your day to experience for yourself just what it feels like to pamper, and to prepare for someone else, but just this time the person that you are preparing for, and the person that you are pampering is yourself. Now I have found that when I have truly felt that I am so amazing and so loved by all that is here to love me, is when I have reached within myself and have touched my own heart by loving and caring so gently and lovingly for myself. I cannot provide a loving environment for someone else, nor can I show that person or persons the love that I want to experience with them or receive from them if I cannot show to myself that loving energy as well. Love yourself, take yourself out to dinner, prepare that special bath for yourself, take that special trip that you have wanted to do with yourself, and see how much love you allow into your life just by first allowing you to love yourself.

I will never forget the first time that I looked into the mirror and finally and full heartily said to myself “I love you”. I mean many times when we look in a mirror it is done in passing and it is usually done quickly, we get up, we bathe, and then we quickly put on make-up, or we shave, and/or wash our faces and then we are out the door. But did we during that entire 30 or 40 minutes take it upon ourselves to say to ourselves “wow, you look amazing today, and I love you so very much”.

Yes, to look at ourselves within that instant, and to see within our own eyes just how amazing we are to ourselves, which will then vibrate out into this World just how amazing we are to others as well. Love yourself, love yourself for all that you are, and all that you ever want to become, and all that you see for yourself in your future. I see for myself a future that is so bright, more so now than I have ever seen before, and the reason behind those feelings is not because I have just won the lottery, or that I have finally paid off that car that I had been paying on for the last four years; no, the reason that I am so excited and so looking forward to what is around the corner, and what is around the bend; is because finally I go into this future, and into this amazing knowing of all positiveness with the notion that I love myself, and because I love myself so much, there is nothing I cannot do, there is nothing that I cannot have, and there is nothing that cannot be manifested within my life because of the love of the Heavenly Spirit, and the love of myself in this world. Wow, the possibilities are endless and they are so numerous for abundance to come to me, to come into my life, and to come into my world.

So I say to you today, to love the person in your life that is always with you, whether you want that person to see the crazy things that you have done, or to cheer you on for the amazingly wonderful things that you do, and that person is yourself. Love yourself, love yourself, and see what it truly feels like to begin the day on a note of self-love, of self-significance, of self-awareness, and of self-acknowledgement, that what has been birthed inside of you is something that will change your life, because you finally have found love for yourself, and that person that you are showing that love to is you, and you are so deserving of all that love of self, that you want to share with this world. So share that love, and put the love light on you, for you are so worthy, you are so amazing, and you are so blessed for finally allowing the love of yourself, to shine out into this world, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all


“You’re Life”

Dear Heavenly Father I want to thank you once again for a beautiful day. I want to thank you Lord, for allowing me to see my life the way it truly truly is. Lord, for some reason I imagined my life to be free of trials and tribulations, I imagined my life Lord to be free of obstacles and distractions, and I imagined my life to be free of unwanted, unsolicited, unwarranted, and unnecessary pain and suffering. But then Lord I remembered that why should my life be any different than the numerous others who have lived their lives before me, and were able to still find it within themselves to be blessed, to be loved, and to be relevant here through it all.

Why should my life be always a day of praises and promises of good, and not experiencing situations and needless to say tribulations of bad? I must experience it all Lord, I understand that now to truly truly experience what is positive, what is a blessing, what is a bountiful cornucopia of all the good that is given to me must be first tested with the trials and the tribulations, with the challenges and the obstacles, with the irrelevant nuances of problems, and how I will deal with them is what will make me who I am.

How I deal with those trials and tribulations, allow me to see myself in true character; how I deal with the bad and the good in my life allows me to be a balanced and relevant individual, to be congruent to what is true; and, in my soul yes there will be days of bountiful blessings, and yes there will be days of trials and tribulations, but there will also be days of great understanding that the Heavenly Spirit, is here to love me, and because of that love, I will continue to rest assure that what is given to me, is given to me as a learning tool, that will allow me to continue to be on the right road of salvation for my soul.

There was a time, when a trial would come into my life, and I would have taken myself back to the way I used to be, in my days of long ago and long past, but those days are no longer, and those trials do not make me feel conflicted, confused, or incoherent to what is good in my life. Yes, there will be obstacles, and yes, there will be challenges; but what is so amazing, what is so revealing, and what is so phenomenal, is that through it all I still stand tall, through it all I still stand tall, and I stand erect knowing that what has truly affected my life has been a blessing, that I was needing to receive as a lesson. No I do not feel that my life is destined to be filled with trials, nor do I feel that my life is destined to be filled with all good things. But I do know this to be true, that my life, that my existence, that my world is to be filled with the love of the Heavenly Spirit, and because of the love of the Heavenly Spirit, I am free, I am open, I am blessed; and I am available to receive my good because I am open to receive it all, I am open to receive it all.

So I say to you today, be open to receive it all, be open to see what is truly truly being said to you, be open to find out for yourself what your life is truly here to be, what your manifestation, what your being, what your blessing is to be given to you. For believe me when I tell you a life well lived, is a life we all want to receive, receive the life that is so willing to be given to you, receive the life that you so desperately deserve, and receive the life with the good, the bad, and all the in-between, for you will see how it develops your character, as you stand tall through it all, and as you lead yourself to that victory lap of your life, your life, your life, your life, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

“The Overwhelming Overflowing Abundance”

Good day Blessed Ones;

So I am just going to come out and say it, I am enjoying overwhelming overflowing abundance at this time in my life. Now let me explain because it sounds so out there doesn’t it, when someone says to you that I feel this amazing sense of positivity, of abundance overwhelmingly; and I feel this overflow of happiness that can only be attributed to the fact that I am filled with great joy and happiness, which together from what I have learned from our last Sunday’s service at Church means that I am “blissed out.”

Yes, you heard me correctly I am full of the word “bliss”. Now you may say to yourself as I would have if I were you, what do you mean that you are blissed out? What has happened to you, and what has influenced you and your life, to the point that you can even fathom this type of emotion with all that you have going on in your life and all that you are experiencing from one moment to the next? Well to be honest with you all, that is a promise that I have made to myself for this year, and that is what our church’s congregation has been tasked with for the year 2014. We have been asked to be blissed out, we have been asked to see within ourselves, and within our lives nothing but overwhelming, overflowing abundance in our lives, and just to take each and every day from that standpoint and see what happens.

You know I am not going to try to tell you, that to see life as something that is always positive and always forthcoming, with nothing but good things, good thoughts, and good times may not be something that you can feel you can accomplish while you are sitting at home unemployed, or while you are experiencing a health challenge, because to you at this particular time, that is not what you are feeling, the overwhelming overflowing of abundance of any type or any form in your life; but believe me when I tell that that is what you need to start feeling, that is what you need to start seeing, and that is what will allow you to pull yourself up from whatever it is that is holding you down, and to feel what is possible if you allow yourself to see your life the way you truly want your life to be.

Now, I may be experiencing the worst situation imaginable, and the World out there may have ideas as to ways of making that an even more challenge able experience; but since my Heavenly Father has entered my life, and since I am full to the brim with what feels so good to me right here and right now, I say to you as I am saying to myself, we are here to receive love and all good things on this Earth, and since the Universe sees fit to continue to bless me as I continue to show my blessings to this World by showing love, forgiveness, hope, faith and good things, well I will do what is the only right thing to do, and just accept it and just keep that good feeling moving forward and moving on.

I want to see my life continuing in a realm of happiness, I want to continue to find ways to bring about happiness to others, and as the Good Lord continues to be willing, and allows me the opportunity to continue to shine my light of love and hope out to so many others, I say Lord I will continue to be blissed out since you continue to bless me out as well. May you always see within yourself a life, that can be so much more if you just see that for yourself. See for yourself a life of joy, see for yourself a life of love, and see for yourself that overwhelming, overflowing abundance that is here for you to receive; and if all you need to do is think it to be true in your life, I say think it and make it so, I say think it and see what happens, I say think it and let the blessings rain down on you, that you are so worthy to receive, and that the Heavenly Father so wonderfully wants to give you, and for these blessings, and for this bliss we say three times, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

“I feel Good all over”

I am so happy today dear Sweet Spirit, I feel good all over and I truly am in love with my life, with my beloved, and with this amazing journey that I am experiencing in my Spiritual growth. I feel like I have just been given the golden ticket to a life that is rippling with all good things. What a blessing it is to feel so full with the Spirit, and so full with all that is resonating within me, this amazing feeling of joy that I am experiencing is almost too much for my little body to bear.

Lord, I feel good all over, I feel so wonderful, I feel that all that is mine to have will be given to me, and I can’t see anything negative coming my way. I cross out all of the negativity that may have entered into my life in the past, and blaze forward into this future of all that is right, and all that is true, and I embrace the unknown with the passion of a child seeing a new toy for the very first time. I feel so good dear Sweet Spirit, I feel so good for all that is going on in my life is but a blessing to get me to where I need to go to get to the next level; and, the next level of my existence and of my life looks amazing, dear Heavenly Father.

The next level of my life looks full to the brim with all good things. I see for me a life of pure joy and love, and right now as I am filled to the brim of the essence of what it truly feels like to love, to be in love, and to feel the loving arms of a good man, a good provider, and a man that also loves God with all his heart and soul; glory be to God for finding for me what was so needed in my life, and thank you my Heavenly Father for paring me with someone who brings joy into my world, who uplifts my soul with his love for you dear Spirit, and if I may say so again it feels good, it feels so good all over to love, and to be loved.

I will remember this day for the rest of my life, I will remember this feeling all the days of my life. I will never forget the joy that I am experiencing, I will never forget the sheer feeling of exuberance that I am taking into my soul, for this feeling is not something that I can truly explain, this feeling is not something that can be bought, this feeling is only something that can be resonated from within, because of the love that I have for the Heavenly Father, and the love that the Heavenly Father has for me, and for this and all that it entails, we say thank you God for all this love, thank you God for this feeling that I am feeling, and thank you God for giving me breath, so that I feel this good all over forevermore, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all,

“I Stand in Faith”

Good day Blessed Ones;

I am so excited to speak with you all today, I have been struggling with a head cold, I have been tasked with numerous trials at my place of employment, and to top that off my husband had also been ill during all of this as well. But what I kept finding myself hearing in my mind, as well as feeling in my soul was that “I Stand in Faith”. I stand in faith that any and everything that I am experiencing will be taken away from me and provided in its place an opportunity from the challenge whatever that challenge may be.

I have to say that when you are struggling with any type of health challenge it always allows you to spend much needed time with yourself in solitude and in reflection, and what usually comes out of those reflective times are ideas and thoughts of woe is me, and why is this happening, and such and such. But what I found myself doing as I was allowing myself to mend, and as I was participating in the mending of my beloved were continuous thoughts and prayers of thankfulness. I was thankful that I was experiencing this health challenge only because it meant that I was alive, and that I was able to bounce back and become an even greater expression of the great “I AM” by receiving the healing words and the healing love from my Heavenly Spirit. Wow, what a revelation this past week has been for me and for my family, and as we continue to get stronger and healthier with each breath and each loving spoon of soup that we eat to heal our bodies, we have continually received the love of God as well.

Now in regards to my place of employment, that situation took a little bit more forgiveness on my part, and it also took me to great lengths to ask myself why, why is it, that when you finally decide to give your life, yourself, and your entire being over to the Heavenly Spirit; why should and why do these trials and tribulations continue to happen, and why are you constantly in a fight for your soul, and for your life at this time. And the only word that I could think of was “Forgive”. Forgive those that go out of their way to make your life a storm instead of a bright shiny day, forgive those that feel so threatened by your amazing and magnificent light that shines out from you into this World, because they do not feel or see that within themselves, forgive them all; and once I did that, I no longer felt hurt by man, when I did that, I no longer felt that they had any control over me at all, I just decided that I will stand in faith on this one dear Sweet Spirit.

For when things are so far out of my reach of understanding, I stand in faith and rest assured that the Heavenly Father will provide for me what is needed to get through this and any other situation that needs addressing, for my faith is strong and my God is an amazing Father. For he will continue to provide for me, when there is no one else there to provide for me, my Heavenly Father will see my true heart when others try to tear down the loving spirit that I am, and that I have within my soul; no, I stand in faith and I rest assured that what is needed, and what is necessary in my life to bring me closer to and to allow the Heavenly Spirit to show his majesty in my life will be manifested. I stand in faith today, tomorrow, and forevermore, for I know my Father will protect me, and I know my Father loves me, and I rest assured that what is mine to have, and what is mine to be given, will be given to me by the Heavenly Spirit, and for this revelation, and for this peace that I am experiencing in my life; I say thank you God for all the strength that you have given me to weather any and every storm that comes my way. I say thank you God for the love that you allow me to feel for myself and for those that may not love me or care for me Lord, and for them I will continue to shine out into this World forgiveness; and, I say thank you God, for allowing me to understand just how much my life has been blessed because of my journey, and my walk with You, for I will never worry, for I am protected, and loved, by the Heavenly Spirit, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

“I Surrender to the Oneness, and I am Free”

“I Surrender to the Oneness, and I am Free”

Let’s prepare ourselves for meditation; let’s take this time to find a comfortable seat, and position ourselves with our backs firmly placed against the back of the chair we are seated in, and rest your feet firmly on the ground or floor beneath you. Take your hands and put them in an upright cupped position, and lay them gently on our lap, and as we do this, we can begin to take a deep breath in, breathing in all of the cleansing pure air of Spirit, and then let it out, letting out all of the unnecessary thoughts, all of the stress and tension, that we may be experiencing at this time.

Take another deep cleansing breath in, and as you receive this breath of the Heavenly Spirit, allow that breath to roam in your body, feeling the goodness, feeling the love, and feeling the purity of Spirit; and then as you exhale that breath, exhale out of your lungs anything that is not necessary, anything that is not providing you with the betterment that your soul so craves at this time.

And as we continue to relax, and to continue to breathe in and to breathe out, close your eyes if we feel comfortable to do so; and, by closing your outer eyes, you are closing yourself to the outer World, and allowing the inner World, your mind’s eye to open. Let’s visualize together a magnificent roaring waterfall, the waterfall is so majestic, as the water flows down, and down into a beautiful pool of blue liquid; so cool is the water to the touch. This waterfall shows us the amazing majesty of the Heavenly Spirit, and with each drop of this water, we are provided an opportunity to feel the love of the Heavenly Spirit, and as those numerous droplets touch our faces, they provide us with the loving comfort of a much needed kiss on our very faces.

We are experiencing oneness, the oneness with the Heavenly Spirit; and this oneness that we experience with the Heavenly Spirit, allows us to feel free, free and full of all the love that is here for us to receive. The Heavenly Spirit provides us with the amazing feelings of comfort, such as a warm and loving hand on our back allowing us to know that we are always supported, and we are always cared for; and as we continue to hear this beautiful and magnificent roaring, roaring waterfall, and as the water continues to travel down down into the beautiful pool of blue liquid beneath it.

We realize that this moment with the Heavenly Spirit, is a moment of pure bliss, the silence, the water, the love; they are all connected, they are all providing us with the freedom, that the oneness with the Heavenly Spirit allows. The freedom with the oneness that the Heavenly Spirit allows, and as we begin to go into the silence of this moment, we will affirm to ourselves silently, “in the silence of this moment, in the oneness shared with the Heavenly Spirit, I am free”; we recite these words again to ourselves silently, “in the silence of this moment, in the oneness shared with the Heavenly Spirit, I am free;” remember these words as we go into the silence……..


Yes, yes, yes, in the oneness shared with the Heavenly Spirit, the oneness in the silence with the Heavenly Spirit, allows us to feel freedom, allows us to feel free, and allows us to feel the love, which is always here for us in the silence, in the oneness shared with the Heavenly Spirit. Always remember, you are always loved, you are always blessed, and you are always free, because of the oneness, because of the silence, because of the love of the Heavenly Spirit; and, for this we say three times, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all,