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Dear Heavenly Spirit, as we finish off this year, and as we begin another year; I have begun to realize that everything that I have accomplished and all that I have wanted to see come to fruition in my life thus far have been because of this little word “Yes”. I have learned that instead of saying no to this or that, what I have experienced is that the most powerful word in this World and in my existence is the word “Yes”.

Yes, I am glad that I am alive, yes, I am fulfilled with the love of the Heavenly Spirit, and yes, my life is so complete because of all the love that I feel from you Sweet Spirit and from this World in general. I may not know each and every person that walks this Earth, but I do know that when I voice the word “Yes” to the Universe, the only thing that I see coming back to me is love; the amazing, and fulfilling dream, of all that is good and all that is true and it is love.

Yes, I am here to make a difference in not only my life, but in the lives of so many others. Yes, I am finally feeling the closeness that I have wanted for so long to feel between myself and so many others, because of the love that I am receiving from within myself as well as from others; and yes, I may not yet be able to move mountains with the words that I speak, but I am able to move, and change lives by the love and inspiration that adheres to my words.

Yes, my new word, and the only word that I want to feel coming from my lips are these three letters that signify to me, and to the ones that hear my words that all that is necessary in your life to be what you have always wanted yourself to be is possible by just saying yes. Yes, I want to feel you in my life dear Heavenly Spirit, yes, I want to surrender myself to all that is good and all this is right in this world, and yes, I may not always know how to get to where I am going but I do know dear Sweet Spirit that you know, and because of that illumination, I am free, I am loved, and I am forgiven and allowed to continue on my journey to see my life anew, to see my life birthed into something else that will allow me to continue to feel this way for all time.

I say yes, to you my Heavenly Father, so that you may use me to do what is needed in my lifetime to bring about a healing to this world. I say yes, dear Sweet Spirit so that you may see that what was once a child afraid of the dark has now become a woman ready and willing to use her life to relay your love and your words of salvation to this World. I am healed, and I am alive because of all the love that you have allowed to be given to me in my life, I say yes, for what was once only the beginning to a story that needed to be given a message that would bring about great beauty and great love into this world, has finally been written because of the love of you; yes, my Heavenly Father I say use me for all that I am, and all that I will ever be is but a tool, that can be used by you for the betterment of this World. I say yes, I say yes, and I say yes, for this and all that it entails, I say yes and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all


“Surrendering yourself to the Silence”

Let’s prepare ourselves for meditation, take a seat and relax yourself, and as you are easing your body into that comfortable chair or bench at this time. Take a deep breath in, and allow that breath to fill up your lungs with the cool and refreshing air of the Heavenly Spirit, and then exhale slowly; take another deep cleansing breath in, breathing in all of the love, and all of the loving ions that are swirling around us at this time into our lungs, and hold that breath for a moment, and then let it out, letting out all of the tension, all of the stress, and all of the unpleasantness that may be with you at this time.

And as we continue to relax and to enjoy the warm and comfortable seat that we are in at this time, lets clear our minds from any thoughts and allow ourselves to close our outer eyes, if we feel comfortable to do so, and then with our mind’s eye let’s take this time to visualize for ourselves a beautiful lush paradise right in front of us. And in this paradise we have found an inviting sandy path just waiting for us to be taken on a little walk with the Heavenly Spirit, hand in hand we go, as we enjoy the vista of all of the lush flora and fauna, and the beautiful trees that seem that they have just leaped out from the soil of Mother Earth to see and bear witness to the Heavenly Father’s presence at this time.

In the close distance we begin to hear the sounds of water, and just right ahead of us is the most majestic and royally bursting waterfall we have ever witnessed with our eyes; it is so beautiful with the roaring of the water and the beautiful mists of water that are falling down toward our faces as drops of the most delectable dew we have ever experienced.

This is the loving water of the Heavenly Spirit showering us with all of the love and all of the amazing wetness of a humid summer day that has been drenched with all of the moisture that could have been squeezed out just for us, just for the cooling down period that we have so needed from the warm and toasty sun.

As we continue to relax on the chair or bench that we are sitting on, we begin to feel a calmness within our minds that is so needed at this time. This calmness allows you to feel a precious moment of quietness, a feeling that you have not experienced before, but something that you have only heard about. But now with all that is surrounding you and all of the love of the Heavenly Spirit giving you this amazing moment in time to just relax, and to feel what surrendering yourself to the silence really feels like. Being able to sit and hear the pure silence, to listen for the smallest voice to talk with you, the slightest sound and for a moment there is peace, your mind has stopped racing, your breathing has allowed your heart to slow down to a slow rhythmic pace, and you are experiencing a time of quietness with the Heavenly Spirit and all of nature.

This period of surrendering yourself to the silence has allowed you to feel warm and toasty inside, and as you continue to relax and to feel nothing but a warm glow, a warm loving glow within your being; I want you to remember this affirmation and repeat it to yourself silently, “I surrender myself to the silence of all that is good and holy, I surrender myself to the silence to wait and hear the pure blessing of this moment, I surrender myself to the silence of love engulfing me in all that is good and all that is pure in this world, I surrender myself to the silence”.

We say again to ourselves silently “I surrender myself to the silence of all that is good and holy, I surrender myself to the silence to wait and hear the pure blessing of this moment, I surrender myself to the silence of love engulfing me in all that is good and all that is pure in this world, I surrender myself to the silence,” and as we go into the silence of this moment at this time,” continue to remember these words as you go into the silence.


Yes, yes, yes, to surrender yourself to the silence allows you to quiet your outside world, and to just sit and listen to your inside world, to sit and listen to all that is good and pure, and to slow down and take a breath, as you are releasing into the Universe your true purpose at this time; to be still, to be alive, and to be loved by the Heavenly Spirit. Take this time to remember the beautiful paradise, take this time to remember the roaring waterfall, and take this time to remember to surrender yourself to the blessings of pure silence, of pure love, and of pure reverence that all that is needed to be done will be done, but right now, you are surrendering yourself to the silence, surrender yourself, surrender yourself, surrender yourself to the silence, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

“Learn to Love”

Good day Blessed Ones;

Of all the things that I have learned in my life, I think one of the most precious things I have learned is to love. I think this particular skill is more important than anything else I could have ever learned as a child. To learn to love, to share love with others, and to understand that when you love someone, you need to love them unconditionally with all their faults and freedoms.

I love myself so much, and it is only because of the love that I feel for the Heavenly Spirit, that has enabled me to be so open and loving not only to myself, but to any and every one that I meet, and that I come across in my days of travels through this World. I want to always see the good in people so that I can always shine into their hearts the love that I feel from myself into their lives as well.

Life can be such a glorious ride if you allow yourself to love someone and to let someone love you in return. This past weekend we shared the love of ourselves my husband and I with so many friends and family this past Saturday. And all I kept thinking about during the entire festivity was, I hope everyone is feeling the love that we are sharing with them right now, and if not what could I do to make that love light shine directly into their hearts and into their minds at this time.

It is such a wonderful feeling to open up your home, and your heart, to others when you have received so much from them throughout the days, weeks, and months of this amazingly wonderful year. As we begin to prepare ourselves for Christmas Eve, and as we look forward to this Christmas Day, I would like to share with you what I would love to see in my life for all of you.

I wish you and your loving families years filled with all good things, I see you sharing your love of self and your love of the Heavenly Spirit with each and every one that you meet; and I also see you learning to love all over again; this was not something that you had forgotten to do for yourself and others, but it is something that we need to be reminded to do from time to time. Learn to love again, learn to share the love that you have within your heart of hearts with all of us, and allow us to share our love of self and this World with you; for believe me when I tell you, all I have ever wanted to do in my life was to feel love, was to share love, and was to be loved, so let’s do that together with each other, for each other, and for this World.

For the Heavenly Spirit loves each and every one of us, let that love light of yours shine out into the World, and let the loving arms of the Heavenly Spirit provide you with a warm heart, a sentimental thought, and all the love that is so yours to receive this holiday season and beyond; learn to love again, learn to love unconditionally, learn to love and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

“I Give my Life to You”

Dear Heavenly Father, blessed are we who have found peace and love, in your loving arms as we walk this Earth of man. We rejoice in the knowing that all this is here for us, and to be given to us, was first a thought and a dream of yours dear Sweet Spirit. For had we not been given the kingdom of your words, we would not have known just what was needed in our lives to be a better person in the eyes of you our Sweet Heavenly Spirit.

I see now that all that is here for me to receive, is first here to be given to me as a way of showing me that I have not been forsaken, I have not been allowed to walk this road alone. I walk this road of life with you my Heavenly Spirit, and it is because of you that all that I am, and all that I have is so appreciated, so lovingly given to me, and so blessed is the prosperity that has come into my life because of you my dear Sweet Spirit.

Allow me to continue to feel your love for me in my life, allow me to continue to see the blessings that you, and only you can provide for me in this realm; and dear Sweet Spirit, allow me to remember now and always that what was once just a thought in the mindful stream of the Universe, is now what it was truly meant to be and that is a body that the Heavenly Spirit has allowed to be blessed, to be loved, and to be given everlasting life. For all this and so much more we say, thank you God for all the blessings, thank you God for all the love, and thank you God, for the dream that is now my world, that is now my life, that is now my reality, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life”.

Good day Blessed Ones, I so love this Biblical verse; and, it doesn’t matter which Bible version your receive your word from, as long as the word that you receive resonates the truth of the words of the Heavenly Spirit. I think of all the Bible verses that are tossed around during this and every holiday season, it is this one that means so much to me.

I was blessed by a co-worker today you gave me one of the most memorable gifts I could have received this holiday season and that was the gift of 25 days of Advent. And as I continue to celebrate this amazing holiday season with the true reason of the season, and that is the birth of Christ, and the awaiting of the coming of Christ again. The birth of Christ was a day of such illumination as the foretelling of the child that would make the world what it was meant to be which is a world of great love, and great understanding. I am so excited to celebrate this year’s visitation of all that is good and all that is needed and necessary in our world today.

We are here to celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ; and, as we find new and interesting ways to show our families and friends just how much they mean to us during this holiday period, maybe what we should be doing is showing them just how much they mean and have meant to our Heavenly Father. As the scriptures reads “For God so loved the World, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life”. That is to me the reason for this season, and that is the gift that I want to share with my family and friends.

We all are so loved by our Heavenly Father that he gave his only son (Jesus the Christ) to give us the life that we have and that we are leading right now. Doesn’t that make you feel that your life is so more important than that video game that is just the rave this year, or even more important than anything that you could ever buy or possess; your life, your existence, and your soul are what we are so happy for this year and every year. It is your good nature and your good spirits that generate a feeling of warmth and love that is what continues to keep this world and yourself in the loving embrace of the Heavenly Spirit.

May you find within yourself just what makes this holiday season the gift that it was meant to be, and once you realize that within your heart, share that message, share that love, and share that amazing gift that you are with everyone you can, and everyone you meet. For you have finally realized what is the true meaning for this amazing holiday, and that is you being reborn and given life because of the sacrifice that was given for you so very long ago. God bless you all this very special Christmas season, and may you always be the gift that continues to give, and to give, and to give to the world, and so it is. Amen and amen.

“What is your Destiny?”

Dear Heavenly Father, I think I’m healed, I feel I’m healed. Dear Heavenly Father, I have been taking care of myself, this holiday season has been so busy, so monumental, and so magnanimous. What a beautiful feeling it is to be invited to so many places, and to be expected to be at so many venues, and still find time to converse and spend time with the Heavenly Spirit.

For these past couple of days I haven’t written, I have just been soaking it all in, and as I’ve said I have been dealing with a health challenge that I think has now been mended and or is on the mend. Sometimes we need to slow down and just, just take a breath, and just take care of ourselves. Yesterday was the first time I had ever made a cup of coffee for myself in my home and it really felt like my home, I don’t know exactly what that means but sometimes you just are not present to all the things that you do, and your body just goes through the motions and takes you through the steps and allows you to get from point A to point B, and sometimes you don’t even know how you got there.

I thought about my destiny yesterday, as I laid in bed there mending and taking care of myself, and watching numerous love stories, and love comedies and movies, and they all were centered around what is your destiny? I have to say that I feel, I feel so happy, happier than I have felt in many many years, very very happy. I feel spiritually fed, I feel lovingly fed, and I feel appreciated, and I am very thankful for that.

So the question is what is your destiny? And every time you ask yourself this question, it should be at a time when something monumental happened in your life. That could be you got over an illness, or you experienced a personal challenge, or a personal triumph, or you just became aware. In that spilt second of a day when you finally sat down and realized that this is your life, but what is your destiny? What is the thing that calls to you no matter how many times you try to push it aside, what is your destiny? What is that thing burning inside of your soul wanting you to express it out into the world, wanting you to see for yourself just how amazing you really are; and even though there may be more than just one of you in this world with that particular talent that you have, you on this side of the world have been given a burning desire to birth your destiny.

We are all given a desire, a passion, an amazing dream in our minds, and as we think about that, and as we think ourselves out of that, we begin to realize that time has ticked away, and is it still time to take that destiny ride that you have been given in your life? Sometimes when I write in my mind, I don’t have the time to grab a piece of paper or even to record it, it just comes and then it goes, and then I say to myself wow I can’t remember what that thought was, that’s your destiny. When your dream comes to you, when the burning desire, that passionate fever of an idea comes to you, and gives you your destiny, your purpose, your alignment, call it whatever you will, don’t take too long to grab a piece of paper, don’t take too long to try to record the idea, act on it right away. For time is only slipping away, there is a reason that you have been given that idea, there is a reason that you have been given that purpose, that aha moment that you finally have realized in your mind that this is why I was truly meant to be here; we all have a purpose, we all have a reason, we all have a purpose, to fulfill that purpose, to fulfill that dream, to fulfill that idea, is what is your destiny.

Destiny, you are destined to go further, you are destined to dream bigger, you are destined to be that shining star that we see in the sky. The star that allows us to dream again, and to not only dream again, but to realize that with each dream, with each idea, with each true vision, that is captured, that is remembered, that is developed, that leads to your destiny; don’t miss the opportunity to follow the breadcrumbs in your mind, that connect the dots, that fit the pieces together, that allow you to see the true picture, the true purpose, the full vision, your destiny, your destiny, your destiny, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

“Just Accept”

Just Accept, just accept. Dear Heavenly Father, I am sitting here trying to understand what you are telling me today. I’m trying to understand the message that you are giving me today, just accept. What does it mean? As I’m looking through the looking glass of my mind seeing the words just accept. Just accept that the love that you have is the love that you are willing to receive in your life, just accept. Just accept that the whole world wants to love you, just accept. Just accept that maybe this time things will be so different than they were previously, just accept.

Just accept the good that wants to come into your life, just accept the love that wants to come into your heart, just accept the time that wants to come into your time management schedule, just accept. What does it mean, just accept? I accept the Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Ghost in my life; I accept the teachings of Jesus the Christ, Jesus the Way Shower, Jesus in my life. Just accept, what does it mean?

When I open up mind and I try to visualize my true life, the life that I’ve seen many times fore casted in my mind. The life of a far simpler time when all I had to do was just sit, and write, and think, about different ways that my words could be used so that I could relay the message that the Heavenly Spirit was giving me. I find myself slipping away into that time; when it’s just the time of dreaming, of foretelling, of forecasting, of foreseeing, of what truly my life could be, just accept. Just accept that all that is happening is something of a divine order, a divine plan, an ideal that must be manifested, just accept.

I want to accept, I want to receive, I want to understand, I want to be, just accept. Two words very simple, very easy, very mobile, very close, very accommodating, very available, very accessible, very illuminating, very developing, very formatting, very simple; just accept. Just accept all that is waiting to be given to you, just accept all that you deserve to receive, just accept the good, the love, the dream, the hope, just accept. I want to feel free, I want to see in my lifetime freedom given to me in all different ways, but I must accept, I must accept, I must accept, I must accept.

Open up your mind, open up your heart, and open up your arms widely, to receive what is being given to you. To receive what is being set aside just for you, to receive what has been available to you; to receive so that you may just accept the good, so that you may just accept the blessings, so that you may just accept your life for all that it is, just accept, just accept, just accept the love, and so it is. Amen and amen.

“How large is your God?”

Dear Heavenly Father, we are so thankful and so grateful for today. Lord I am beyond words to express my feelings at this time; yesterday I felt I needed a healing, yesterday I felt that a healing was needed, and I say that because I felt I felt hurt within my soul. I have been trying to make some things happen in my personal life that have not come to fruition, and I can only blame myself for not being focused and determined in my direction, but needless to say Lord I have found that I am needing direction, guidance, and supervision in this area. And this area is called throwing away the old notions of things, and relieving and releasing all that worry and all that tension and all that concern to you.

I know I say I do this, I know I plead with myself to do this, but still Lord every once in a while I get caught up in a are you sure moment? Are you sure Gerrie you are going to be able to really put this aside and let the Heavenly Father take care of this for you? Are you sure Gerrie that you are really going to be able to put this out of your mind and allow yourself to be swept away in the Heavenly Spirit, and trust that this will all be determined and resolved the way that it was meant to be. Because what used to be the pattern was that I would worry and that I would cry and I would, I would just worry; and that was the old me, the new me has changed so much from that but every once in a while when something comes upon me that I feel oh my God is this something that God can handle because it is so mountainous, so monumental, and then I forget that my God is huge.

How large is your God? How large is your Heavenly Father that you believe in that you understand that no matter how small or how big your problem is that your Heavenly Father can take care of that for you? How large is your God? That was something my Pastor spoke about last Sunday, how large is your God, how large is your understanding that your life will be bountiful, will be abundant, will be prosperous, will be successful, because you deem it to be that way, how large is your God? I go back to myself, and I say my God is humongous, my belief in my Heavenly Father is mountainous, it is humongous, it is humongous, so I ask for a miracle today.

So I ask for an opportunity to make a miracle happen today, because Lord I know I have done all I can do, I have focused all the energy that I have, I have used all of the megabits in my brain that are available, and I cannot come to a conclusion on this. So I’m putting it in your hands, your hands my Heavenly Father, I’m putting this all in your hands, and I say and I affirm; I am rich because my Father is rich, I am successful and I live a bountiful life because that is the life that my Father sees for me and that is my life to claim, I am blessed because that is the only way that my Father and I see my existence in this World, thank you God.

And if I ever Lord doubt what is mine to have, and what is mine to be given to me, I want to mainly reflect on this thought, there is nothing too big for my God to handle, there is nothing too small for my God to be troubled with, and there is nothing too minuscule in my life that I should not trust and put aside on the faith of the Lord, on the faith of the Heavenly Spirit that it will be resolved, because He will make it so.

Now it may be the way that I want it to be taken care of, but it will be taken care of, the way that the Heavenly Spirit sees and feels fit for that resolution. So yes Lord, I needed a healing yesterday, and I received my healing today, yes Lord I needed a revelation yesterday, and I received my revelation today, and yes Lord I needed a cornucopia of blessings to be rained down on me, and I received that cornucopia, the horn of plenty, the blessings of the multitude, I received that today; and, for this Lord we can only say in thanksgiving, thank you God for the multiple blessings that you have adorned and given me in my life, thank you God for the amazing mind that you allow me to see what is best for me by giving me what is needed for my soul, thank you God for the love, for the love, and for the love of you in my life and so it is. Amen and amen

“Expecting only Good”

Good day Blessed Ones;

I am expecting only good in my life and on my horizon at this time. What a blessing that is to say to yourself and to others that in my life, and in all my endeavors, I am expecting only good to be given to me and from me at all times. Doesn’t that sound like something that you would want to see in your own life as well.

Imagine if you will that you have awakened to a new day in your life, and all of the worries, and all of the frustrations that you may have experienced in the past or even in the minutes previously to right now were no longer a concern, and no longer a worry in your life at this time. I mean you feel that all of a sudden the thoughts that are going around merrily in your mind are thoughts of good things, and of things that will allow you to see your world and your existence even more plentiful and more abundant than you have ever experienced before.

That is what I have decided I will see in my lifetime from this moment on. I will take each and every amazing moment that I am presented with and I will see and expect only good to come out of any and every occurrence that arrives on my path. Each days trials or tribulations will be seen as an opportunity to make something spectacular out of something that may have at first seemed trivial and not worthy of such an amazing aspiration; think about it for a moment when you see only the good in your life, and when you first see others for what they were truly meant to be on this planet, which is an angel here to walk with you to your next rainbow of enthusiasm as the world decides what is yours to have and to hold.

Think about it, a rainbow that continues to go on and on with all the majestic colors of every shade imaginable, and within the inside of the rainbow is even that extra amount of shimmer that allows you to see the silver lining in all that comes your way, and all that allows you to be comforted with the love of the Heavenly Spirit in your life. What an amazing visualization to not only want the good that is so necessary and so deserving in your life, but to also see the good coming to you as you are also walking toward it and the rainbow of all possibilities.

What a blessing, what a triumphant blessing of all that is good, and it is coming just for you, to be given to you with all of the care and concern of being given to someone who is not only so worthy of the good, but to someone who is so needing of all that is good in this world, to be given to them for all that they do for others. See the good in your life, see the love that the Heavenly Spirit wants you to have so desperately, and understand that you are needed, that you are necessary, and that your amazing light that you shine out into this world is what keeps us all warm at night, the everlasting and truly illuminating light of all that is true, and all that is good in this world.

Thank you for being someone who is so worthy of all the good that is here for you to receive, thank you for allowing others to see what it truly looks like to accept the good in your life, and thank you for showing us all what it feels like, and how it looks to put your life in the trusting arms of the Heavenly Spirit, by allowing yourself to see your life as one huge overflowing wave of love, of God, and of all Good things, and so it is. May God bless you all

“What’s Next?”

Good day Blessed Ones, I’m back;

Oh dear Heavenly Father thank you so much. I had such an amazing vacation time with my children and my grandchildren. I had one of the most joyful periods of time that I’ve had in oh so long; Thanksgiving and Family, and as my Pastor likes to say Thanksliving, thanksliving, thanksliving. Lord, I woke up every morning and I prayed, I meditated, I enjoyed, I listened, I watched, I was truly aware of everything, and everyone and it was amazing. I met some non-believers, and I met some true believers, some true Bible studying individuals; I had a wonderful time and that entire time that I was on my vacation with my family I thought about what is next? Many of my thoughts centered around what is next? What is the next step? What is the next goal? What is the next strategy, what is next?

I looked at my son who is one of the most busiest young men I know, and I said to myself I wonder where he gets that from. He is a physical education teacher at the local high school, and then in the evenings he personally trains people in the garage in his home that he converted into a fitness gym he has in his home, and then on the weekends he DJ’s with this elaborate DJ system he has I was just amazed, 60,000 songs he has on his computer, it was amazing. And then my daughter she is a car sales broker, so she sells about 15 cars a month, amazing she is such a go-getter; so I look at them and I say what is next? What could be next for them, and I don’t know what I filled in the blank with, but when I look at my life and when I see how busy I am and I said they sure got it the right way because they are just like their Mother.

But I started to think about myself and I said what is next? What is next? I like to set goals up for myself and by setting goals up for myself I am able to bring much satisfaction to myself and to others as I complete each goal that I set out to achieve. The writing that I do, the book that I am working on, the words that I give on the radio show, the prayers that I give to others as a Prayer Chaplain, the work that I do every two weeks with the Board of Trustee’s at my Church; the words of creativity and visualization that I give at the meditation periods that I am allowed as a Platform Assistant at my Church, what is next? What more could be on the horizon?

And so I say to myself what more could be on the horizon is taking all of this to the next level. I serve, I give of myself to others, and as I contemplate going forward in this journey of Spiritual development; I say are you sure this is what is next on your agenda? Are you sure this is what is next in your life capsule period that you have? Are you sure that you have been called by the Heavenly Spirit to perform to this next level are you sure this is your next? And all I can think of is when I was away on this vacation, and as I sat back in my chair and I read my Daily Word and I looked forward to even though I wasn’t supposed to my speaking on the radio while I was gone, because I was supposed to be spending time with family; but I was spending time with family, I was spending time with my Father and my family, and the Heavenly Spirit was guiding me to get on this day and say something.

So one day, Thanksgiving Day, was the day that my DJ friend really wanted me to be on the radio, because he wanted me to really speak that day, so I did after we ate and the family quieted down and my daughter and her beloved husband and my husband and myself and we sat in the living room and I turned on my phone, and I proceed to dial the radio station. And I rang the radio station and I gave an inspirational piece and then I decided to give a piece of mediation, and once again I was unable to locate the piece I wanted on my phone so I proceeded to give from my heart space, what the Heavenly Father wanted me to say from my voice space. I gave a meditation that felt so amazingly good, I slowed it down, I took the time to pause, and I allowed a long period of silence to happen, and it was truly truly amazing, so what is next?

So this brings me back to my question what is next for you? What is next for all of us, what is next? I met an amazing man on the airplane ride coming home, and as he proceeded to be a little gruff in the beginning because he had to sit against the window, and my husband and I had the middle and aisle seats. And you know I looked at him and I said to myself that this looks like a man of color, and so during the flight we both took our shoes off to let our feet get some relaxation period, and I said to him, oh you took your shoes off uh. He said yes, I always take me shoes off on long flights and if it is a transatlantic flight I even take my socks off; so we proceeded to talk, and somehow we got on the idea of color and differences, and looking at this man I thought he was, well I don’t know exactly what I thought he was but he pretty much assured me that he was black, he was a Muslim, but he does believe in Christianity.

We had a conversation about just about the world and how funny it really could be, and we talked about Obama, whether you care about him or not he cares that everybody should receive health care, and we talked about how important it is for everybody to rise up, so that we can all be blessed by the Heavenly Father and by this world, deep conversation for an airplane ride. I gave him one of my cards and said if you are looking for something to inspire you, just take a look at this one day, he was from Kansas City, and I said if you like it, share it with your friends, share it with your friends. So, today as I look at what is next for me, I look at what is next in the context of one person touching another person, touching another person, touching another person’s life. What’s next?

I see it as a reflection meaning that no matter what the next step is, be it a step that enhances, informs, educates, and allows you to shine your light of the Heavenly Father into the life of somebody else. What’s next? Even though someone may seem so gruff on the outside take a chance, and say a word of encouragement, and of love, and see how they open up to you, and provide to you something you had no idea they had within themselves. What’s next? And take some time today to really reflect on yourself, look at all the things that you do for others, look at all the joy that you have brought into your life, and think about what would be the next step in that journey, what’s next? I have to say, I am in love with my family extended and blood, I am in love with myself inside and out, and I am in love with the Heavenly Father the words, the love, the blessings, that is what is next for me. I look forward to this journey that we are on together; I look forward to you guiding me to my next, my next, to my next. May the Heavenly Father provide for you the love, the guidance, the energy, to take your blessings to the next level. May the next level in your life, be what is next for you, God bless you all, amen and amen.