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“I believe, I trust, I let go”

Dear Heavenly Father thank you once again for another beautiful day. I’ve awakened to a day of opportunities when I believe, I trust, and I let go. I believe, I trust, I let go; I believe that the Heavenly Father will provide for me all that is needed, I trust that whatever comes my way, comes my way because it is something that is needed, and I let go of any apprehension, any anxiety, any feeling, that arrives to me that tells me that I will not be provided for; I believe, l trust, I let go.

I believe in a power higher than myself, I trust that what is coming my way, will come my way positively, and I let go and feel the majesty of the moment that I am given in my life with the Heavenly Spirit; the moment that I realize that this will be taken care of by someone other than myself, I let go and I rest assured that what will be given to me will be given to me for my betterment, I rest assured that what will be taking place in my life will be taking place in my life for my betterment.

And I enjoy the lesson, the challenge, the opportunity, to experience whatever that is; I believe, I trust, I let go. The Heavenly Father knows what is best for me always, and in all ways, the Heavenly Father takes me on a journey that is needed to be taken upon and I go willingly because I believe, I trust, and I let go. I am thankful, I am appreciative, and I feel so very blessed for the opportunity to believe, to trust, and to let go, and relay on you my Father to take me where I need to go on my journey of life with you. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you, and so it is. Amen and amen.


“How can I Serve and Gratitude on Gratitude”

Dear Heavenly Father thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t know where to begin today dear Blessed Ones. Let’s see, let’s begin at the beginning, so I began my day today by not only doing one meditation period with Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra for their 21 days of meditation, but I finished up a meditation series with an organization called Mentors Channel and they have been doing a series on 21 days of Gratitude. So today was a bonus opportunity it was the 22nd day so the founder and CEO of Mentors Channel, Mr. Doron Libshtein, gave his words today on “Gratitude on Gratitude”.

I have to say that I meditate about three (3) times a day; I meditate in the morning, I meditate in my mid-day, and then I meditate in the evening before I go to bed with my prayers. It has allowed me to feel so calm, or let’s say to feel calmer than I would have felt had I not meditated, and gone into the silence and found that quiet time with the Heavenly Spirit and I to just be together. Today’s message was different on both of those different mediums, Oprah’s and Deepak’s message today was “How can I Serve” and the Mentors Channel’s message today was “Gratitude on Gratitude”.

Which they both to me, when put together are still being thankful for what you can do, and what you have, and how you use that to help others. So when I think about how can I serve, I think about my life, I think about my journey, I think about my new crusade that I am on, that allows me to find ways to love, and to share that love with each and every one that I meet; and then the other message gratitude, feeling gratitude for gratitude. The saying that we should be grateful for each and everything that is in our lives, whatever it is be grateful, say thank you, and I’ll start out. Thank you for the air that I breath in my body every morning, thank you for the shelter that covers me and protects me from the elements of the Earth, thank you for the amazing husband that I have that loves me unconditionally, thank you for the job that I have that allows me to bring food to the table for my family, thank you for the wellness that I have in my body that allows me to get up every morning and do it all over again, but do it even better than before; and thank you for the amazing and loving extended family that I have that bring such joy into my life.

Thank you for giving me a mind that allows me to see not only the beauty that I have within my grasp, but the beauty of the world that is out there, and the beautiful people that I see each and every day, that are able to share a smile and a thank you with me as well. Thank for this amazing ride that we are on that allows us to see the mountain tops and allows us to see the river below, and allows us to feel the love that we have here for each other and for ourselves. Thank you, thank you, may the loving arms of the Heavenly Spirit show you how you can find a way in your life to be of service to someone else, and may the loving words of the Heavenly Spirit allow you to see that just by your sheer existence, just by the fact that you walk out of your door every day, and you smile, or you nod, or you giggle, or you full belly laugh with someone else you are serving such a purpose in this World, you are being of service, which allows you to serve yourself as well.

Be of service to someone else, so that you too can be served the blessings that are so waiting to be given to you, as I share these two things that seem to me to be so relevant to each other; I feel that I too must thank you, for the service that you provide me, the opportunity to share with you my thoughts, my dreams, my aspirations, my inspirations, thank you for that, and as we go about our day today let us find a way to be of service to someone else so that we can serve and to be served as well, and let us also see and be so grateful for the gratitude that we are able to experience in our lives, the gratitude of sharing gratitude with others, God bless you all, Amen and amen

“What is Your Intention?”

What is your intention? What is your intention for your life? What is your intention for your existence? What is your intention?

Dear Heavenly Father, you are truly amazing. I want to thank you God for the life that you have given me, I want to thank you God, for the mind that you have given me, and I want to thank you God for the intention that you have set in my mind. Lord, I had no idea I wanted to be a writer, I had no I idea I wanted to be an inspirationalist, I had no idea I wanted to be spiritual, and I had no idea I wanted to be a Spiritual Inspirationalist, I had no idea. But what I realized was when I was touched by you; I realized there was something more I needed to do.

We all find our journey with the Heavenly Father differently; I found my journey, and my walk with the Heavenly Father came upon me by exposing myself to the word and the love of Jesus the Christ. When I opened up my mind, and realized that it was not just me here manipulating, and doing everything that was happening in my life, I realized that there was another power, there was a higher power, there was something more active in my life. And that activity was positive, and it was giving, and I was so open to receive it all. I remember the first time when I put the words together Spiritual Inspirationalist, I said to myself now that’s new. I don’t think I’ve seen that in the Webster’s Merriam New World Dictionary for 2013, but what I did see in myself when I put those two words together is a reason behind what I feel I am here to give to others.

Spiritually, I was still becoming awakened by the words of the Heavenly Spirit was allowing me to receive in my mind; but inspirationally, I was able and have always been a positive influence on others and myself, so I said let’s put these two words together and see what magic, see what positivity, and see what amazing amazing help we could do for others. So as the Heavenly words, and the Heavenly power, and the Heavenly Spirit comes upon me each and every day, and gives me the words of such love and forgiveness, such hope and creativity, such illumination, that I said to myself wait a minute, the inspiration that I feel gives me the hope, and the dream, and the idea, and the content, that yes today will be better than yesterday because we are inspired to see it that way. What is your intention?

My intention is to do any and everything that I can, to make where I am, and who I touch, and who hears my words, in a better frame of mind then they were previously. It is my intention to allow myself to be used as the instrument that I feel that I am so that I can be used, and molded, and shaped, and framed, and re-framed into something that will be a positive, a positive gift to others. I want to be a positive gift to you, I want you to be a positive gift to someone else, I want to feel within myself that even though things may have been one way at one time, this is a new day, and because of this day, there is new, there are new ideas, there are new thoughts running through my mind.

Yes, what is your intention? Is it your intention to bring about beauty into a place where you have not seen beauty before? What is your intention? Is it your intention to show and shine love out into this World because there is obviously not enough love being given, what is your intention? Is it your intention to find a way to embrace yourself in the loving arms of the Heavenly Spirit, by allowing the Heavenly Spirit to embrace you in the words of all he feels for you, what is your intention? And as I’ve said my intention is to spiritually inspire the World with my words, and my love, and my dreams, and my thoughts; and my aspirations are to give all of myself, so that I may be drained of all this, so that the world can be filled up with all of this as well. What is your intention?

I thank you Heavenly Father, for giving me the strength in my life, to be here every day to give the words that I feel in my heart to you and the World, I thank you Father. And I thank all of you for hearing, for seeing, for understanding, for allowing these words to touch your hearts; use today as opportunity to find out what is your intention, and once you visualize what that intention is in your mind, in your psyche, in your heart, and in your well-being, use that intention to do what it was meant to be done with all along, to bring about a better World. To bring about the love of God into the lives of others, and to bring about the peace of finally realizing how strong you can be, when you put together your intention, with the love and the words of the Heavenly Spirit, and together side by side you allow yourself to save someone else, who needs that intention in their lives as well.

What is your intention? Be it an intention that changes the World, be it an intention that brings about the positivity that is needed in this place, be it an intention that allows you to truly see how beautiful you truly are, from your inside to your outside, what is your intention? What is your intention, what is your intention, and so it is, Amen and amen, God bless you all

“It is your Father’s Good Pleasure to give you the Kingdom,

When I woke up this morning I felt so refreshed; it has been a weekend filled with such love and such fellowship with others, who love and care for me and my family. A good friend of ours retired on Friday, after 35 years of service with the military; and then another amazing friend of ours had a steak and crab feed; and we enjoyed ourselves and donated quite a bit of money to the cause of the Folsom Lake Kiwanis, what a blessing that was, thank you.

But as I sat back after having such a fun-filled weekend and such a weekend filled with fellowship, and as I sat back and I just reflected on my life; and what I realized was that I am so thankful because the Heavenly Father continues to bless me, even though I feel at times am I really worthy to be blessed with all this. The Heavenly Father wants to give me the Kingdom, and I should be open and ready to accept it, and to receive the Good that is here for me to have. It was so amazing because I have been thinking about what self-publisher to go with for my book, and when I finally thought I found a publisher, I realized that the price was a little steep, but this is my dream and I intend to go forward.

But at this steak and crab feed I met two of the most amazing women; two more amazing women, and they were twins. One of the women was a publisher and a writer of books, and her sister was an independent film producer; God is so amazing. I not only shared with them my story of what I am doing, but I found out from them why they did, and how they did, what they’re doing, and then I also found out that we could do something together. Isn’t always helpful when the Heavenly Father puts people in your life that can be a benefit to you, and you could be a benefit to them as well; the Father wants to give you the Kingdom.

So we exchanged business cards, and I definitely put them in my phone on speed dial, and we will talk very soon about our projects and projects together. So what I thought was really amazing was that this was my first time ever going to this particular function, and I had bought my tickets about a couple of weeks ago, but the two ladies they didn’t buy their tickets but a couple of days ago. So we were all moved divinely to meet each other what a blessing; it is the Fathers Good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. The Heavenly Father puts people in your life and things in your life for a reason; and, it’s amazing that once you continue to rely on him to change and move your life, your life will be changed and moved by Him.

Now it was also a blessing that I have been thinking about taking one of my stories and making into a movie; and that is why the second sister who was the independent film producer kind of sparked my interest because the story that I was thinking about was my “Pearls of Joy” which is the story of my mother and my father. And even though I have this amazing cousin who used to work with the movie producer John Singleton, I haven’t been able to get a hold of him; of course I wanted to give him the first opportunity; and then of course now my cousin works with Tyler Perry, and I can’t seem to get a hold of him either, so I just thought that maybe I will have to figure this out on my own, and then I met these two women, and one of them told me that they had just gone to the TD Jake’s Mega Fest, and while there they had taken a class on screenwriting; God is so Good, so the independent movie producer sister will be connecting me to her contacts, so we can get my ball rolling on that as well.

But I say all this to say that I would have never ever thought of this idea, had I not opened my mind to prayer and gave it all to Him to give me some direction; I would have not even thought about the idea of doing something more, had I not been awakened to another inspirational moment; and as I say sometimes this inspiration that I write is for you, but many times this inspiration I write is for myself; so I am excited, yes I am excited. I look forward to what is going to happen in these next few days and weeks and months, yes I am very very excited about the future. And even though we don’t know how it will all fall out, we do know by prayer, by meditation, and by sacrifice this thing is going to be amazing, and I feel very thankful for that.

So I say all of this because, it is our Father’s Good pleasure to give you the Kingdom; and all the Heavenly Father wants for you to do is receive, receive, receive your blessings, I don’t know how I can say it any clearer than that. We all have different blessings that are ours to receive and we all have special gifts that are ours to give to the World and we all have special talents that are ours to receive the blessings from as well. I tell you today that I am so thankful; but wait, I didn’t tell you this, so as I am at the steak and crab feed, and it is on a Sunday, and Sunday is my most favorite day to be on my radio program, “Encouraging Words by Miss Gerrie”. So as I excuse myself from the table after eating, and I went outside to the beautiful patio that was at this building where the event was located, I believe it was the Folsom Community Center.

And as I went outside and I sat on the patio, and I proceeded to get ready for my radio show, there was a gentleman and his young son were out there just talking, and enjoying the sunshine, and enjoying each other; and as I said to the gentleman “hello, I’m getting ready to go on the radio right now so I sure hope I won’t disturb you, and I will try to be done quickly,” and the gentleman said to me, “not a problem we’re just enjoying the day”. So I proceeded to recite a couple pieces and it just felt right in tune with what the day was affording all of us, just such great, just such great blessings. And as I finished my meditation after reading my inspirational piece, and I sat there for a moment to just enjoy the feeling, the gentleman walked over to me and extended out his hand, and he said, “thank you for that, that was beautiful, and it was so needed.” I thanked him and then I gave him one of my business cards, and said you can get this every day, if you just go to my blog, what a blessing.

You touch people you don’t even realize you touched, by doing what touches your soul, by doing what the Heavenly Father has asked you to do; which is to share your gift, share your gift, and receive your Kingdom, for it is the Fathers Good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, be it your Good pleasure to receive it, to receive it, to receive it, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all

“I take a deep breath in, and I receive my blessings”

I take a deep breath in, and I receive my blessings. One of the amazing things about life is that we don’t receive openly our blessings enough. We don’t expect the Good that is due us to come into our lives, and we don’t believe that we are truly worthy of all the abundance and prosperity that is ours to receive. Well I am here to tell you that you are, we are, I am, so worthy of receiving the blessings that are due us to be given. We take a deep breath in, and we open ourselves up to receiving the blessings of the Heavenly Spirit that He so wonderfully wants to give us. The blessings of this Universe that it so wants for us to receive, the blessings, the blessings, the blessings.

It is so amazing to me that all my life I have been receiving blessings, and I had no idea that that was what was happening. As a young child, as an infant really put up for adoption by a beautiful young woman, who wanted more for her life, and more for the life of her child, and I thank her for that. And as this child was adopted at the young age of not even one; that was my first blessing to be given, to be taken, into a home that truly loved me was the greatest blessing of my life, that I have ever received. The blessing that opened up a world for me, that opened up such opportunities for me, and that showed me that there is love in this world, and at that time in my life the love was centered solely on me, as a young baby being raised up by two amazingly beautiful parents.

My life, my existence, was full of the blessings of abundance that I was given; and as we continue on our way, on our journey, on our path, in our lives there are other instances, when we took a deep breath and we received our blessings. The new home that we felt was out of our reach, we received, the new job that we felt how possibly could it be given to us, we received; and, the amazing companion in our lives that we thought we would never ever see in our lifetime, we received. By taking a deep breath and receiving the air of the Heavenly Spirit, and receiving those blessings, that provided us with a life of abundant joy, of magnificent love, of illuminating feelings of passion being received, being received, being received.

Yes, all we have to do is take a deep breath in, and receive our blessings, rest assure that the blessings that you receive today, have been wanting to be given to you all your life, the blessings that you deserve, the blessings that are so worthy of you, the blessings that are waiting for you to accept and to be thankful for; there waiting for you take a deep breath in, and receive what is rightfully yours to be given, take a deep breath in, and receive the love that is yours to be given, take a deep breath in, and receive this amazing World filled with love, filled with abundance, filled with all that you need at this time to be blessed; take a deep breath in, and receive what has been waiting to be given to you; and for this we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen.

“Thankful for Today”

Dear Heavenly Father we are so thankful for today, today is a good day, today is a positive day, today is a day filled with blessings, surprises, and all Good things. Yes Lord we see today as a good day, we see today as the day that a blessing is coming at our door, and we say thank you God for the blessings, and we open the door, and we are surprised with the expected and unexpected blessings showering down on us.

Lord we are thankful for today, we are thankful that today we are able to make a difference in our lives, in our World, and in our existence. We are thankful for today, we are thankful for today, because today is not just another day, today is not just the following day, today is not just a future day, today is the day that we will say to the World Lord thank you, for the blessings, Lord thank you for the way that you have made out of no way, Lord thank you for the love that you have showered in my life, Lord thank you for all the Good that you have given me, Lord thank you for the blessings I have been given daily, Lord thank you for the fact that I woke up this morning, Lord thank you for all the love and all the care that you take care of me with.

Lord I am blessed because of today, Lord I am thankful because of today, and Lord I am appreciative because of today, because today is the new day, today is the next day, today is the day that I have waited for all my life, and today is the day that the blessings will rain down on me, because today is the day that the blessings will rain down on us all, thank you for today, thank for today, thank you for today, and so it is, Amen and amen.

“Words Written on My Mirror”

Every morning when I wake up whether I’m in a good mood or a bad mood, when I look at my mirror in my bathroom I have no other choice but to see the love of God on me. When I look at my mirror in my bathroom and the words written on my mirror are: I am a child of God’s, I am amazing, I am a magnificent expression of God’s, I am enough, my financial blessings are here, I have abundance, I am blessed, I am prosperous, and I see all Good things coming to me. So no matter what day I am having, or what feeling that I may be feeling, or what emotion, that I may be emoting, I am feeling love from the Heavenly Spirit when I look at my mirror in my bathroom, and I see these words being relayed to me that I am everything that I need to be all that I can be every day.

I see blessings coming to me in all ways and fashions; but sometimes it is hard to see those blessings, and sometimes we forget whose and who we are, and, I am here to share with you today that I felt that same way a couple of days ago, and I had to remember who and whose I was. I had to remember that what appears to me in this World is not always my reality, and my reality is that I am a child of the Holy I Am. My reality is that I am a child of God’s, and because of that I walk, I speak, I breathe, I eat, I live the way I’m supposed to as a child of His. Now that doesn’t mean I have to do anything extra ordinary, I just have to live my life in the teachings of the Way Shower Jesus the Christ, and by living my life in that way, I am able to make sure that I let everyone know that I love you my Heavenly Father; and that love is what I am made of, and by loving you, I have to love myself to be able to spew that love out into the World .

So I say again, I look at my mirror in the morning, and say I am a child of God’s, I am rich, I am enough, I see abundance in my life, my financial blessings are here, I have abundance, I am blessed, I am prosperous and I believe every one of those words. Because if I don’t believe those words for myself who will believe those words from me. I am the one who must inspire myself to constantly reach, and to constantly go even more higher than I have been before because that is my destiny, to be more than I am right now if that is what I choose. The Heavenly Father wants to give me all my blessings and if I want to receive them, but to receive those blessings I must remember who I am.

And that’s why I wrote those words on my bathroom mirror because when I wake every morning, it is not something that I want to ever forget. Occasionally I may look at those words, and I may not even recite them to myself but in my subconscious mind I know whose I am, and in my subconscious mind I realize what I am, and because of that I am thankful, and I am so blessed. Yes, a couple of days ago it was a little shaky for me; I had some problems figuring out what to say and what to write. I once again asked my Heavenly Father has my well gone dry? I cried, I prayed, I meditated, I did it all, and then I said I don’t understand this; because my Heavenly Father you speak to me all the time, but right now I’m not hearing anything, and I had to ask myself have you forgotten whose you are? Have you began to worry, when there was no worry necessary, have you began to fear, when there was no fear that needed to enter your mind because you will always be provided for. Did you forget whose you were?
And the answer was yes, for that split second in my existence, I forgot I was a child of the Great I Am, and I will never do that again. I will never question if this or that will be alright, I will never question that the Lord is going to provide for me because that is a given, and I will never ever question whose I am; because when I look at my mirror in the morning, those words that are written on my mirror tell me everything that I need to know and I’m going to say them again: I am a child of God’s, I see abundance in my life, I am rich, I am enough, I have abundance, I am prosperous, I am blessed, my financial blessings are here, and I am a magnificent expression of God’s.

So when you have those days, when you have those times, when you have those occurrences, when you have those instances, and when you have those feelings, that you don’t know whose or who you are I say to you, as I have said to myself look at the writing on the mirror, look at the words on the mirror, and see for yourself whose you are, and believe me when I tell you, when you see the writing on the mirror of all the love that God has for you, and the love that you have for yourself, it will be all Good because it is all God, and so it is, Amen and amen, thank you Heavenly Spirit, God bless you all

“We all have special gifts”

We all have special gifts, dear Heavenly Father, thank you; thank you Lord for allowing me to see that all is well, and that we all have special gifts. One of the most amazing things that I had an opportunity to participate in was a girlfriend’s Bridal Shower Brunch. And at this brunch I met 13 of the most amazing women I had ever met, and each of these women came to support another amazing woman who was going through a new period of her life, she was going to become a couple in matrimony within a month.

As we all sat in the living room of the beautiful home where we attended the bridal shower brunch, and we shared our stories of love, of companionship, and of togetherness with each other, and about each other, we also shared our stories of how long we had known each other, and how long we had been married for those of us that were married at the time. There were a couple of us there that had been married for short periods of time; for less than 10 years, for 10 years, for 17 years and then there were two of us ladies that had been married for 27 years; I being one of them. And as we talked around the table in the living room, we also asked each other what was your secret to longevity in your marriage?

And as I looked at each beautiful woman in the room, we were all diverse, from different nationalities and ethnic groups, but we all had one thing so strongly in common, and that was our spirituality; we each rested on the love and the support of our faith to help us through whatever challenge or opportunity that would arise in our relationships with others. As one lady said who had been married for 27 years, that what she found so amazing was that even though her and her beloved had evolved, and had changed throughout the years, they still loved each other for who that new person was, and became throughout those years, they never tried to change each other, and they took each other for who they were at the time; truly amazing.

And as I shared about my 27 years, and how I did it, and what was my secret; I too had to say that I felt comfortable in myself at this time. When I first got married I was in my twenties, and as I celebrate my 27th wedding anniversary, I am now in my fifties; and the girl who breathed life into that body has matured, has evolved, and has also changed; and what has become of her is something that is even more magnificent than what she was previously. The revelation of change in yourself, as you turn to look to your partner, who has also changed throughout the years, but the love that you have for each other, and the love that you have for self is still what binds you together, that is to me my secret.

The day was comprised of a lot of sharing, and as the bride-to-be spoke to each one of us around the table, and around the room; she gave each of us our two to three minutes of how she met us, what we meant to her, and how we influenced and changed her life, it was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever witnessed before. Most of the 13 ladies there did not know each other, some knew of each other, but the majority of us all met each other for the first time; and, many of the ladies I had met for the first time as well. But there was one lady in particular the silver haired fox, who remembered me from a previous woman’s gathering, and she asked me if I had brought some pieces of my written words to share with the ladies on this day.

To be honest, I didn’t have my bag with me, and I wasn’t prepared, and I hadn’t even thought of speaking at this special event; but I did have and I had been working on a special piece for the bride’s-to-be wedding. So I pulled out my phone, and I pulled up a piece, and I recited it to the group; and then I asked them if they had ever experienced meditation, and they said that they had, and I proceeded to look for a meditation to share with them as well. Unable to locate just what I was looking for on my phone I decided to put my phone down, and to call heavily on the Heavenly Spirit to guide me at this time.

What He provided me with was something more meaningful, than I could have ever written quickly at the moment, and the gist of the meditation was this; we were very thankful, we were very appreciative, and we all felt so blessed to be in the honor of such magnificent women as we shared ourselves, shared our lives, and shared with each other; we were vulnerable, we were honest, and we were so very open, and after I recited my meditation, I felt so drained, I felt that I had given all of myself right there. It took a moment to compose myself, but I remember thinking to myself that it felt so good to be open, and to be loved by women who really didn’t know me, but at that moment there was so much love in the room; yes all was well, all was well.

So today as you make your way through your very exciting and eventful day, I want you to think about the people that you meet, and that you are able to share a very special moment in time with; the conversations that you have with each other, the opportunities to let down your guard, and just to be vulnerable with each other, for a moment sharing with each other, how it feels to experience an event in life such as a marriage, or a wedding, or a beautiful Saturday afternoon; and by providing insight to not only how your journey manifested into the joy that you feel right here and right now, but sharing with others maybe a tidbit or a talent or a special gift that might provide them with some insight on bringing joy into their lives as well.

Yes, I want to thank the 13 amazing women that I met on that Saturday afternoon, for an illuminating day to be sure; and as I left the group and said my good byes, I said to the host that I would love for us to meet again next year, same time, same period, so we could all share what we learned from each other, and what we learned of ourselves, by experiencing this amazingly vulnerable moment in time with each other.

To my girlfriend Ladonna, who is getting ready to experience one of the most magnificent events in her life; I say to you my sister, I am so happy for you, my sister, I am so proud of you, and my sister, you are so deserving of all your blessings; enjoy the love, enjoy the peace, and enjoy the companionship with the love of your life, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all

“I am Grateful”

Lord, I am grateful and I am thankful, for the life that you have given me, and I am thankful God for the gifts that you have bestowed upon me; and I am grateful Lord just for breathing every day. The passion that you have ignited in my soul, the words that you allow me to express in my medium of artistic joy, the love that you have allowed me to feel in my heart and to be touched by as well, Lord I am grateful, I am grateful. With much given comes much responsibility, and with much giving of the gift; the gift that is awakening in each and every one of us dear Lord comes much responsibility to pass that gift on to others who can be touched, who can be helped, and who can be loved by the gift of your words, the gift of your life, the gift of your existence.

Thank you for the gift of my life; I have been awakened, and I have found that through my prayers, through my meditations, and through this amazing new journey of raw foods that I am experiencing, my mind has become so much clearer, and I have become a witness to thoughts that I would have never experienced before. The thought of your too strong willed sometimes, sometimes your personality is one that is so strong; you can still be dynamic but softer, put a softness on it. Well I’m not going to seat here and say that I am not the bull in the china store, because I am a straight ahead full force of passion; I am at times the dynamo in the dynamite; but as I am beginning to see, I can still be that, but softer. I want to be a softer passionate voice, I want to be a softer force for Good, I want to be a softer blade of grass.

There is nothing wrong with being who you are, and there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself passionately as well; but, all passion can still be delivered softly, and as I work on myself with this gift that I have, the full force of passion that is ignited within my soul, and as I blaze through this path to provide Good into the World; I also need to understand that it can be done softly, as well as forcibly; and, as I work on myself by understanding how the soft hand can provide the same relief as a strong palm, as it massages the words and the messages into my heart and into the hearts of others.

I say to myself today that I am grateful, to be able to look at myself, and to see that there is still improvement needed. I am grateful to be able to see within myself all the Good things, and the love of God, and I am grateful to be able to understand that with a loving heart and a passionate spirit, the World can still be changed by the gentle musings of a soft spoken word. Thank you God for giving me the passion that I have in my soul, thank you God for giving me the love that I have in my soul as well, and thank you God for allowing me to see for myself, that with each and every great masterpiece that you bestow upon this earth, there is still work to be done on the finished pieces; and, I am so glad that I see within myself what I need to work on and improve, so that I can continue to shine out into this World, a light of masterful beauty, a light of illuminating pleasantry, and a light of faithful servantry, to you my Father, and to you all, and so it is, amen and amen

“With Profound Gratitude, I Live my Purpose”

Good day Blessed Ones;

Wow, today has been amazing to say the least. Well let me be real, and say the entire weekend has been a blessing that I so want to share with all of you. I have found that as I experience the idea of taking each day for what it is a blessing to be realized, and by seeing each and every day as just that; wow, you will not believe how positive my days have become and because of that I feel joyful and full with the love of the Heavenly Spirit.

From Friday, as I spent an evening with my beloved sharing stories and laughs with each other as we reminisced on our life, and how far we have come from who we were before we accepted the Heavenly Spirit in our lives; and then there was Saturday with all of the many duties that I had on my to-do-list to accomplish, I was still able to spend the morning and most of the afternoon with 13 of the most amazing women I had ever met, as we all celebrated a very good friends Bridal Shower Brunch. I will write more about that this week on Sisterhood.

But then came Sunday, one of the most special days to me; and as I was the Platform Assistant at my church’s 9:00a.m. and 11:00a.m. services, and providing a meditation for my Spiritual Community that made even my heart soar; it was such a blessing to see how much love that is in my life in so many different facets. My Spiritual Family provides for me a hiatus from the hustle and bustle of the work week, and the sheer idea of just sharing a cup of coffee with someone who sees you for who and what we all are, amazing and magnificent expressions of the Heavenly Spirit, enjoying an Earthly experience, it is and has been so wonderful and so well needed, thank you all so much for that.

And then there is today; and, as I began the first day of a 21-day Gratitude Meditation period, that I have been looking forward to when I first signed up two weeks ago. So of course when the first day’s lesson was about “what is your true purpose in life”; it got me to thinking that “yeah what is your true purpose in life, Miss Gerrie?” And what I came away with is this, to me my true purpose in life is to share the light of the Heavenly Spirit with each and every one I meet, by sharing my words of love, hope, forgiveness, joy, and all Good things. I want to see the World at peace for an eternity, and if many may feel that is not possible, I want to show them that yes it is possible, if we can see for own selves how beautiful life can be if we all loved each other for who and what we are.

I took today’s affirmation and used that as my title because if felt like such a strong reference to send out into the Universe. With profound gratitude, I live my purpose; just the idea that the reason that I am here is to show love to the World, that makes the entire journey that I am on, and the entire journey that we all are on, as just something that means so much more than what we have, and what we want to have. Your purpose can be something monumental like saving the whales from extinction, or it can be something even more monumental as just providing food for those that are hungry in your neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon; but, whatever it is make sure that it is something that provides for you a feeling of profound gratitude and allows you to live your purpose on this Planet.

To live life’s purpose it sounds so simple doesn’t? To see that something can be changed in this World, because you have decided that you want to be a part of the equation, to make that beautiful positive thing happen for all to see and all to have, that is to me what a purposeful life would look like, and that is to me what a purposeful life should be. So as I look forward to tomorrows message as I center down for another meditative period, I will remember to myself today that “with profound gratitude, I live my purpose”, and with great reverence I look forward to sharing that purpose with the World, so that I may continue on my journey with the Heavenly Spirit, and so that we may continue on our journey together, you and I, receiving all of those blessings of what a purposeful life can mean to us all, and so it is. God bless you all,