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Dear Father God we are so grateful and so thankful for this day. Lord we are thankful that we woke up another day, we are thankful that another breath was taken in and out of our lungs, and we are thankful for all that has been done for us, through us, and to us.

Lord today is payday, the day that we receive the fruits from the labors that we have sown. Today is payday, the day that we look forward to every month, as we receive the monetary energy (money) that we use to pay our investments (bills) so that our investments (bills) can continue to prosper. As our investments become less and less, and our capital becomes more and more, we began to realize that our life is an Accountants Balance Sheet with credits and debits that are always receiving and are always depleting.

We receive the credit and the monetary energy that we need to take care of our investments, and we debit from that monetary energy the investments that need to be paid. There is never any time in our life that we do not feel that an investment is necessary or needed for our betterment. Monetary energy what many people call money is what we call monetary energy, an energy source that allows us to contribute towards the debits and the credits of our lives. It is never anyone’s intention to become rich once they set out on their journey of self-actualization to realize their dream.

Their dream is always to be comfortable, their dream is always to be satisfied, and their dream is always to be fulfilled in a financial way. But the Heavenly Father’s dream for you is for you to be prosperous, for you to live abundantly, and for you to feel and sense prosperity in your life and in your actions. Though you may not be able to accomplish all the feats that you have destined for yourself in your bucket list, the things you have accomplished are quite monumental. When you look at your pluses and your minuses of your life, do you see the pluses filled with prosperous abandonment, and do you see the minuses subtracted but still containing some essence of prosperity as well?

Your life is like a Balance Sheet with the credits and debits of what is needed in your life; the yin and the yang, the good and the bad, the yes and the no, the rain and the sunshine. I want to experience it all Lord, I want to experience the most brilliant of sunny days; I want to experience the most amazing rainbows of color as the rain comes and takes away all of the dreariest and all of the pain, and brings forth a rainbow of sunshine that elevates my heart and my mind to a station where just the thought of a cloudy day would not even enter my realm of thinking.

Yes I want to experience all the ramifications of what a life well-lived looks like. I want to experience all of the illumination that a light flickering flickering in the distance than becomes a brilliant torch as you get closer to feel the brilliant and amazing energy that a life reveals once it has been ignited with the fire of passion. The credits and debits, the pluses and the minuses, the yin and the yang of life; and as I begin to take myself back into my own place and space, and as I begin to see that it is all necessary, it is all required, it is all revealing, and it is all my life, and I look forward to this and every payday for it is my Balance Sheet with you my Heavenly Father. And so it is, amen and amen. God bless you all


“As I forgive others, I forgive myself as well”

One of the most amazing things that I have ever experienced in my life is forgiveness. Forgiving others for what they do, and have done to me, as well as forgiving myself, for what I have done to others, and what I have done in the name of helping others to forgive themselves. We have all done it, we find an opportunity to share with someone some advice that we feel they need in their life, so that they can go and forgive someone else for what has been done to them, only to really be providing that advice as a way of forgiving ourselves for what we may have done to this individual or other individuals in the past our own selves.

Let me explain I remember when it was so hard to forgive my sister for taking what I thought was my inheritance, and I thought with the help of others she was given something that should have been ours and not just hers alone to reap the benefit from. I thought in my mind that she had hurt me and my little family, and because of this I would not and could not forgive her for this undertaking. Well low and behold; when I began to really look at the issue, it began to make sense to me that what we had all been fighting over was never really any of ours to have in the first place. What my parents had saved and scrimped for all their lives were those little treasures that meant so much to them, and by me feeling that I should have some entitlement to them was a way of me saying to myself that those precious treasures were mine to have as well.

But in reality those precious treasures were actually theirs, and theirs alone to hold on to as amazing blessings in their own lives, those things, which is in fact just what they were, just things that really weren’t mine to have; they brought no real substance to my life and even though I may have felt hurt that certain things weren’t shared with me and my family; the things that I was given such as love, and the time that my Mother and Father spent with me and my beloved, were the treasures that I should always feel were mine to be destined to have. When I finally forgave my sister and forgave many others in my family, I found a great sense of a heavy weight being lifted off of my heart and off of my soul.

What is mine to have will always be mine to have saith the Lord. And the mere fact that something that I may have always wanted all my life from my parents was just their love, was what I was always given from them; the material things, the money, and the fights to get back what I thought I should have been given; once those memories and thoughts were put back, and away, and reconfigured into just what they were treasures and memories of theirs that I really didn’t need in my life any way; that was when the true blessings that I have been wanting to receive from the memories of my parents is what I received.

I forgave all of them, and by doing so I was forgiven as well; and I was able to see the blessings, that were mine to have were no longer clouded out of my life, for now they were not being blocked because of the hurt feelings that I had for something that was not destined for me to have. My parents will always be to me two of the most giving individuals I have ever met in my life; and what happens when people die is at many times unfortunate and misunderstood; but as the smoke clears and as the emotions begin to wane, we are able to see each and every instance for what it truly is, and that is this. I have learned something so magical about what I experienced, and I hope that when my time comes to pass, I am able to provide a clear and distinct direction on how I want my affairs to be handled and taken care of, but if they happen to not be handled the way that I had intended. I would hope that my own children would understand that the real treasures that I leave for them is the treasures of love, dignity, and respect that they should have for themselves and for each other, and the rest of the stuff is just that material stuff, and believe me when I tell you none of us can take that with us; so forgive, let it go, and love again.

May the Heavenly Father continue to shine into my life, a light that allows me to see my past for what it is a memory, allows me to see my future for what it is another opportunity to make a difference in my life and in the lives of others, and the present for what that is, which is the right now and this exact moment to forgive others so that I can myself be forgiven as well, and for this we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen

“My Life’s Journey is a Divine Walk with the Heavenly Spirit”

Good day Blessed Ones;

I see my life’s journey as a divine walk with the Heavenly Spirit; and I am so glad to be on this path with you all as well. What I feel within my heart is an inner stillness that allows me to sense that all the Good that is awaiting for me to receive, is also the Good in my life that I am awaiting to receive as well. This life that we have and that we use on a day-to-day basis, as we walk together you and I my Father is something that I could have only dreamed about had I not been saved by your love and your grace in my life.

I find myself seeing things for the very first time for what they are, and that is blessings; I awake each and every day with a breath of love from the Heavenly Spirit, and even though I may not know what is planned for me on any given day, I do know that as long as it is received and anticipated with the love of the Heavenly Spirit in its demonstration, than I am open to receiving whatever it is, and I am ready to be taken wherever it will lead me.

I look forward to the demonstration of yours my Heavenly Father in my life, and as the days grow darker and the nights grow colder, I realize that what was once a bright shiny day, has now become a cold and blistery afternoon; but all that has been planted is now ready to be sowed, and all that has been sowed, is now ready to be harvested for my betterment, and the betterment of others as well. We see each and every day as something that cannot be taken away from us, since what we see is also something that must be given to us as well.

I want to continue to reap the benefits of my harvest dear Sweet Spirit, and as I continue to benefit from the fruits of my labors, may you continue to bless me with the fruits of what has been a lesson that was so needed for me to learn, that who and whose I am is what I am here to sow, I am here to be loved by you, I am here to be chosen by you my Heavenly Father, I am here to be given the blessings from you dear Sweet Spirit. I am here to walk with you on this divine walk that will illuminate within my heart what it feels like to be truly and greatly loved by the Heavenly Spirit. Allow me to understand my Father as I am but a child in your arms awaiting the loving embrace of all that is necessary and needed in my life.

Thank you my Father for this walk, we will continue to have with each other, thank you my Father for this amazing education that I am afforded in this life, and thank you my Father; for once I was just a child finding my way to your light, and now I am an elder seeking once again the love of your words in my heart. You have changed me from what was yesterday’s sprig of a sprout in the ground, to today’s full blown flower full with the warmth of God on my petals and love of God in my soil, I have been reborn again, and for this we are all grateful, for this we are thankful, and for this we are blessed, and so it is. God bless you all,

“I used to be afraid”

For the first time in my life I am not afraid. For the first in my life, I am not afraid. All my life I have had to deal with obstacles, and I have had to deal with pluses and minuses in my life. The pluses of being married to a magnificent man, who loves me and supports me whole heartily, and the minuses of having to deal with day-to-day struggles like everyone else; you struggle with your job, you struggle with friendships, you struggle with your faith, you struggle; and when I was younger I used to take these struggles so much to heart. I would actually be afraid most of the time. Whenever there was a closed door meeting I would think they were talking about me, and whenever there was whispering, I would think they were talking about me. But then something amazing happened it was called maturity in my faith. Maturity in my faith allowed me to understand that it didn’t matter who was talking about me, and it didn’t matter why they were talking about me, if I knew that the one that I talked to, was listening to me.

I am at a crossroads in my life; I was just told yesterday that I would be served with something (an adverse action) that’s not very positive so they say. It’s kind of like being given news from the doctor that it’s not all good today; well I tell you I’m not taking that news to heart, because I serve an amazing Father, and my Father told me I will provide for you, when no one else will provide for you, I will provide for you. When no one else will stand by you, I will stand by you, and when no one else would speak up for you, I will speak up for you.

So you think about that, and you think about all you have; and, you think about what it all means if it was to be stripped away from you. You think about how would you feel to have everything, and then to one day lose everything as well. And then you begin to decide what is it that you’re really losing at all. Is it the fact that the thing that you have been shown in your life that has become a barrier to you expressing yourself more fully in all facets to the World, is something that you feel you must cling on too, when you’re constantly being shown that you need to let it go. Not everyone is suited for a job with the State of California, and not everyone is made up of the stuff that you need to deal with the minutia of it all day in and day out.

So you stuck in there and you’ve fought the good fight, and as you near your options of retirement, you have another fight to fight again. But see this time the fight will be different, because this time you’ve got somebody really on your side, you have the Heavenly Spirit and he doesn’t play. So this time instead of doing what you’ve done in the past, which has been to scream about it, and to yell about it, and to cry about it, and to say why me about it, you’re going to sit back, and let the Heavenly Father do his work about it. You’re going to relax, and let the Heavenly Father show you what he can do. Let the Heavenly Father show a demonstration of his love and his power in your life.

The Heavenly Father says I will provide for you, you trust in me, you put all of your faith in me, in all your concerns, and I will provide for you. And what was once something you had only dreamed about happening in your life, I will give that to you and more, for you are my child. I used to be afraid all the time, I used to be afraid all the time, and now I am afraid no longer, for the Heavenly Father has said to me, I will provide for you and because of that I am free. I await your demonstration my Father, I await your demonstration of love in my life, and I will rest assured thy will will be done. I am not afraid anymore, I am no longer afraid in my life, and it feels so good, so good; to stand up and say you cannot hurt me, you cannot hurt me, for I am a child of the Mighty I Am, and I am thankful for all that God does for me. The blessings are still coming, the blessings being rained down on me are still coming, and I feel a satisfaction, I feel a satisfaction in my heart, I feel a quietness, and a calmness in my heart.

And it’s almost, it’s almost kind of amazing, as I am saying to myself; you aren’t normally, you normally would be jumping on the walls about this, you normally would be crying your eyes out about this, and saying woe is me and why is me, and blah blah blah, but you’re not doing that, and if that makes some people feel uneasy because I am so calm and so collected about it all, well you will have to deal with that on your own, because I can’t help you with that, but I can help you with this. There is nothing that can be bestowed upon you in a negative manner that the Heavenly Father can’t take away and bring a blessing into your life. There is nothing that can be thrust upon you, that the Heavenly Father can’t take off of you, and show you the sun is shining again; no, do not get discouraged, do not feel uneasy, and do not feel that all is lost.

Because today is the beginning of a new day; the sun is shining, the sky is bright, and God is here, and He is inside of you, and the Heavenly Spirit is telling you that you will be provided for, don’t you worry. I thank you God for making me feel reassured, I thank you God for steadying my ship in this storm of change and necessary betterment for me, and I thank you God for loving me so much, and showing me how it is to love as well. I will always cherish my love of the Heavenly Spirit with others, and I will always feel safe and know that that is possible, and God for this I can only say thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen

Change your Words, change you’re Actions, change your World

” I saw an amazing video this morning on a website called “Silent Journey”, and in this video there was a homeless man who also happened to be blind, sitting on the ground asking for money. His sign read “I can’t see, please help me.” And as the numerous people walked by this man he was given some change here and there, but not by many and not very much.

So a young woman walked by him, and as she turned around and walked back to him, she took his sign and on the other side she wrote a different message. She put the sign back in its place, and after doing this, people dropped change into the man’s tin cup like it was the necessity of life that they had to do. So, after a while the woman came back, and the man knew it was her by the feel of her shoes, and he asked her “what did you do to my sign?”, in which she replied “I changed the words, but I said the same thing.” As the camera pulled back to show us the viewers the sign, the writing she wrote on the sign said “It’s a beautiful day, but I can’t see it”. Just a simple change of words of seeing something differently can change your life, and change your World.

So, one of the things that I have been noticing about myself, is that I am changing my actions; and by changing my actions, my outcomes have been changing as well. Let me explain, instead of seeing each and every occurrence in my life as something that I need to prepare for, or something that I need to react to, or as something that I need to correct; and by changing my actions to how I received something, to how I view my life, and to how I will react to the issues and actions of others; has allowed me to see outcomes that now have become blessings instead of obstacles, and magical moments, instead of the same run of the mill occurrences that I would have received from the same situations or the same solutions.

By changing how I react to this or that, by changing my perception of myself, and by understanding that many times more than not, an action, or an occurrence doesn’t even really require a response or reaction from me at all. My World has changed because of these very simple changes; and, I am not only happier because of it, my sanity is happier because of it as well. Use today to see the World differently by the changing of your words to yourself and to others; depict out to the World that you are ready to see a difference in your circumstances by first seeing a difference in your actions; and believe me when I tell you, your World will change, your entire existence will shift, and you will see what so many of us who believe in something more than ourselves believe, that we can change our lives, we can change the lives of others, and we can change this World, one word, one action, and one breath at a time as well.

Use today’s situations, and the air that you breathe in and out, to produce for you and this amazing place we call Earth; a place changed by the love of the Heavenly Spirit, and the love of ourselves, to change the World, to change ourselves, and to change each other for the betterment of all mankind; and for this and so much more we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

“I love you because”

I am in love with you, I love you because you have opened my eyes to see the World for what it truly is and that is a gigantic playground where I can learn, I can play, and I can love each and every thing that I see and that sees me.

I feel so free right now with you in my life, I feel so at ease with you in my heart space, and it is because of you that I am so giddy with the fragrance of love in the air. I love you because I can be myself with you, I can show my true self to you, and by this itself is liberating and amazing all at the same time.

Loving you has allowed me to be my true self, loving you has opened up for me a life so worth living, you are my life, you are my love, you are myself covered in a new skin that allows me to see myself for who I truly and fully am. Take me to the place that you send me when my heart is open and my arms are wide open for your embrace is touching my soul and I am loved, I am loving, and I have become if just for this one instance loveable to you and myself.

I love you because you are my friend, you are my mentor, you are my Father, you are my brother, you are all these things and it is because of this that I am able to stay by your side for you allow me to see what beauty life can become once someone is immersed in the true feeling of letting love into their life, the true feeling of letting love into their existence; the true feeling of love into their life, they can never be the same again; and I will never be the same again, I will be forever loosed by the love that you have given to me in my life.

I love you because you have shown me how to love myself, you have shown me what the pain of love is all about, you have shown me what love looks like, and I will forever be blessed by that. Thank you my love, thank you for loving me, and thank you for showing me how much the Heavenly Spirit truly loves me in my life as well. I love you because of all these things and more, love, love, to love; I will always love you, I will always love us, I will always love God, I will always love, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all,

“Trust in the Heavenly Spirit”

Trust in the Heavenly Spirit, trust in the Heavenly Spirit, the Heavenly Spirit will provide for you a new outcome; you have tried everything else, so this time try what you have always had on your side, the faith of God; the love of the Heavenly Spirit in your life, trust in the Heavenly Spirit, use the love of God to handle your problems, rely on him to manifest the rights from the wrongs in your life. You trust in the Heavenly Spirit for other things, but you won’t trust in the Heavenly Spirit for this. There is no one in this world that can provide for you the way that the Heavenly Spirit can provide for you. There is no outcome that will become out of this to be more of an anointing than the outcome of the Heavenly Spirit in your life.

As I’ve said you have tried everything else; you’ve cried about it, you’ve been angered about it, you’ve been angry about it, and you felt defeated by it. Well here is a new word “trust” in the Heavenly Spirit, I trust my concerns with the Heavenly Spirit, I’m looking for a different outcome from the same situation, and every time I approach that situation the same way, the same things come out, though today we are at a new day, today is a new day, today I trust in the Heavenly Spirit in all my affairs, and by trusting in the Heavenly Spirit, my World has changed.

What was once a burden on my heart is no longer even a concern, my words, my love for the Heavenly Spirit is what I have, is my mission, is my vocation. I don’t have time to deal with the minutia of what man may try to do to me because they feel uneasy with the words or misunderstand the words that I say. I’m here for the love and the glory of God, I serve my Father, I don’t serve man, so I am resting all of it on Him and He will make it all right. I don’t’ concern myself with the threats, with the challenges of man to hurt me, I am not going to be put in a position to where I feel threatened by man because the Heavenly Father would not allow this; I am a life that is so worth living, my happiness and my joy come from within me, they are not coming from outside of me, they are coming from within me, my joy is manifested because of the love I have for the Heavenly Spirit.

So no man can take away from me anything, for the Heavenly Spirit anoints me with his love and his protection; I fear no one and nothing, and I rest assured and trust in the Heavenly Spirit to fight all my battles for me; no I am not here to be frightened, to be intimidated, to be made to feel unsure of myself, for I am a child of God, and because of that the Heavenly Spirit will protect me, the Heavenly Spirit will provide for me, the Heavenly Spirit will give me what I need to be full and to be whole, the Heavenly Spirit will provide for me; no you do not scare me and there is a new day, a new way, and a new outcome from the same situation, a new solution to the problems that you may have thought that you have given me.

I tell you today, God is on my side, God is in my life, I am his child, I am his reflection of the words of Jesus Christ I am God’s child, I am saved, you cannot harm me for I am a child of God’s, and I say to this thank you Lord for all your blessings, thank you God for giving me what I have needed all my life, and thank you God for letting me tell the World that I will not be mistreated, and I will not be threatened, and I will not be intimidated for I am a child of yours and by being a child of yours I am protected by the love of the Heavenly Father, trust in the Heavenly Father and you will be all right, trust in the Heavenly Father and your life will be anew, trust in the heavenly Father and be born again, and so it is, and so it is, and so it is, amen and amen.

“The Gathering of my Good”

The Gathering of my Good, the Gathering of my Good Works to come into my life. The gathering of the tools that I need to bring Good works into my life, the Gathering of the Good. So when I think of these words the “Gathering of my Good”, I think of all of the tools, all of the opportunities, all of the blessings that have been given to me so that I can become a blessing to this World. I think about the vision that I have of hope, and love, and all Good things to be bestowed upon this World; and I think about what it all means to not only me, but to others when I look at them in the positivity of love that they were brought into this World to represent, that they were brought into this World to manifest into, that they were brought into this World to be just what they are Good.

I gather the Good in my life, so that I can be a benefit to others, so that I can provide Good works in the name of my Heavenly Father for all that I see, and come upon on my travels of this World, the gathering of the Good in my life, the gathering of the Good works, the gathering of the Good items, the gathering of the Good is what is positive, is what is necessary, is what is available, so that I can provide Good to others. We are in a life of uncertainty, in a life of irresponsibility, and in a life of sheer drama, we are able to gather our Good so that we can stabilize the life that we have; gathering our Good, taking what is given to us, and seeing it as something that will benefit not only us, but benefit this existence, but benefit this World, but benefit this life; the gathering of the Good, is what I need on a daily basis to bring about clarity in my mind, so that I can bring about the loving words of the Heavenly Spirit, so that I can bring about the love of self to others.

The gathering of my Good; I am so thankful that I am in a time of Harvest when the gathering of my Good can be shared with the love and likes of all those that I love in my life, and all those that I look forward to sharing my love with. The gathering of my Good benefits not only myself, but it benefits so many others, so many others are benefited because I love the Heavenly Spirit, so many others are benefited because the Heavenly Spirit loves us all; there is never any doubt in my mind to who and whose I am, by the gathering of my Good, I am able to give that to so many, and I am able to share that with so many as well. The gathering of my Good, the gathering of all that is Good, the gathering of God’s gifts and God’s harvest is a blessing to us all, and so it is. Amen and amen, and God bless you all,

“We are so Grateful”

Good day Blessed Ones;

As I felt that something was coming to shine the light of understanding into my life; and from that moment on yesterday I have been blessed with words and actions of great blessings on the areas of concern that I had in my existence.

We are grateful Lord for all the blessings that have been showered down on us at this time, and we are so thankful for the numerous blessings of love and light that we have experienced these past few days.

Sweet Heavenly Father, all you have ever said was that we must ask you for what we need, that we must ask you for what we want, and those needs and those wants will be satisfied, they will be taken care of, and we will be healed to live another day with the love of God in our lives and the love of self within our grasp.

Doesn’t feel good when your prayers are answered, doesn’t make you feel like you are not alone, as you walk this journey with the Heavenly Spirit; and as we walk this journey together you and I; what a blessing it is to know, that all that we need to make our life more of a blessing is available to us if we just ask for it.

Ask for what you want, ask the Heavenly Father for what you need, and it will be given to you double fold, and overflowing; for you are so deserving of all that is here for you to receive. I will never again assume that my needs are being met unless I open my mouth, and I open my heart, and ask the Heavenly Spirit for all that I need, and for all that is needed, to make good works in my life and in the lives of others.

We are here to be blessed by the Heavenly Spirit, we are here to receive those blessings when they arrive, and we are grateful for those blessings; for our Father the great I Am wants us to be happy, our Father the great I Am wants us to ask Him for what is needed in our lives.

And if we don’t do that, then we are not allowing our Heavenly Father to provide for us what He knows that we need. Ask for the stars if the stars are what you want; ask for that house, if that house will provide for you, and your family the shelter that they so desperately need to survive, and ask for that monetary energy that we call money if that is what is needed as well; for the Heavenly Spirit will not know what you need unless you ask Him for it, and isn’t time you asked Him for what you have been wanting to have all your life.

Ask for what you want, and it will be given to you; and once you receive those keys to the Kingdom that you have asked for; say a prayer of thanksgiving to the Heavenly Spirit for what was received; for this is what life is all about, and this is what your life was made for, and this is what the Heavenly Father wants you to have; and for all these things, we are grateful, we are thankful, and we are so truly blessed, and so it is. Thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

“The Light, the Light”

Proverbs, Chapter 3, verse 5 and 6;
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him, And he shall direct your paths.

Dear Heavenly Father, I feel I keep being told in my mind, the light is coming; I keep being told in my mind the days are going to be better, the trial is almost over, don’t give up, don’t give up, continue to walk toward the light of understanding. The light of a brand new day, the light of an opportunity to see a difference, the light is here, the trials are almost over, the new dawn is coming, the new dawn is arriving. There will be peace; there will be peace in the storm; the storm is almost over, a brand new day is coming. The light is coming to take us away from the darkness; the light is coming to take us away from the darkness. A brand new day, a way out of no way is coming, a way out of no way is on its way to you.

Heavenly Father what are you trying to say through me today? I keep hearing the light, the light, there is light, there is light. I keep hearing there is light; dear Heavenly Father we know you are here to make us think Lord, you are here to make it right, you are here to end our suffering, we know this Lord, we know this. The light, the light is coming, the light, the light is coming, go toward the light, the light is coming, it is all going to be alright.

Lord, I will lean on you God; let me lean on you Lord for the understanding, let me lean on you God; please hold us up Lord, as we try to find our way to the light, as we try to find our way to the end of this tunnel, as we try to find our way to the new beginning that we know is coming, help us to find our way Lord, help us to lead us into the light so that we can find the solution Lord, help us to find the light Lord, help us to find the light, help us to find the light; the light, head toward the light to see a new beginning, a new era, a new solution. We will be alright, as we head to the light, the light, the light, we will be right, we will be all right, we will be all right. Thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God and so it is.