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“I Want to Give you Your Flowers now”

Oh my golly Miss Molly, do I love the latest album from India Aire called “SongVersation”. If you haven’t heard it, and you are a big India Aire fan you must get it; it is absolutely the most amazing album I have ever heard. There are numerous songs on the album that I love, but the one that I love the most is this one “Flowers”, and when she says “I want to give you your flowers now”. Oh my goodness it just resonates with me how we are always so able to give to others their praise, and their constant praising of how wonderful they were, and how amazing they might have been, but we always wait, and say those wonderful things to people, or show that wonderful respect to others after they have gone and past.

So as a promise to myself, and a promise to all of you, I want to give you your flowers right here and right now. For those of you that have been so amazingly wonderful to me as I left one place of work in my life, to begin a new adventure at another, I want you to know how much your kind words, loving thoughts, and amazing insights have meant so much to me then, and continually show me how much you have always cared for me, and whatever situation I was in at the time.

For those of you that were always there to help me with a financial hook-up, or you were there to impart to me some wisdom, that was so needed at the time, and was much appreciated as it allowed me to go on my journey to continue to be the amazingly positive person that I am, and will always be; I say thank you, thank you, and thank you. Because sometimes when you are in the middle of a financial storm, or just unsure which way is the best way to go, it is always appreciative to speak with someone who made the choice they made in their life for their reason; and, for them to be able to impart upon you what that choice, or that decision meant to them and to their sanity, I thank you.

And then to those individuals that were always not sure if what I was doing in my life was the right thing to do, such as marry the amazing man that I did, and or by deciding to embark on the spiritual journey that I have undertaken; I say to you thank you for your words as well, because had it not been for your apprehension, about what you felt I should have done or not done, is what allowed me to see clearly what needed to be done, and what should be done.

So for all your gifts, words, and works of love that you gave me, that you allowed me to receive from you, and that you felt was the best advice that you could provide at the time, I say to you; let me give you your flowers now, so that you are able to know deep within your heart and your soul, just how much you mean to me, just how much you have always meant to me, and just how much you mean to this World.

Enjoy your flowers today, for you earned them, you deserve them, and thank God you are still here to receive them, with the love and gratitude that they are given to you in. May you continue to be the light that shines forever in my life, and may you continue to be the light that shines out into this World, and into the numerous other lives that you happen to touch on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Praise be to God, for you deserve this praise today, for all you do, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all


“There is still work to be done, on the work in progress”

Dear Heavenly Father there is still work to be done on me, and there is still work to be done on all of us, Lord. We are still works in progress; still works waiting to be shaped, and molded, and caressed, and folded, and sculpted; and as the bad parts, and the parts that are not necessary are cut away so that we can be shown to the World as the masterpieces that we truly are.

There is still work to be done, and every time I look at myself in the mirror, I see your masterpiece, I see your perfection, I see your love, and God even at times I may not fully understand, why I should love myself so deeply, or love myself in a particular situation; I realize that you always love me, no matter how short I fall, no matter how hard the climb is, no matter how long the journey is, and no matter how far the finish line seems; you still love me, even though I am still a work in progress.

I am working toward becoming a better person, working toward becoming what was meant to be an expression imprinted into the fiber of this Universe, a way of sending out the message that love is all I am. As a work in progress, I still have to realize that we all have things we need to work on, we all have little edges that need to be cut away, so that we can be made smooth; and as a circumference that is constantly cyclical and going round, and round, and round.

We are like that circular cylinder that is constantly being put through a square hole; in the beginning it doesn’t seem like the cylinder will make it through the hole, but then as we see the hole which was once square begins to make itself into a circular shape, a round shape allowing the circular item to go through; that is what I see about myself, that is what I see about my world.

In the beginning it was a square, and I was a circle trying to go through, and the square would never bend, it would never ease its corners, and it would never allow me to go through, to flow through smoothly. But now with my faith to believe in something more than myself, the corners have been rounded, the entry way is now circular and it allows me to flow through.

I am a work in progress; I will never be the same person today that I will be next year; I will not be the same person next year, that I will be the year after that; because I am continuously evolving, continuously growing, and continuously learning. I am a work in progress, and when that progress will be done, only my Heavenly Father knows the answer to that question.

I will continue to be a work in progress that grows and grows, and continues to grow until it can’t grow anymore, a work in progress that is continuously being added to, taken from, molded on, and sculpted out; I want to be continually improved so that I can continually see the world new each and every single day.

I am a work in progress, and even though there will be many many years before this work is completed; but what I will enjoy the most of this journey is that it allows me to see the differences in the before and after picture of myself, as I go toward the destination of completeness.

In the beginning there was darkness, and then there was light, and as the light became even brighter, and brighter, and brighter, the work in progress became even more and more magnificent; that is what I am aiming for, that is what the goal is, that is what the work is pertaining to; the work in progress is pertaining to becoming the magnificent expression of “I Am”, that I am to be.

So my dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the journey, thank you for the lessons learned, and thank you for the de-briefings, that allow me to see myself as constantly evolving into something more amazing than I was before.

Yes, I am a work in progress, and the progress on this work is constantly becoming more and more amazingly magnificent. May the love of God allow you to be a work in progress, as you can continue to progress your work into the magnificence that it so deserves, as it is on its destination as well, and so it is. God bless you all, Amen and amen.

“I am a student of life, and I am always learning”

Let’s take this time to prepare ourselves for meditation. We take this time to relax our minds, and we take a deep cleansing breath in, and we hold it; and then we take another deep cleansing breath in, and as we receive this breath of inhalation of all that is good, and all this is needed for us at this time, we will then exhale out of our bodies the concerns, the worries and or distractions that do not serve us at this time as well.

And as you continue to relax and rest, close your eyes at this time if you feel comfortable to do so, and with your mind’s eye, visualize for yourself what it means to be a “student of life”, see yourself as you were taught how to speak as a child, by using and learning one letter of the alphabet at a time, then you gradually formed words, then you formed sentences, then you formed entire paragraphs, and these words were transcribed by you as you continued your journey with the written word.

And, as you have always seen yourself continually learning, continually opening your mind to new experiences, to new processes, and developing within yourself a brand new you. Every day you learn something amazing and magnificent, every day you are enlightened by new and improved ways to analyze a problem; and each and every step of your life’s journey allows you to reach back into the mind of a student, and to be taught something that will enhance, engage, and endure in your life something today that will make you more wiser, smarter, and more effective than yesterday.

As we go into the silence, say these words to yourself silently, I am a student of life, there is always something to learn, and because of the Heavenly Spirit, there is always a loving and open mind, to receive the teaching; and, as we say this again to ourselves silently, I am a student of life, there is always something to learn, and because of the Heavenly Spirit, there is always a loving and open mind, to receive the teaching; remember these words as we go into the silence…..


Yes, yes, an open mind, and a loving heart allow you to receive the teachings that are always available to you from the Universe, and as we continue to learn, and as you continue to grow, you are continuing to be just what you were always meant to be, magnificent, blessed, and loved, because you are always learning, for you are always, and in all ways, a student of life, and so it is. Amen and amen

“Let it in”

Let it in, Let it in; so I would like to share with you today three very special words, let it in; and what I’m referring to is let God in your life, let him in, let the heavenly love of the Heavenly Spirit be in your life today. Feel the love and the joy of how wonderful it is to love God, to have God love you, and to see what is happening because of that love in your life. Let it in, let in all the good in your life, let in all the possibilities of happiness in your life, let in all the joy, let in all the completeness that you could feel because of the love of God in your life. Let it in; I feel such joy and immense happiness; and, I am not just happy because the sky is blue and the sun is out; I am happy because the love of the Heavenly Spirit is in my life.

I’m happy because I am able to share the words of the love of God with everyone that I meet. Yes I let it in, I decided that I needed God in my life more than I needed anything else, I decided that I needed the Heavenly Spirit in my life more than I needed money, I decided I needed the Heavenly Spirit in my life more than I needed diamonds; and, for me that was a big thing because I love diamonds. But by giving myself, by opening myself up, by allowing myself to be swept away with the love of the Heavenly Spirit, all those things will come to me anyway, because that is what is expected in my life. All good things will be given to me, because that is what I see in my life, all good things coming to me.

So I say to you again let it in, let in the good in your life, let in the possibilities of love in your life, let in happiness, let in joy, let in forgiveness, let it in; and feel how at peace, how complete, how fulfilled, how amazing, how magnificent, how illuminated, how you will feel by letting it in, let it all in. I want to see you prosper, I want to see you prosperous, I want to see you happy, I want to see you excited, I want to see you blessed, and all you have to do is say “I’m ready to let it in”, whatever to you that is. The higher spirit, the higher calling, the higher being, whatever you feel to call it; because, anything that is positive that can bring about something that is good in your life, I say let it in, and if letting it in allows you to be at peace with yourself, and your family then let it in.

If letting it in allows you to find comfort in the night when it is cold and you are by yourself, I say let it in, and if letting in allows you to feel that you can make a difference in this world for not only yourself, but for others, believe me when I tell I you, I say let it in; for what we are here for is to be a blessing, be a blessing and let it in, be a blessing and be fulfilled, be a blessing and be happy, be a blessing and be loved, be a blessing and let it in, and so it is. Amen and amen

“The Color Purple Meditation”

Let’s prepare ourselves for meditation, let’s take a deep cleansing breath in and let it out, and let’s take another deep cleansing breath in, and let that out as well. And as we sit back in our comfy chair, and as we relax the spine of our backs against the chair, let’s feel comfortable enough to close our eyes if we can; and then let’s look through our minds eye, lets visualize in our minds the everlasting water of the waterfall, how beautiful it is, how amazingly large and roaring the waterfall is. And as the water fall shows it majesty with all of its power and loving cleansing water, we hear the roaring of the waterfall, we see the drops of mist touch our faces, as the waterfall flows down, down into a beautiful pool of blue liquid just there for us.

And as we take our eyes from the waterfall, we see that we are standing in the middle of a magnificent garden, the green plants and foliage that are surrounding us are just beautiful, everything is lush and filled with the goodness of the Earth, the love of the sun, and the blessing of the Heavenly Spirit as it has grown from the ground to its magnificence. We are standing in the middle of paradise; and as we look up into the sky, the sky is so blue, so beautifully blue the sky is with white clouds floating by as pillows of soft cotton candy, as they come together and separate, as the clouds touch each other and separate in the sky, and as we look down we see there is a bench just for us to sit down and take in the majesty of this moment.

The magnificent waterfall roaring with the water flowing down into a pool of blue liquid, the beautiful flora and fauna of paradise, and as we strain our eyes just a little bit more we are able to see what all the fuss is about, there is the hint of the color purple, um out here where we are is the magnificent color of purple. How royal that color is, how amazing to see something of that magnitude right here in paradise; but then we remember what is paradise if it is not to be surrounded with all beautiful and opulent things.

As we continue to reflect on the waterfall, as we continue to look at the beautiful beautiful green flora and fauna, and as we stare at the beautiful color of purple that has sprouted out of it all, we realize that God is here, God is with us right now, and as we are experiencing all this and as we prepare to go into the silence of this, moment we say to ourselves silently, the color purple has ignited in us the dream, the vision, the love, that God is everywhere; we say it again, the color purple has ignited in us the dream, the vision, the truth, that God is everywhere; everywhere that we are God is. We will continue to remember these words, as we go into the silence.


Yes, yes, the color purple has ignited in our hearts, and in our souls that God is with us here, God is with us there, God is with us everywhere and for that we are blessed, we are loved, and it is all Good. And as we begin to gravitate back to this very time and space, and as we say goodbye to our little bench that we sat down on in the middle of our lush and green paradise; we will never forget the color purple, and we will never forget what that color ignited in us, the dream, the vision, and the love of God for us, and with us, everywhere, everywhere, and so it is. Amen and amen.

“Opened the Door”

Opened the door, your love has opened the door to my heart. Your love for me has opened the door to my heart, and I am blessed. Dear Heavenly Father I look upon my life as an opportunity to make something worthwhile to be expressed out into this World, and in my midst of doing that my heart has been opened. You’ve opened my heart, you’ve open my heart to the possibility that there is more to this life than material things, you’ve opened my heart to the possibility that there is more to this life than meets the eye; sitting with you in the stillness, sitting with you in the stillness of the day allows me to reflect, to reflect upon a dream, a dream of a life that I want to have, a dream of a life that I want to see come to fruition; you’ve opened my heart where once was filled with scarcity and lack, is now filled with abundance, and overflowing, overwhelming abundance of love.

What once was felt to be empty, felt to be barren, felt to be nonexistent, has now been filled with the existence of the Universe, you have opened my heart; and as I reflect upon the life I used to have, and the things that used to be important to me, and ideas that used to be wanting to be manifested; they are still there, but because you have opened my heart to the possibility of so much more, they have been put to the side. A heart that has been opened to the possibility that life can be sweet, along with the bitter; that life can be magnificent, along with the challenges; and that that life can be truly a blessing from God. You’ve opened my heart, and I will never forget the revelation that I was given, when I decided that I too wanted to hear the words from the Heavenly Spirit, that I too wanted to express the love that was given to those that believed in something higher than themselves.

To set aside the problems and concerns that are on my mind, and to give them to my Heavenly Father, that is what has set me free. You’ve opened my heart; and now with a heart fully opened, I am able to show the world that yes, I am loved, and yes we are all loved, and yes the love of God is everywhere, for everyone, in everything, yes it is. So I thank you God for the opening of my heart, I thank you God for the opening of my mind, and I thank you God for the opportunities that have come from the challenges, for to truly live this life you must truly experience it all, and as it has always been said, there is no free ride, and no one should expect to get through it without a bump, a bruise, and a scar; but those bumps and those bruises, and those scars tell you about yourself, and it is what allows you to open your heart, and see the magnificence that is inside. Open your heart, open your heart, open your heart, and so it is. God bless you all

“An Awakening”

Dear Heavenly Father, it has been so many days since we have all spoken to each other; and Lord when we were at Unity Village, it was so amazing, I could feel the spiritualism, I could feel the energy, I could feel “You” there. And Lord now that I am back here, I miss Unity Village so very much, and I miss the talking with you Lord that we had with each other. Lord you answered some questions for me, you provided some illumination for me, you gave me the awakening that I needed, and I am grateful.

I asked who, what, when, where, and how; and all those questions were answered for me. Now I’m not going to speak those answers out loud right now, because, I feel in my heart that something must be saved just for you and I to know and to share with each other. But what I will share Lord is the fact that my life has changed, my life has felt awakened, my life has felt energized by the newness that I have experienced from this Spiritual Pilgrimage. Lord, I see you as what you have always truly been; and I always knew this to be true, but it was reinforced that you love us, you love us, and you never tried to persuade us to that differently. You were not trying to teach us, you were not trying to give us an obstacle in our path to teach us a lesson; that’s not your way, your way is Good, your way is loving, your way is beautiful.

I see things that happen to us, as things that happen to us; life is an experience of things that happen to you, and what makes life so amazing is the fact that how you accept what is happening to you, or how you react to what is happening to you, is the experience that you are going to receive. I believe in the law of attraction that like attracts to like, and in my life, I want to attract to me Good, I want to attract to me love, and I want to attract to me inspiration, hope, joy, forgiveness, and all Good things, because that is what I want to spew out into this world; yes Lord this trip that I was on was an awakening.

But what it awakened in me was already there, and just needed to be rekindled with the fire ignited underneath the passion. “God is Good Omnipotent” and that is the way I see you, that is the way that I will always see you, and I thank you for that vision. Lord I see myself whole, healthy, and healed, and I see myself rejuvenated in strength of a pure and clean body, a body that has now decided that it will take itself to the next level. And the next level Lord is what we both have been waiting for to achieve, the strength to serve my Heavenly Father. One of the sayings that they would say at Unity Village was let’s get Myrtle with it. Meaning lets get Myrtle Fillmore with it, because Myrtle Fillmore believed in health and wholeness, and not sickness and dis-ease, we are healthy, we are whole, and we are loved by God, and thank you Myrtle for that.

Lord thank you for this trip that I was able to go on, and that I am still on a spiritual high that I have never experienced. Even though my body was tired from all of the running around, and the taking care of others, and making sure things were what they were supposed to be; my soul, and my mind, were just working along just fine, just feeling illuminated by it all; I don’t know what other word to use, to say that there was an awakening, there was a passion reignited, there was a rebirth, and out of that rebirth came all the Good that had been there all along. I thank you God for the amazing journey that I was able to be a part of, I thank you God, for the amazing insight that I have now opened my eyes and become aware of for myself, and I thank you God, for the many and numerous opportunities that you continue to give us in our lives, to change our lives from something that was amazing, to something that is magnificent, just by changing our mindset, and by changing the way we receive, the way we accept, and the way we react, to others and to things.

We are so fortunate, and we are so blessed, we are so blessed; so today I ask you to take this opportunity that we are all given not by just taking an awakening trip that I just experienced; but by waking up every day, you are given an opportunity to make your life something that it was truly meant to be, and that is a magnificent and positive expression in this world. You are here to receive your Good, you are here to receive the love of God, and you are here to be given the tools that you need to be all that you were meant to be; take this time, take the journey to learn and love yourself, the way God loves you, the way we all love you, and the way that you should love yourself. My Heavenly Father, thank you for the awakening, and as I said, thank you for the illumination, and Lord thank you for the business in my life that is now going to be taking place, and so it is, Amen and amen.

“We all need to be healed”

When I look at all the people in this World that need healing, and as I continue to hope, that I am above that need at this time; but to be honest with myself, and to be honest with others I too require that need to be healed as well. I too require that self-described need to be absolved of my hurts, of my shortcomings, and of my misdeeds if there are any that I need to not remember at this time.

I want to feel clean and pure as the driven snow; I want to feel the pure clean feeling of something, and someone that has been washed and absolved of any and all that they might have done, or did do, that caused pain to themselves and pain to others. I want to feel deeply within my heart all that I have done, and all that I will do is within the scope of what is expected of me, and what is expected is that I am a child of God’s and because of this I am already fully healed.

I have been given the green light to cleanse myself of all the hurt and pain that I may have done, and it is now cleansed, and it is now forgiven. To forgive, to find it within you to forgive yourself is one of the hardest things to ever do. Our Heavenly Father has already forgiven you of all your past, your present, and your future transgressions.

Doesn’t that feel so wonderful to know that you are now being given a clean-slate to start anew, to begin again, and to fulfill your destiny with the knowing, and the idea that this time things will be different, and that this time whatever hurt, or pain, or silent agonizing remembrance that may have been with you for all those years, and all those times, is now lifted and it has all been taken away, taken away to never be thought of, or discussed or even dreamed of again.

That is what healing is all about, that is what being forgiven is all about, the thought that your life has been saved and cleansed of all of it, is what a true healing does not only to the body, but to the soul as well. Repeat these words to yourself and feel how they resonate within your being: “I am healed, I am fully and finally released from the pain of the past, and I have been healed to feel the pain of the past no more.” Say this again to yourself, “I am healed, I am fully and finally released from the pain of the past, and I have been healed to feel the pain of the past no more.” That is what it feels like to be healed, that is what it feels like to be given the chance to start anew, and that is what it feels like to be loved by the Heavenly Spirit, and for this we all say, Amen and amen. God bless you all

“A Specific Reason and a Specific Purpose”

Dear Heavenly Father God, I am so thankful this morning, and I have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful God to wake up this morning feeling so much better, I are thankful God to wake up this morning feeling healed, feeling whole, feeling alive, and feeling alert. I am thankful for that, and I am also thankful this morning dear Father for the love that is in my heart for my family, for my husband, and for this World.

Lord, we see today as a day, from which we will all benefit from, by all of us benefiting by how amazing our lives can be with the love of the Heavenly Father in our lives. Lord, you have made a way out of no way for many of us; and you have made a lover out of those, that may have thought that love had been gone and abandoned from their lives. Lord, every day I look at myself, I am amazed at how excited I am about life, and how excited I am to share this life with others, and how excited I am to share my words with others as well. I will not make the mistake dear Heavenly Spirit, to be distracted, to be detoured, or to be taken down the path that is not mine to travel, and I will continue on what is my path to endure in this life. The path that I want to explore, and the path that I want to continue to go forward on, is the path that you have given me, and that is the path of the spoken word, and the path of the written word, to share the love of you, and the inspiration that that love expresses out of me.

Lord, I am a spiritual inspirationalist; I am an artist that uses the written word, and the spoken word, by putting that out on the canvas to display the amazing painted colors of life. I am here to be used as the vessel that I am; and I am here to shine love into hearts that love has not yet begotten; Lord I will never ever question who I am, and whose I am ever again. For I know who I am, I am a beautiful magnificent expression of yours my Heavenly Father; and I know what I am, I am a vessel to be used to spread the words of love, joy, inspiration, hope, and forgiveness, into this World; that is my job, that is my vocation, that is my mission; and Lord now that I have finally realized who I am, and what I am here for it is so much easier to know what I don’t need to do, and who I don’t need to be.

Thank you God once again for clearing my mind of thoughts that might be a distraction, of missions that may not be mine to lead, and of trails that do not need to be blazed by me. I am here for a specific reason, I am here for a specific purpose, and I am here to give of myself all that I can, so that all of myself can be given to the World. I say thank you God for that, I say thank you God for allowing me to see for myself, once again who I truly am, and I say thank you God for giving me the strength, and the wellness of body, to be able to carry out that mission that is mine to do, and for this, and so much more, we say and so it is. Amen and amen.


MOUTH, Must Only Use To Help, MOUTH, Must Only Use To Help; when I think about this word and I begin to realize just how powerful the spoken word can be and just how amazing the mouth truly is to our spectrum of life; if amazes me that we are not more often than not being put into situations where that mechanism that we have to bring about joy, love, and so much passion into this world, is often used for just the opposite.

Let me explain, I see words that are verbalized out into the world as little crystals of thoughts, that once they have been given to the mouth to translate and to be verbalized, are often done so with the smallest amount of thought as to how they will be received and how they may be interpreted by others. I tend to use my words now with more revelry, because I want to make sure that the message that I am relaying to you is the message that I wanted you to receive. What a horror it would be if the message that I wanted to share with each and every one of you, was a message of hope and love and joy, but when the message was relayed it was put out into this world as a message of confusion, regret, and un-aware meanness that the only thing that you heard or did hear made you feel disgusted and demeaned.

So that is why the mouth, is so important to not only me but to all of us. Mouth; must only use to help, is the motto of the day for me. If there is something that I need to tell you, and if that something whatever it is, is not something that will bring about a happy feeling in your heart, or a smile across your lips, then I would prefer not to spring that on you today, if that is alright with you. I would love to say that for one day a week, let’s allow that one day to be one that is filled with happy thoughts, happy dreams, and happy circumstances, and if that is just too much happiness for all of us to share well let me try to explain it to you this way.

There is more than enough ways for us all to be given bad news; I mean the only thing you have to do is to turn on your computer, your television set, or even your phone and there you have it, the bad news or the you just have to know this news, is thrust upon you without you being even given the chance to say can I choose if I need to know this now, or do I need to have this given to me anyway; because it is societies view that I must know who, and how many people, were shot and demised over the weekend. Why is that the news that I need to know on a daily, hourly, and minute-by-minute basis.

So yes, I have chosen to just sit out on that type of behavior today; and spend my time today watching and providing each and every person that I meet with a smile, and with a word coming from my mouth that is positive, pleasant, and progressively cheerful. Which means that the words that will come out of my mouth today, will be words that will bless someone if that is what he or she needs, and also the words that come from my mouth today will be loving and cheerful, because that may be what he or she needs as well. I definitely know that is what I need always and in all ways; I want to be told today that you spend too much time being happy, and you spend too much time delving into what and how you can make others feel happy and cheerful as well.

Because believe me when I tell you, that the days and the hours will go along just as fast, or just as slow by my being positively sharing my love of the Heavenly Spirit with each and every one I meet, or by my being the regulator of the bad news, and the bad feelings that others heard before and for some un-conscioussable reason need to hear them again; well they won’t hear them from me, and they won’t hear them coming out of my mouth. For if that mouth of mine, cannot bring about something wonderful and pleasant to be spewed out into the world, then I will do what my mother and many of our mothers have always told us, If you don’t have anything nice to say, then keep your mouth shut my child, and to me that is the best advice I could ever give others, as well as giving to myself.

Use your mouth for what it was intended to be used for, and that is to bring about the magnificent love of the Heavenly Spirit into each and every corner that you go, and see what comes out of the mouths of others, as you send out into this place the loving and giving words of all that is good, and all that is positive, and watch what happens, to not only yourself, but the numerous others that will feel that love of God in their own hearts because of the words that you have spoken. For believe me when I tell you, your words, those words of good, those words of love, and those words that will shed light unto the dark places, are the words that God has given you to share with the world, share those words from your mouth, and watch the love of God move in your life, watch the love of God, move in the lives of others, and watch the love of God, move in this world; for your words, are the words, that will set us all free, and so it is. God bless you all