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“God is Willing”

Thank you Heavenly Father for all the blessings that you give me. Thank you my Father for making a way out of no way, and my hope of a way, into a yes it will, and yes it can. I remember when I first started working for the State of California, I never thought I would get used to getting paid once a month, I mean I never thought that pay plan would work for me and now 31 years later. I must admit it still occasionally gives me pause, but instead of worrying how I will pay this or that I rest that on the altar of my Father’s, my Heavenly Father and together we find a way and we have made a plan.

God is always willing to give you what you want, if you are willing to ask for it. Now you may not get that thing today or tomorrow, but understand this; that prayer that you put out there will be answered and that Good that you have requested is on its way, it is coming and it is coming to you. We have a thing we do at church around this time of the year, and it is called the Dream Series. We write a letter to God during the previous year asking for our dreams whatever they are to be manifested one year from that date that we submitted our letters, and do you know what is so amazing is that when I received my letter in the mail just last week, and when I opened that envelope I realized that four of my six dreams had come true.

The first dream to come to fruition was the publishing of my article in a nationwide magazine and that happened on March 4th, the next thing that manifested for me to receive was a new job and that occurred on April 1st , and then the next dream to come true was my speaking event and that will happen on August 17th, and the last item to manifest from my dream letter was the abundant love and prosperity to behold me and my family, and that has continuously occurred, since I have continued to give to God my first fruits of my labor, and he is continuing to give to me my fruits of blessings to enjoy.

I am willing to give, and God is always willing to give to me in return. So I say all of this to say that, whatever you want, and whatever your dream is write it down, pray over it and continue to pray over that dream, that desire, and that thing, whatever it is will come to you because God is willing; and all he ask is that you tell him what it is that you need, tell God what you want, tell God how you want it, and tell God what he means to you, and believe me when I tell you; God wants to give you any and everything that you want for yourself, so know now and forever more that God is always willing, for you are always a child of His, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all


“We Are a Living Testimony”

We are a living testimony, in which we show other people how amazing our lives have become because of the love and grace of God. So since we are going to tell our stories to each other, I will go first and tell you mine. I have finally realized why I have been created and to be truthful it took me a while to figure it out. As we are formed from the sheer essence of this World, into a mold that allows us to take this human form as we make this spiritual journey, we realize that all that is waiting for our arrival is Good. The Goodness of our Mother’s milk provided us with the nutrients that we all needed to begin our journey, just as the words of the Most High allows us to feel the Spirit’s space within our own bodies with the nutrients that it needs to guide us on our way.

We are a living testimony that shows out into this world, that even though my journey was not what I had planned it to be, I have still through it all made my way to the promised land that was foretold to me. I came from the brink of despair, and I was saved to live, to shine the light of God through me and to others that I meet along my way. And isn’t that what life is all about, you are given numerous opportunities to make a change, to make something better than it was, to see a wrong and to make a stand, to make a right for all of us.

I cannot remember the first time I told someone “No” in my life, but I can always remember telling people “Yes”; yes you will survive this disease, and yes, you will be so much more tomorrow than you are today if you believe within your own heart that it is so. And yes, we do all need to learn to love ourselves so that we can open up ourselves to be able to love others. I find that this thing I call my life is moving right along, and as I take each day and find new and improved ways to love myself, to love others and to love and forgive those in the World that have been hurtful and or mean to me. I realize that we all have a journey to take with our lives, and even though I may not know what your journey is, I do know this. That as long as you don’t share your story with others, how will others know what they too can do in their lives to make a difference, to make amends about something, and to love each other and to love themselves?

Yes, we are all living testimonies, and the book that was written on all of us is still being written; just eagerly awaiting the additional and numerous pages that we are writing with our own lives. May the love of God continue to show you that your story is still being written, as the love of God allows you to write it page by page your life’s story. Thank you God for showing us all that there are no limitations in this world on us, or to be done to us, but by us ourselves. Write your living testimony, and when it is written, take it and hang it high so that we all can see, that a life worth living, is a life worth fighting for, and a life worth writing about, is your living testimony. I look forward to reading your story, as I hope you are excited to read mine. God bless you all,

“All you have is Time”

All we have is time, all we each have is time, and let me explain what I mean by that statement. We wake up each and every day deciding that in four years I will do this or that, and in two years I will take that trip to the Caribbean, or that once in a lifetime job will come to me next year because that is how we see our lives and that is how we envision our lives to be. We’ll have I got news for you; today, tomorrow, next year and definitely the next four or five years, are not destined for us to foresee, but what is destined for us to foresee is today, this moment, and right now. Now I can plan all I want my retirement which will happen fortunately or unfortunately however you may see it for me in four years, but actually the time I should be concerned with and the time I need to keep my eye on is the time I am experiencing right here and right now.

When I think of all the times that as a young child, I so looked forward to growing up, and growing older, and now it is so ironic, that all I want to look forward to at this moment and at this time, is this moment and this exact time. I want to be spontaneous and see this moment as the most important day, time, and event, in my life. Now I have not stopped dreaming and forecasting into the future; no, not at all that is not what I am saying, what I am saying is, we need to be happy and enjoy where we are right here and right now, to really live a life of true abundance and true joy. I remember when I would feel that if I could retire early or earlier that my life would be so much more fulfilling to me.

I mean I actually felt that by leaving my job earlier would be the answer to all my problems or all of my concerns, well what I found out two Sundays ago, was that to plan a goal like something like that, you need time to get your ducks in a row, and you need time to put together a plan. And as I have said all we have is time; so, I intend to put that time to good use, and to live each day for what it is a divine blessing from the Heavenly Spirit, and by doing that I will remember that right here, and right now deserves my extreme attention all the time.

This is the first time in my life when I am not attending classes; I am not going to school for this degree or that, and you know what, it feels good to me that the only other activities I have in my life besides spending as much time possible with my beloved is my church duties. I love my faith, and I love my church so to me, I have such a wonderful life right here and now, that anything above and beyond that such as my writing, my radio spots, and my speaking opportunities, are the cherry on the top of that big banana split sundae of my life. I am truly blessed that I have finally realized that it is not so much the activities that make me happy in my life now, as there are the moments of now that those activities inhabit.

I am living in the now moment, and I feel extremely happy about that, and I feel extremely happy about myself and my life. So when someone tells you that you need to plan for this or that, or that you need to prepare for the future, because you never know what may occur; I say to you to relay to them, thank you for your wonderful words of insight, and I will do just that, but I will also enjoy every single moment of right here and right now, because all we have is time, and by deciding what time means to you, will determine how amazing and fulfilling your life will be; enjoy today, enjoy this hour, and especially enjoy the right here and right now, because believe me when I tell you that is the most precious time that you have. God bless you all,

“Horizon of Right Now”

Let’s take a deep breath in, and then slowly blow it out, and let’s take another deep cleansing breath in, and let it out; and as we take these breaths in, we are taking in all of the love of Spirit, and all of the love of Good things; and were blowing out, blowing out of our lungs all of the worry, all of the concerns, and all of the circumstances, that do not serve us at this time.

We are experiencing the moment, the exact precise moment in time that is right now; this exact moment in time, this right now in time, is what we are focusing on. We see within our minds eye and we visualize a road; a road that goes off into the distance, towards the horizon, the Horizon of Right Now. As we continue to drive closer and closer to the Horizon of Right Now, we realize that the only thoughts that are circulating in our minds at this time, at this moment, are thoughts of the Horizon of Right Now, as we get closer and closer to our destination. We begin to realize thoughts of I am excited about this moment, thoughts of I have been waiting for this moment all my life, and thoughts of this exact moment is what I have lived for, the Horizon of Right Now.

Yesterday you thought about things that affected you in your past, and tomorrow you will focus your thoughts on things that are in your future. But at this exact moment, you are experiencing the Horizon of Right Now, and right now is amazing; and as you continue to drive on the road toward the Horizon of Right Now, you continue to feel excited, you continue to be so excited, you intend to be so full of whatever it is that is at the end of the Horizon of Right Now, that is waiting to be given just to you. And then you finally arrive, you arrive at the Horizon of Right Now; and what awaits you are visions, dreams, aspirations, and things, that have always been in your mind but have been muddled or clouded with other thoughts of either expectation or of regret.

But what is so amazing about the Horizon of Right Now is that none of that is present. You are excited to enjoy the spontaneity of this exact moment in your life. This exact time in your realm of time and space, this exact moment, and as you look around at the road that you see, as you look around and take stock of the Horizon of Right Now, you realize that the questions that you have wanted to be answered are no longer questions at all. The questions of well what will I do next? The questions of well how will I know if this is for me? And the questions of will it give me the satisfaction that I have been looking for all my life?

Yes, those questions are no longer necessary; those questions are no longer needing an answer. Because the answers to all of your questions is this; the Horizon of Right Now, allows you to experience this exact point in time, this exact moment in your life, and that is what the answer is. The answer is we live for the moment, we live for this exact time, we live for this exact moment in time and that is our focus. We are not concerned with yesterday, and we are not concerned with tomorrow, we can only allow ourselves the satisfaction, the excitement, the pure undulation of this exact moment right now.

The Horizon of Right Now is sitting on your doorstep, waiting for you to open the door, and go into the now, the wonderful time of your life called now. And as we see from our vista of the Horizon of Right Now, we see that all we have wanted, all we have ever wanted in our lives began with this exact moment right now, right here, the Horizon of Right Now; so as you go into the silence of this moment, of this period, of this right now, I want you to say to yourself silently, “I have all the time I need, but the time I want to focus on is right now.” And we say it again, “I have all the time that I need, but the time that I want to focus on is right now”. Focus on the Horizon of Right Now, as we go into the silence…….


Yes, you have focused your attention on something that you can control for yourself; yes, you have focused your attention on the Horizon of Right Now, and yes even though yesterday was afforded you, and tomorrow will be there as well, but right now right at this exact moment, right at this exact time, you have so much control in your life. Think about this as you spend your days from this moment on, as you think about the ever present, and totally amazingly liberating, Horizon of Right Now, right now, right now, and so it is, Amen and Amen. God bless you all,

“The Word No is such a Hard Word to Say”

I have taken a few days off to settle my mind, and rejuvenate my body; so please forgive me that we have not spoken for the last couple of days. I find that my new word for the rest of this year is going to be “No”. No I can’t do that, and no I cant help with that, and no I am overloaded and overburdened with this and that, and I am sorry the word is no. I really don’t need to say that so much to other people as I need to say those two small but very powerful words to myself. As I try to be all I can for everyone and myself, I have found out that by being that woman who thinks she can handle 15 different jobs at one time, wears me out and makes my body wore out as well. And to paraphrase the words of my beloved Pastor, “Gerrie, even Jesus the Christ took one day off for the Sabbath”. So there you go, there is no need to work yourself to almost ruin 7 days a week, and thank you Rev. Kev. for the enlightenment; and, I will and I have promised myself that I will slow down and I will learn to say “No” to not only others but mostly to myself.

I wish you all a day filled with the love of God in your hearts, and the love of yourself as well, as a way of reminding yourself, and myself, that it is our duty to be a blessing to this world by shining out into this world love, joy, forgiveness, and all Good things, but you and I won’t be able to do any of that if we wear ourselves out, and leave this place earlier than we had anticipated only because we wore ourselves out in the process. I look forward to sharing with you all my words next week, and to those of you that are interested in reading my blog as well, you can find those words at May you continue to shine out into this World what this World has wanted from you all along, love, love, love and more love. God bless you all,

“Sometimes Lord it is so Hard”

Sometimes Lord it is so hard to be a child of God’s. I mean there were times in my life when I didn’t even hesitate to do this or do that. And to be honest I didn’t care what this or that would do to me or to other people. But for quite a while that has changed and I have changed as well. In the beginning it was little things like I stopped clubbing all the time when my beloved would go out of town on business; then it went on from there to I started to stop hanging around certain folks because I could not condone or identify with their behavior or even their attitudes regarding many things anymore.

And I remember my beloved telling me when I would say I have changed; and, he would say no you haven’t you are the same beautiful and loving person you have always been, but I knew deep down inside, there was a change a brewing in me and I must confess in the beginning I didn’t even realize it at first myself. I just began to feel more and more comfortable with spending any and all time I had in my faith activities, or with my spiritual family at church or other church functions, or even in prayer and meditation.

I remember when my beloved gave me a Bible Bag for Christmas; you would have thought that he had given me a pair of diamond earrings. I was so excited and the first thing I did was to get my one of many Bibles out to make sure one of them would fit in the bag just right, and then I put my name in the bag to make sure that my Bible Bag didn’t get lost amongst the many others during church services. Oh yes times have changed and to many who know me they are truly amazed. I mean they knew that I loved God, but I guess they were assuming that this like so many other things in our lives would just be a fad, something that would happen for a while, and then it would go away just as quickly as the fever of this emotion of love that I felt for God came upon me.

But it didn’t, and it hasn’t, and it sometimes truly amazes me and my own psyche sometimes as well. So when I say, sometimes Lord it is so hard, what I am saying is sometimes I feel people try to test you, they try to test your faith in God, and they try to test your faith in the Good that you see for yourself and others, and they try to get you to believe that what you are experiencing, and what you are feeling, all of that wonderful love of the Spirit, all of that wonderful love of your Spiritual community can’t be what you truly feel, and that you will eventually snap back to your senses and give all that God stuff up, and come back and wallow in the minutia of despair and hopelessness that they are experiencing and join the party as it continues to roll down that freeway of uncertainty and mistrust.

Well, have I got news for them and even you, if there was ever any doubt in my mind about my faith, if there was ever any doubt in my mind about the miracles in my life that God can and has manifested, I remember these words and I say them to myself often, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”. Because I may wish I could turn back the hands of time sometimes and change myself back to someone who doesn’t always think first about, what does this look like to my Father, or what would this behavior look like to the eyes of God, to the eyes of my one true Father; but then at the same instance that thought is gone, and the feeling of all the love in my heart and in my soul comes back to remind me that “you are a child of mine dear blessed one, and I will always love you, I will always protect you, and I will always see you as the magnificent expression of mine in which you are”.

Sometimes Lord it is not hard at all to be a child of yours, and sometimes Lord it is the blessings and the lessons that I learn along the way that truly make me the magnificent expression that I am, and that we all are because of you, and what you have only asked of us is to open up our hearts, and to open up our minds, to see each and every one as the amazing child of yours that they are. Heavenly Father for this and so much more we say in thanksgiving, thank you God for changing me into who I am today, thank you God for giving me a life that I could have only dreamed of to be, and thank you God for all that is written, and all that is said by you my Father is a blessing and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all,

“To lose Myself, to lose Myself within your Love”

To lose myself, to lose myself within your love; dear Heavenly Father I feel at times that I have lost myself. That I have lost myself within your love, that I have lost myself within the love that you give me, the love that you shine out through me in my life. To lose myself in the love of God that is all that I want to do. To lose myself in the love of God, that is all that I want to do, dear Sweet Spirit.

Every day I want to spend more and more time with you; so that I can feel more and more of your love in my life. I want to understand my Father why sometimes the love that I feel is so overwhelming, the love that I feel for you is so fulfilling, that I feel I would spill out from myself this love unto the World, because that is what you want of me. I lose myself in your love so that I may share that love with so many others. I lose myself in your love so that I can expand my heart, the heart space that I have to share with the World, your love, your love, your love.

When we ask ourselves what does the World need right now? And the answer to that question is and will always be love. Lose yourself in the love of God, lose yourself in the love of self, and lose yourself in the love that you share with this World; that needs your love so desperately. It is not my job to withhold my love from the World; it is not my mission to withhold the love that I have in myself from the World. No, my mission, my job, my vocation, is to share love, to give love, to express, and to impress out into this World love.

Join me, join me today, and lose yourself in the love of God; join me today, and lose yourself in the love of God. May the almighty Spirit always shower upon you and I, the love, the love, the love, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all,

“Are You Living a Life of Intention?”

Well today is a double header, and I hope you don’t mind that I decided to leave my special words for you and about you to come later in today’s e-mail stream. I have been thinking about you as well as myself; when I asked this question out loud for all to hear. Are you living a life of intention? Are you living a life that is full of all that is burning inside of you, a life that is waiting with all its might to be pushed out into this world? Or are you living a life that is just mediocre? A life that is just getting by, and a life that is just crossing off the dates of the calendar until your real life begins when you retire, or when you get that new job, or even when the kids move out of the house? Are you living a life of intention?

So we have asked this question to ourselves in numerous ways, and it still needs an answer from you and from me. So I will go first since it is a question that I began with; I want to say no, and yes to that question, and let me explain to you why. My life would be a life living with full intention if I didn’t have to feel that if I did decide to just walk away from this security that I call my State job, and just say a prayer and walk away and truly and honestly do what is in my heart to do as a vocation, as a job, as a life. That would be me living my life with all the intention that I could muster being displayed for the entire world to see. Now my answer was one of no and yes; and since I already gave you my no portion to this question, let me follow that up with my yes answer. I do strive each and every day to be just what I have envisioned myself to be, and that is a motivator and an spiritual inspirationalist of all the Good that can be given to others and to this world. I spend my time and my energy in inspiring others so that they can take those thoughts that they have in their minds, and use those beginning thoughts to create a plan that when put on paper it allows them to see the total picture, and the real prize that awaits them once their goal has been met.

I love to find new and innovative ways to tell people how amazing they are; and for them to find ways within themselves to see that the light that shines so bright from their own soul is the light that needs to be illuminated for us all to see as well. So there you have it my answer is one that is short term and long term; and even though I wish with all my might that I could take my long term answer, and make it happen right here and right now, I know in my heart that that day will come; I feel deep within my soul that eventually my burning desire to be so much more will turn my world so far upside down that I will have to scream out in pain that yes we will walk away from that today, and yes we will take that leap of faith today. Because when is it the right time to truly live your life’s dream to the fullest? When is the time when you can say to yourself and to others that I wanted to be that successful writer or painter or lecturer or even philosopher, but I always thought I had more time?

And before we know it the time that we thought we had, has come and gone and that thought has gone as well. So use today as the day that you will live your life with the intention that it so deserves, use today as the day that you will say to yourself and to anyone and everyone who will listen, that today I will live my life of intention and I will move forward in my dreams to make a difference for myself, to move forward in my dreams to make a difference for my family, and to move forward in my dreams that now that I am awake and now that I know just what a life lived in intention truly looks like, that is the only life that I will ever want for myself, to be given to myself, and that is the only life that God wants for you as well. May the almighty Spirit guide us all into living a life that is full of intention, and may that intention always be a life that is what we have always dreamed it to be. Your life, your intention, your masterpiece, and for this and so much more we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen

“Another Chance”

Another chance, another opportunity to make amends if that is what is needed to be done. But for me another chance to open my eyes so much clearer now; so that I may finally see that what was first given to me as a blessing, I may have taken the wrong way, and because of that I am being given another chance to try again, to take another stab at that dream that I have had for so long.

Let me explain, I had a marvelous opportunity to study with a group that at first I had embraced with open arms and an open heart, but then something happened and it awakened in me something that I had never experienced and to be honest I was frightened, and I was scared because I had never in my life during numerous meditations and even long hours of prayer had I ever experienced such a feeling that overwhelmed me, it took me to a place that only few people may have ever experienced in their lives themselves.

I say all of this because as the human being that I am; the one that has opened herself up to the love of God, and the one who has felt that love on numerous occasions but this time that love, that love, that feeling, was even stronger than I had ever experienced; I truly and fully believed I was experiencing the breath of the Heavenly Spirit. So I was scared and I was frightened and as with all things that I do not understand spiritually, I seek my spiritual advisor’s advice and counsel and I truly believe he too was worried for me as well. So what I decided to do by his direction was to slow down my studies in this art of meditation and to take a step back, and I did just that, but all along the closeness that I felt, and the feelings that I experienced stayed with me.

As a matter of fact, I remember telling a friend of mine that the studying that I was doing with this amazing group felt to me like the most delicious and most decadent chocolate I had ever eaten; and each new sensation of that sweet taste was so overwhelming to my senses that all I could do was lose myself in the hunger of this taste. I felt something so pure and so embracing that I almost felt I could lose myself in that amazing feeling of being with the Heavenly Father in meditation; and all I felt was love, but love taken to the next dimension so far up the realm of what I had experienced before, and of what it used to be, it felt like something that was truly truly unimaginable.

I am sharing this with you today, because yesterday as I spent the day rejuvenating my body and my mind, by staying still and resting all day, I experienced that feeling again, but this time I had another chance to see it for what it was and it was glorious. I felt the sun on my face, and I felt the sun coming over the mountains in India as I sat on a hill and watched the most amazing colors of oranges and browns as they danced around my head and showed me figures of a man’s head and others with me as we watched the sun rise over the mountain tops, it was beautiful and it was welcomed.

So the first thing I did after my hours of meditation is I called my Sista Hansa, and I told her that I wanted to continue my studies again, and that I was open and ready to feel the love of God even deeper in my life. And that is when she told me that the trip to India was still happening, and that we needed to talk so that she could include my name on the list for the trip; wow what a blessing, and what an amazing revelation to see again with my mind’s eye.

I thank you God for giving me another chance to experience your essence in my life, I thank you God for showing me that your love for me, and your vision for my life is still going to happen, and we will still experience together this trip to India, and I thank you God for letting me know that there is nothing ever to be afraid of, there is nothing ever to be scared of, and that there is never any worry for you are my Father, and I am a child of yours, and because of that, I will always be loved, I will always be protected, and I will always be given another chance to do what is meant in my life to be experienced. God bless you all

“Only by finding the Love within us, can we provide the Love that will save this World”

So this past week has been one of ups and downs, and Good and not so Good; but whatever we feel about things that we experience and that we are forced to accept in this World, in our Communities, and in our Lives. There is always one way that we can make the celebration or even the burdens seem to be just what they are an experience to once again, find the love, find the love; and find ourselves, and find within ourselves what that love means to us and to so many others.

I woke up this morning with pain in my legs that I could not explain why it was there. And then it dawned on me that I have been doing so much running lately, running from this place to that place, trying to be for myself and others all that I can be in the name of love, in the name of all that is Good in my life, and in the name of God. But as I find myself helping others, and finding ways to expand myself along the way, I also find within myself ways to show the world that only by finding the love within us, can we provide the love that will save this World.

Finding the love in my interactions with others allows me to always see them and myself as a missionary of Love; I am here and you are here to see that together we can make a difference, if that difference begins and ends with love. I am not here to say that this will be the first intention that you feel in your heart when you wake up each and every morning; but, I do feel that by working on that as being what we want to be our first and every thought when we come into contact with each other; maybe that will allow us to be less frightened of each other, maybe that will allow us to be more tolerant of each other, and maybe just maybe that will allow us to see each and every color of the persons that we meet as the beautiful colors of the rainbow that God has brought to light, because that is exactly what we all are.

A beautiful color, on the color spectrum wheel that assures us all the love of God in our lives, and the love of self within ourselves. Only by finding the love within us, can we provide the love that this World needs so deeply, to be one that works for us all, as well as one that benefits us all as well. Take this day to find it within your own heart to love yourself first, and then to shine that love out into the World to someone or something that may need it so desperately; and by doing this, maybe we can not only save ourselves, but maybe we can work toward the big goal of saving this planet, and showing each and every young and old soul on this planet, that we see love as the only answer to all of our problems, we see love as the only reason that we should all be here in the first place, and that we see love as the only emotion that God wants us to have for one another.

Can we do this; can we take the words of God to heart and love each other, so that we can make this place the Heaven on Earth that it was truly meant to be. I know that is the mission that I have signed up for today; will you take up this cause with me, and allow yourself to see this World healed, to allow yourself to see this World in a better place than it has ever been before; all due to the love that we show ourselves and the love that we show to each other, for this and so much more, we say in thanks giving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. God bless you all