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“Three Times a Day”

Good morning Blessed Ones;

Good morning my Heavenly Father, today Lord, I feel amazing. I am filled with the love of Spirit in my heart, and filled with the joy that this new day brings to my soul. Lord I have helped people this week; I have provided comfort to others, I have prayed for myself, I have prayed for others, I have prayed with people, it is so important to me that we remain prayed up to truly receive all of our blessings.

Lord, I met with someone yesterday, a very good friend and she explained to me that she was depressed; she explained to me how she felt separated from you, and she explained to me that even though she had all of the creature comforts of this world; a beautiful home, a loving husband, a family that loves and cares for her, and a job, she was still not happy. She was still not filled with the Spirit at this time, so we spoke a little bit her and I, and we talked about what were her dreams before she came to this country, we talked about what were her aspirations before she came to be married. And, she explained to me that she would pray daily and often, that was her spiritual routine, sharing her love of God with herself, with her family, and with you our Heavenly Father.

She misses not being able to do that, is what she said to me; she said she doesn’t have time in her day to pray, and when she does have time it is always taken up by other duties and other matters, and because of this, she felt so separated from God. From the love that she had been sharing and having with God, so what I told her yesterday was this; even though you have left your relationship with God, God has not left his relationship with you. She told me on occasion she knew he was watching her, she knew God was always kind of looking after her because she said she would feel little things, that led her to believe that He was watching over her. I asked her if she had anything that she would want to see different in her life, as a goal that she wanted to make for herself what would that be? And she said that would be to begin praying every day again; now to many of us when we look at a goal in our life, we look at a goal that is so far unimaginable that it’s just not even reachable, sometimes we put goals in our lives that we know we can’t reach it at the first stab at it, but we just put it out there to the Universe anyway because we want to see ourselves determined to go after something more for ourselves, and more for this world.

I told her the goal that she has now put in front of herself is attainable in so many different ways. The way that she wants to start spending more time with God is so easy; open yourself up and he will be there. Open yourself up to the spiritual side in your life that was lost, that was missing, that was misplaced and He will be there. I explained to her that my life too has changed; my life has changed from a life that was soulfully embraced with concerns and worries, but now, I don’t worry any more, I don’t; and I think I stopped worrying the day I said God these concerns and challenges are larger than I, and they need you to handle them; and by releasing all of those worries and concerns to God, I have no worries and that’s a good thing. And what has been replaced by worry is now love and the loving power of forgiveness as well. So I replaced worry with love and forgiveness and by doing that God calmed my heart, he calmed my spirit, and he gave me back my life. So I talked to my friend and we decided that the first thing we were going to start working on for that goal of hers was to begin spiritually starting every day with a word of prayer with the Father, and then during her mid-day meal she would then spend more time with the Father, and then in the evening she would end her day with thanking the Father for all he has done for her.

I remember when I was receiving meditation instruction from an organization called the Brahma Kumaris, and I was being given training by Sista Joni; and the blessed Sista Hansa would say to me, you feed your soul just like you feed your body; three times a day you feed your body the nourishment that it needs to survive, and three times a day you feed your soul the spiritual nourishment that it needs to survive as well. So as I said goodbye to my friend yesterday, and as we hugged and kissed each other, and I hugged and kissed the family and said goodbye and got on the road going back home that evening. I realized that even though we may feel that we are separated from the loving embrace of God in our lives that God has never left us. Even though we may feel that we don’t see God right there like we used to, God is still there; and even though there is a place in her heart that she feels is not being filled up with the love of God, that heart space will begin to fill up again with all the love that God wants to give her and she wants to share with him.

So today, as we begin this day we feed our body three times today to nourish each and every cell and molecule in our body, and then we feed our body spiritually three times today and every day as we nourish the spirit within us; that nourishes our body, nourishes our soul, nourishes our heart, and nourishes our mind. As the all mighty God sees for you, and as you should always see for yourself, a nourished body, a nourished spirit, and a nourished soul is a blessing to not only yourself but to God as well. God bless you all and amen and amen.


“We Can Always be Better”

We can always be better, we can always do better, and we can always find it within our hearts to be more today than we were yesterday. We are so fortunate that we live in a time that is bustling with new and improved technology which is affording us the opportunity to make more of ourselves if that is the dream for us to attain. I see in my own life numerous opportunities to make today more productive, more exciting and even more of a blessing to those that I continue to meet along this journey that I am on called life. It is not by accident that I meet others in my life that feel the same way that I do, and that is because like attracts like, be it positive or negative.

By wanting more for myself and for the world that I see myself being a part of, allows the message that continues to be sent out to the Universe, that all she wants is all that she sends out and that is positivity. What you generate in your mind shows our Heavenly Spirit, our Lord and Savior that my child wants only good to be given to her because that is what my child is putting out into this world. I want to attract to me only the positive light of God and Godly actions of others, so that when I do on occasion have an encounter with something other than my nature; I allow myself to move beyond and away from anything and everything that is not congruent with my nature, or to put it another way, that is not like minded with what my mind likes.

I see my life as an instrument that will allow me and those that I think like and those that are like me positively filled with the unwavering thoughts and actions of hope that even though things may see bleak right now, and even though things may feel that all is lost, I will always remember these words that my Heavenly Father has said to me.

“My love I give to you, and my love for you, you must give out to the world. That is what you must care about, that is what your concern should be; and what you see outward in this day and time is not what I have planned for you and your life. Yes, things may seem to others to be dire, and yes, things may seem to the outside world to be of concern, but for you my child and for all my children, what you should remember and what you should know is that I am here to make those crooked streets straight, and I am here to make those dark spaces lite with the light and love of God, and I am here to always allow you the opportunity to make it better, for I am the great I AM, and nothing and no one can change that.”

Thank you my Father, for once again showing me that my life will always be better than what it seems, and thank you my Father, for allowing me to never forget who and whose I am, and thank you my Father for showing me once again that the light of you, shines on and within me; and because of that I can, and I will always be more than I was before. For this and all the Good that it entails, we say and so it is, amen and amen. God bless you all,

“Meditation on the Overflow of Abundance”

Let’s take a deep breath in breathing in all the cleansing sweet air of Spirit. Let’s take another deep cleansing breath in and then letting out, all that will not serve us or is not for our betterment at this time in our lives. Today we are going to look deep within ourselves; today we are going to look deep within ourselves as we continue to relax with our breath; breathing in and exhaling out all of the pure air of Spirit. We begin to relax completely, each area of our body that may have had tension, stress, or strain is now relaxing, and has become fully relaxed at this time, we are going to go deeper, deep within ourselves. Today as you look through your mind’s eye, visualize for yourself a beautiful waterfall, so cool is the stream of mist as it drops from its highest point bringing to the Earth the cool refreshing and life sustaining water; and the ground cover is so lush and green with the flora and fauna all around so beautiful as the water continues to flow down, down into a pool of a beautiful blue liquid, beautiful cooling blue water.

This is your overflow; this waterfall represents the overflow of love, of abundance, and of prosperity in your life. The overflow, of all that is good in your life that you have not seen with your own eyes for some time. And as you now focus with your mind’s eye, it is apparent that the overflow of the waterfall is beautiful, it is truly, truly amazing. As you continue to look around, all around you are beautiful green plants and beautiful blossoms of flowers, everything is alert and everything is awakened because of your presence at this time. As you walk through this garden of the overflowing waterfall and the beautiful green lush flora and fauna of the flowers that surround you, you begin to see a reflection in the water. And as you go closer and closer to the shore of the waterfall, what you see is yourself. Reflected in the water of overflow and overflowing abundance you see yourself bedazzled with jewels and with fabrics of fine quality, you see upon your head a crown, a crown with jewels so exquisite that you look away from this reflection thinking to yourself that this, this is unusual, what does this mean?

And as you look back into the water you see your life played out in different scenes all showing overflowing abundance, overflowing prosperity, and overflowing joy; you are loved, and in your reflection the love that you feel in your heart is surrounding you with the glow of love, the glow of pure pure love that is in your heart; the reflections of you in the water continue to show you more and more abundance, your flow, your cup runnith over in the appreciativeness of all that is given to you. You realize that you have been all your life blessed, taken care of and protected, protected, and loved. Everything that you see in your reflection as it is exposed to you allows you to understand once and for all the meaning of your existence, the questions of why am I here? The questions of what is my purpose? The questions of will my life fulfill my destiny, are all being answered for you now.

You are here to shine out into this world beauty and love; you have a purpose that allows you to help others, and by doing so you are prospered and helped as well. You have always known in the back of your mind that your life was something more to be shared with this world, and as you continue to see your reflection in the water that continues to show you all of the abundance, all of the prosperity, and all of the joy and love that you have within yourself to give to this world. You think to yourself quietly, had it not been for you my Father, I would have never known; had it not been for you my Father, I would have not been what I am today; and had it not been for you my Father, I would not have been saved to give back to this world all that you have given me, had it not been for you; and as we go into the silence together, remember the overflowing abundance of the waterfall, remember the beautiful lush greenery and beautiful flowers in the garden, remember the overflow of abundance for you, the overflow of abundance for you, as we go into the silence………..


Yes, you have abundance; yes, you have joy, and yes, you have been blessed; and as you continue to look at the waterfall, the beautiful overflow of abundance, of prosperity, of joy, and of love in your life; you are thankful, you are thankful for what you have seen today in your mind’s eye, and that is that you are a magnificent expression of all that is good in this world. And as we realize that the time that we have spent together in the garden must come to an end, and as you walk away from the waterfall and close the door to this amazing scene that you have visualized in your mind and your mind’s eye, always remember this; you are here for a reason, you are here for a purpose in your life, and you are what we have all been waiting for, the abundance, the overflowing abundance that you have within yourself to give to others. We say together and in unison, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen. God bless you all

“I Thank You God for Giving Me Life”

I thank you God for giving me life; all my days and all my nights have been blessed since I have been given new life by you my Heavenly Father.  All my worries, complaints, and even my obstacles have been erased since you have given me a new way to see the world and to see myself.  I am no longer concerned with how fast I will get to where I am going; as much as I am concerned with how much joy will I be able to devote to whatever you have in mind for me to do when I get there. I feel that is what my purpose is now dear Sweet Spirit; how may I spread the joy that I am feeling within myself to others in this world; and how may we together, work together to make this place that we call our home a better place to live for all of us.

Yes, Lord I am so glad that you have given me life; the life that I have has afforded me the opportunity to see for myself just what amazing works that you have instilled upon this land; you my Father have made my life so amazing, so beautiful, and so magnificent.  Thank you God, for allowing me the chance of all chances to be born again, to be born anew, to have a life that is so relevant and so crucial to this existence.  Thank you God, for loving the pure essence of me which is what you see when you look into my heart, you see me dear Father for what I truly am, you see me my Father for what I used to be, and you see me my Father, now for what my life has become because of all the love that you have given me. 

If there was ever anything that could be expanded in my body that once touched, something more could be added; that would have to be my heart.  By touching and continuing to expand my heart to an even greater capacity, you have allowed me to continue to spread even more love of you dear Sweet Spirit in my life; by expanding my heart, and allowing it to be blessed even more with the unconditional love of you my Heavenly Father, you have allowed me even more room in my soul, for additional love to be poured out into this world.  Thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, for all that I am, and all that I can ever be, is because of you dear God, thank you for giving me life, and so it is.  Amen and amen.



“Peace Be Still”

Peace be still my child is what I hear you telling me my Heavenly Father. Peace be still and know that I am the Lord, you say to me. So I rest my mind, and I quiet my thoughts, and I wait for the stillness of my breath and the silence of the air as I wait to hear the soft small voice of loving words echo in my mind. Peace be still my child, you tell me. Peace be still, as we communicate with each other today my Father; I hear what you are saying to me, and I understand that your love for me is constant, your love for me is continuous, your love for me is always there and always present. You, my Heavenly Father, are always there for me, and I am always waiting for your words of comfort, for your words of enlightenment, as I wait for your words.

It would be a remiss, untrue, and me being not true to myself, if I were to say to you that I am always sure of the roads you want me to travel my Father. Sometimes I question the outcome, and sometimes, I have the audacity to think that maybe, just this one time I may know the way myself; that maybe just this once, I can solve all the challenges, and all the concerns by myself, but then it happens, and as I try to solve the multitude of concerns, the multitude of challenges, and the worries by myself, and as I take a moment to look down on the ground, and low and behold, there I see your footprints, dear Sweet Spirit; and I realize that I have not been on my own during these times of trials; you, you have always been there for me, with me, following me and guiding me, even when I may have said often Lord, I have this one myself dear Sweet Spirit. As the constant parent always looking after their child, you have never left my side.

Peace be still, and know that I am the Lord; and as you have said those words to me, over and over again in my mind. I must say to you, yes my Father, I will rest and take this and all times to let you take care of these concerns; yes my Father I will step aside, and put these concerns on the altar for you to address and solve; and yes my Father, I will break away from the worries, concerns, and challenges of the world and understand once and for all that you will handle all of this for me. So I will be still, and rest assured that my Heavenly Father will love me, that my Heavenly Father will protect me, and that my Heavenly Father will prepare a life for me that is so worth living; for I am your child, I am your baby, and I are your gift to shine out into this world.

Thank you Father, for all you have done for me, thank you Father, for all you have taught me, and thank you Father, for all you have given us all and so it is. Amen and amen, and God bless you all

“Lord I am so glad you love Me”

Dear Heavenly Father, I am so glad you love me. I have realized that I am still a child still learning, still hurt by life’s little ups and downs, and I am still needing to be freed and filled with the love from your embracing arms. Lord, I am so glad you love me. What would I have been had I not been loved by you. Would I still be cared for? Would I still be needed by those that I love and that love me? What would I be and whose would I be, for as always I am so much more today than I was yesterday due to your love for me. I am so much more exquisite than I was before because you have allowed me to love you and to love myself.

Lord, thank you for the love that you have given me. Lord, thank you for all the prayers that you have answered for me; and Lord, thank you for all that you do and continue to do for me as I continue to grow and mature in your love. I want to see my life blossom due to all the love you have for me; I want to see all the amazing opportunities that I am to be given due to all the love you have for me. What I have, and what I am is because of you my Heavenly Father, thank you, thank you, and thank you, for a life so worth living is what you have given me; so thank you my Lord, for I am so glad you love me, and for this and so much more, we say amen and amen.


Why are you angry with me? Why are you so upset with me? Why have I allowed you to make me feel this way? Have I forgotten who and whose I am? Why, Why, Why? The answer to that question is this, we allow ourselves sometimes to be treated unfairly, because maybe we feel that that feeling will allow others to feel happy and content with themselves. But I have news for you on this day, my brothers and sisters; because we should never allow anyone to make us feel unhappy, no we should never ever allow anyone to make us feel that what we want out of our lives, is not possible because it will diminish what someone else may feel for themselves.

I am not here to make you happy, I am not here to make you feel worthy, and, I am not here to make you feel complete. I am here to be a blessing to God, and by being that, I make myself happy, I make my visit here however long it may be one of pure bliss for me and my Heavenly Father. When it comes down to it, I am here to be a blessing so that others may see that when I approach them throughout my day, I am here to be the reason that the why question has been answered. I am here to be an answer to the why for myself; may you find your answer to why within you and may you find comfort in knowing that the answer to all your questions lie within you as well.

Take this time, however long that time may be, and find a reason why you are so magnificent for yourself. Take this time to see within your own heart, that no one and nothing besides our Lord and Savior and yourself make you complete, make yourself the amazing shining light that you are shine out into this world. And please believe me when I tell you, there will always be people that will wish that their light was as brilliant as yours; and when that happens, all we can do for them is to show them the way by your example, show them that the light of God is shining through you, in you, and it is there for you, to bring about a light of love and pure happiness and joy to this place and to yourself.

You are the answer to the “why” question that you have been asking yourself all along. You are the answer to “why” the sun shines so brightly, you are the answer to “why” the sweet taste of forgiveness allows you to be blessed, you are “why” the joy that you feel in your heart is so contagious to others around you, when they open up their hearts to find out the answer to that question for themselves as well. Take this day and every day that you are given to prove to yourself and to the world, why that answer to your “why” question was so important finally to you, and I guarantee you, others will feel your answer, others will see your aura of the love of God in your life, and others will learn from your example just what it means to know the reason why you are here on this Earth.

May the love of God continue to show you for the rest of your life the answer to your questions of “why”, and for this and so much more we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen

“Give me the Strength Lord”

Give me the strength Lord, to understand that my life is so amazing, give me the strength Lord, to know first-hand that what I bring to the table is relevant, is necessary, and is needed. Give me the strength Dear Father so that when others misunderstand my words of hope and inspiration that I do not take those feelings so to heart that I feel unworthy to speak the words that I do that are helpful, that are necessary, and that are appreciated.

Give me the strength Lord, to know that in order to fail you must quit; and to quit doing what brings you happiness, to quit doing what brings you love and light into your life is not even a decision that will be addressed in your mind. If the words, feelings, actions, and behaviors, that you are expressing out into the world allow you to feel the creative juices of the almighty God in your life; I say do what brings you pleasure, I say do what brings about pleasure and joy to this place, and I say do what your Heavenly Father has always wanted you to do; to use those gifts and the love of life that He has given you to be a magnificent expression in this world.

Live your life, enjoy your life, and love your life; for if your life is not what you deem it should be then change it, if your life does not provide you with the sparkle that you need to feel the effervescent glow of God in it add to it; and if your life does not satisfy the needs and goals that you have set for yourself then what you need to do, and what you must do is ask our Heavenly Father for the strength to make it for you, what you have always wanted it to be, and that is a star that shines brightly out in the world for all to see; that yes I have reached deep within myself and all that I see is Good (God), all that I feel is Good (God), and all that I am is Good (God’s) because of the strength of my Lord.

Thank you God for the lesson, thank you God for the education on loving and knowing myself, and thank you God for when I ever have doubts of who and whose I am; I only need to look to you and I am renewed to myself, that all is well because all is God. Praise be to God, and God bless you all.

“I am a Leader, and so are You”

As I enjoyed my day off on Friday, I missed sending out to you these words of inspiration, so allow me to send them to you today. On Friday I spent the entire day enjoying a day of pampering and loving on myself. I have had quite a week last week and to be honest I looked so forward to a weekend of loving on others so that I may take my mind off of me for a while thank goodness. So here is what I wrote about on that day, I am a Leader and so are You.

Now you may think in your mind that well I do conduct myself in a leaderly fashion; I mean I am a Owner of a small company, or a Manager of a clothing store, or even a Supervisor with the local police department in my day job; and on the weekends, I am even a Deacon or Lay Minister in my church, my goodness I am even a Cub Scout Director in my region; so I am a Leader, you tell yourself. But the one thing I have found out about being a Leader is that as you continue to reach up those rungs of achievement for yourself, you must also realize that as a Leader it is your duty to reach down to help others as well. I say all of this because I am and have always been all my life a Leader in some capacity or another. I mean it isn’t that I start out each and every day with that thought in my mind. No it just always seems to happen just as a natural selection of things to come.

As a Leader I have always found it in myself to want to help others. I am genuinely concerned about seeing others succeed even if their success propels them into an even higher or better position than I am in; the mere fact that I am able to step out there and make a determination that will allow someone else to be a success in their life brings much pleasure to me. As someone who leads or someone who is always willing to take the first step, someone who feels that within their lifetime what they can achieve for others and with others together we can make this world a better place and ourselves so much better as well, are always the thoughts that go through my mind always and in all times.

So I say all of this because as a Leader, and as someone who is willing to take the risks, and as someone who always see the glass or bottle full and overflowing, that can and is quite uncomfortable to others. I used to feel that when people felt uncomfortable by you because your star or your light was so bright, that it was something that was positive and it was almost flattering; but now I have also begun to realize that that type of behavior can also be destructive, and ugly and that is so very sad to me. When you decide to step out of the pack of others and take the lead on something or some matter, because you feel within your own heart that you can make a difference, to me that should not make anyone uncomfortable. Being a Leader, wanting to lead the charge to make this world better, more positive, and fairer for all should not make the status quo uncomfortable. What should make the status quo uncomfortable is that the idea or dream or even manifestation didn’t happen earlier or even before you took up the flag and said follow me I know the way.

So here is my question for you, how do you want to lead in your life? As a follower that stays within the lines and the lanes at all times? Or do you want to blaze a trail down a path that has not been ever traveled on because you see in yourself the light of a Leader? You see in yourself the burning desire to step up, and step forward, and to you as it is with me as well, you are always willing to fight the good fight, if that means that a new path to a new trail needs to be blazed in this world. Believe me when I tell you, that sometimes you have but one chance to stand up for something, for someone, or for yourself; use that one chance and that one opportunity to be a Leader, to take a stand and to see for yourself just what it means to make a difference in this world, because you, you stood up to be counted and you made a difference for all the right reasons, and that one reason in particular was for the love of yourself as a Leader.

May the love of God continue to make your shining star be seen from all the vistas of this planet, and may you continue to shine brightly as the Leader that you are and for this and so much more we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God and so it is. God bless you all,

“I am a Part of the very Soil that I Tread”

So yesterday’s “Daily Word” topic was “God is at work in Me”. And as I read the Daily Word there was one sentence of many that really kind of jumped out at me from the page. The sentence was “I am a part of the very soil that I tread.” Let me repeat that again, “I am a part of the very soil that I tread.” So powerful; so what I came away with from this passage was that even though I walk on this Earth, and make my way toward all that is Good and Good for me, I am and will always be connected to the very soil that is beneath my feet.

I will always feel connected to Mother Earth, for as a child of God’s we came from soil, and we will be released back into the soil as well when this life we have is over. How does that make you feel to know that the very ground that you walk upon has been laced with the numerous lives and souls of others that have paved this way for you and I? We are here, and at this station or stature of our lives because others have paved, cleared, and set aside, this way for us.

I will never forget what sacrifice others made for me in order for me to be who and whose I am. I am the resolved outcome of all that was done on my behalf, and on the behalf of my ancestors; and, my Heavenly Father that has evolved me into what I am today. I read, I write, and I proclaim out into the world that I am all that I am because of all of us, because of all of you, and because of God. Let’s never ever forget that what we are Spiritual beings, experiencing this Earthly experience, that we are not here by mistake, that what we see manifested within our lifetime is just by chance, is just by coincidence, and or just by luck.

No, we are here for a purpose, you are here to bring about something positive and Good into this world; and if you did not realize that before, then I am so glad I was able to enlighten you to that truth about yourself. You are the Queen or King that has been sent here to make a difference, to make the world better, to make a mark that will last a lifetime and beyond. See for yourself that life though for some it seems so long and unnecessary; but for others that have found the light of God within themselves, for those others that have realized that they walk the ground of this Earth as divine spirits that are children of God’s, that for those of us that see each and every day of our existence as what we can do, and what we can express out into this world, that will be of service to others.

I say thank you God for allowing us to see ourselves for who we truly are, I say thank you God, for showing us on a daily basis that we are supreme and divine in our own right; and I say thank you God, for as the soil beneath my feet allows me to feel the love of all those that have come before me, the love of you my Heavenly Father, shows me just what you have always saw me to be, and that is something Good, something pure, and something truly divine. Thank you God, and God bless you all,