Monthly Archives: May 2013

Save Me Lord

Dear Heavenly Spirit, please save me Lord; save me from my thoughts that have allowed me to play small in my life.  Save me Lord, from the thoughts of others that are afraid of playing in the big field of life that you have afforded all of us.  Save me Lord, for when the days come and I am able to reflect on what was done, and what was had, and what was to be, and all that I could have been dear Sweet Spirit, save me Lord, and allow me to see beforehand what my life could have been if I had allowed myself to be saved.  What my life should have been if I had allowed myself to be saved.  What my life will be if I only allowed myself to take a chance, to be fully and truly embraced by the Heavenly Spirit, and to rest assured that all that was to be given to me, and all that was a thought for me was Good. I  should have, I could have, and I would have, been so much more if I had allowed you to save me.

So today dear Heavenly Father, I have seen what my life is supposed to be, and I have decided to release my heart and my soul to you my Sweet Spirit, and I will be saved from all that troubles me, I will be saved from all that I have ever worried about, I will be saved to start anew, to begin again, to begin with all the right moves this time.  Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for saving me, thank you for allowing me to see for myself what my life would have been, if I had not accepted and received your love in my life. Thank you God for showing me that it is never too late to change, it is never too late to be born again, and it is never too late to want with all my heart and soul to be a better person, and to be a saved child of God’s.

Thanks be to God for the recovery, thanks be to God for the healing, and thanks be to God for saving us all, for we are all your children, and for this and because of this, we will be blessed and we will be saved. And for this and so much more, we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen and God bless you all.


Life is not saying you are sorry for caring too much, for loving too hard, or wanting too much.

 Life is about doing all of that with dignity, love, and grace. – Gerrie Walker


Continually Receive the Blessings

As we continually receive the blessings, we are continually being blessed by you our Heavenly Spirit.  We are continually receiving, we are continually given, and we are continually feeling that all that we receive is ours to enjoy and to be enjoyed with.  Continually receiving the blessings of Good, continually receiving the blessings of good health, continually receiving the blessings of truth, joy, love, and peace; we are, you are, we all are continually receiving the blessings of God; and we are appreciative of all these Good things that are given to us, as we are appreciative of the freewill that we are given as well.

We need to remember, and to understand that the blessings, have always been there for us to receive, but we may not have been ready, to receive the over pouring of all that is Good and pure in our lives at this or that time. But now we are aware, now we are open to all the Good dear Spirit that you see fit to pour our way, we are ready to receive our blessings, we are ready to receive our overflow, and we will always be ready to continually receive the blessings of God.

Thank you God, for the overflow, thank you God for the abundant blessings, and thank you God for as we continually receive the blessings, we will continually show those blessings of truth,  love, joy, peace, and forgiveness to all that we meet along our journey as well.  For thine is the giver of all Good things, and for this we will continually receive the blessings from you God, we thank you God, and so it is.


“Something New and Something Different”

 Let’s try something new and something different today.  Let’s see all our encounters with individuals and things as opportunities to spread love into the world.  Let’s begin by saying to ourselves that today be it a good day or a bad day as it began, let’s take this time to establish within our minds that today will be a day to express out into the world only good thoughts, only good desires, and only goodness.   Let’s determine to see everything with a new projector lens; which provides us with a new vision to what we have been given to view life today as something positive, and as something that will shine out into the world as a blessing that is for you and for me.

 Let’s begin to see the entire world as one big opportunity to bring about something positive, something pure, and something fresh to our existence.  If we begin the day in this fashion, we are always excited about what new things occur; and we are always amazed at what we would have seen as obstacles or obstructions with our old eyes; we now see with our new eyes, a world filled with blessings and opportunities to make positive changes within our lives, within the lives of others, and within the world. 

 By seeing the world and our daily occurrences, or daily distractions, or even our daily chores that we must endure during the day as opportunities and not challenges, that must be dealt with.  By seeing the world in this fashion, provides you with an aura of positivity that will allow all the blessings, and all the goodness that you desire, and you deserve to come to you.  What a blessing it is when we take the time to see the world in this way, and when we take the opportunity; because it is an opportunity to be positive, to be happy, to see nothing but positiveness within our lives. 

 Within our realm of goodness that we are receiving, it allows each of us to see the world now as a very special place, where all of the good that is so rightly available within us to be shared with the world, which allows our world to be a loving, place.  So today, you have an opportunity, you have an opportunity to enjoy your day, you have an opportunity to enjoy your world, and by doing something new and by doing something different, you have just changed you and you have also changed me and many others with your blessings of positivity. I wish you a day filled with all the opportunities you need to continue on a journey of pure light, a journey of pure good, and a journey of pure love, and so it is. God bless you all.


I Wait, and I Listen, for you Dear Sweet Spirit

As I made my way to work this morning, I found myself sitting quietly on the train, and as I prayed and waited for a word, or a thought, or a glimmer of what my message was to be today, all that I kept receiving to myself was this “I wait, and I listen, for you dear Sweet Spirit”. I rest my mind and I take a deep breath, and I wait for the words of all that is Good and true to come to me.  I wait in the stillness of the bright sunny morning, and I wait for a word, or a phrase, or even a pure thought of what it means to me, and my life, that you speak to me on a daily basis. I find that my day is not complete unless we have our time to spend with each other. And as I get ready with excitement to begin my day, I also get ready with excitement to speak with you. What a blessing it is to be able to spend my first full waking moments of my day with you dear Sweet Spirit.

So as I begin to turn over another year unto my life, and into my existence; i began to realize as I turn one year older is that my life is all that it was ever meant to be. I am happy, I am filled with the love of God, daily and hourly, and I feel finally at peace in my place of employment; I have found my match and my match has found me, or the me that is illuminated to the world at this space and time. I am happy, I am content, and I am filled with the pure love of God in my life. So as I continue to take in all of this, and as I continue to wait even more earnestly for a word, or a phrase, from you dear Sweet Spirit; it finally comes to me, that you have already spoken to me, you have shown me myself this day, you have shown me what I have within my life thus far to be happy with, to feel grateful for, and to remember that joy is not something that we look forward to happening to us, or for us in the future, joy is what we are experiencing right here and right now, in this exact moment of time.

May you Blessed Ones, always find that quiet time within your day, to spend some time listening to our dear Sweet Spirit, and may you always realize that all the joy that you are looking for in your life, is already there for you, where you are, right here and right now.  May the love of God continue to shine his light of love on you, and may you continue to bask in that light of love for yourself for all time, and for this and so much more we say and so it is. God bless you all,